Grow a pair, Ryan

Trump baffles GOP with tweet scrambling shutdown talks

"Trump’s early morning tweet — the second in as many weeks that appeared to contradict the GOP’s strategy ahead of a key House vote — comes as House GOP leaders are still scrambling to lock down last-minute votes for a one-month continuing resolution. Current government funding runs out Friday at midnight.

Trump “needs to wake up!” a senior House GOP lawmaker said after the president’s tweet in a rare fit of frustration.

“I have no idea what he means by his tweet,” another House Republican chimed in. “A six-year long-term extension is pretty significant.”

“I’m baffled by it honestly,” added a senior House GOP aide. “It certainly doesn’t help or look good.”

Ryan was more sanguine.

“It's actually not causing us problems at all,” he told reporters at a news conference, noting that he had spoken to Trump on Thursday morning. "

Oh, good God in heaven, Ryan, grow a pair. The man's torpedoing you every time he gets a bug up his ass or a different court jester whispers sweet nothings in his ear.

The GOP 'leadership' (an oxymoron if ever there was one) couldn't find their own collective bunghole with both hands, a flashlight, and a proctologist to call range, elevation, and windage corrections.

An Alternate Reality

Fr. Richard writes:

"I am told that there are three kinds of cultures in the Western world today, each with its own “bottom line”: political cultures based on the manipulation of power, economic cultures based on the manipulation of money, and religious cultures based on the manipulation of some theory about God. These three cultures are based on different forms of violence, although it is usually denied by most participants and hidden from the superficial observer. Evil gains its power from disguise. Jesus undid the mask of disguise and revealed that our true loyalty was seldom really to God, but to power, money, and group belonging. (In fact, religion is often the easiest place to hide from God.)"


These days, I have difficulty in discerning any real difference between religion - especially in the white evangelical churches - and a culture based on the manipulation of money.

Much attention is given over to prosperity preachers. That rather boggles the mind, for I can think of no other group of God's Professionals who have made such a mockery of the Sermon on the Mount or anything else Jesus said or taught.

"When Christians accept that Jesus was killed for the same reason that people have been killed in all of human history (rather than because he walked around saying “I am God”), we will have turned an important corner on our quest for the historical Jesus. He was rejected because of his worldview much more than his God-view. Yet these two are intrinsically connected. This now and not-yet Reign of God is the foundation for our personal hope and our cosmic optimism, but it is also the source of our deepest alienation from the world as it is. We are strangers and nomads on this earth (see Hebrews 11:13). Our task is to learn how to live in both worlds until they become one—at least in us."

I don't believe that Jesus' worldview is what we are hearing from entirely too many of God's Professionals. Certainly we do not hear Jesus' God-view from them. But then, I am not at all convinced that I have a lock on God's thinking. Perhaps they are right. Perhaps I need to become better at manipulating theological theory so it matches my financial and political goals - such as they are. We all function better if we manage to convince ourselves that God Is On Our Side, and that We Are Right About God (unlike that church full of heretical pretenders down the road). 



Alix Schoelcher Idrache, originally from Haiti, graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point May 21 and soon became an online sensation.The photo of Idrache standing in the front row during the graduation ceremony, with tears covering his face, went viral shortly after it was posted on the academy’s Facebook page.

 “I woke up this morning and found my face all over Facebook and with it myriad of amazing comments about my accomplishments,” Idrache wrote on Facebook, the Washington Postreported. “I am humbled and shocked at the same time. Thank you for giving me a shot at the American Dream and may God bless America, the greatest country on earth.” 

 Ol' Heel Spurs doesn't like Haitians. Haiti is apparently another one of those 'shitholes.' People who come from Haiti really have nothing to contribute to Making America Great Again.

Clearly, we need more Norwegians.

Trump’s Fixation on Haiti, and the Abiding Fear of Black Self-Determination


By now everyone has heard of Ol' Heel Spurs' 'shitholes' comment.
Most Trumpkins appear to agree with him. Certainly, the Republican senators who were present don't have the balls to admit he said what he said. "I can neither confirm nor deny ..."; "I don't recall ..." have been the refuge of scoundrels, liars, and people caught with their hands in the till since time immemorial.
But most Trumpkins agree with him. "He's just telling it like it is!"
One of the 'issues' we have out here on the plains, out in rural Colorado - which is redder than a liberal's bleeding heart - is the disconnect between urban and proto-urban Colorado - the I25 corridor, the Republic of Boulder, the Democratic enclaves like Pueblo and Denver. We hear it all the time. Metro doesn't give a rat's rosy red ass about rural Colorado. We don't see the funding for roads, bridges, rail development, nowhere near the levels in The Big Cities. There are some sops thrown, but in the Big Picture, they really don't amount to much.
There are some links to articles describing this, below.
What we are seeing here is another version of the 'shithole' mentality.
Basically, the state legislature and the rest of the movers and shakers in industry, education, medicine, transportation ... jobs ... have that same attitude. They see no reason to make much effort to do anything about a bunch of dried up little 'shithole' towns out on the plains, or in the San Luis, or over on the western slope. Our little 'shitholes' aren't going anywhere, and there isn't much to be done about it. Not the way things are currently being run.
And Trump isn't going to make any difference at all. Take a look at the Trump budget for rail development as but one example.
How's it feel to be on the receiving end of that 'shithole' mentality?

Corporate generosity

Trumpkins are touting the 'generosity' of all the corporations who are handing out thousand dollar bonuses to employees.
Like ... Walmart.
Walmart tied the bonuses into their announcement that they were raising their minimum wage to 11 bux an hour. All because of ... Trump!!!! (Blessed be his name.)
But the decision to raise the minimum was announced first in September, long before the tax 'cut' was announced. Certainly long before anyone really thought the Republicans could pull their heads out of their asses long enough to pass a good fart, much less any significant legislation, no matter how screwed up it may be.
Here's another tidbit: If you worked 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year at $11 per hour, with not a shred of time off, you would earn $22,880. The federal poverty rate for a family of four is $24,600.
And that bonus? That's the cruelest joke of all.
"Aside from the one-time nature of the payout that does nothing to boost workers' basic pay, a worker only qualifies for the full amount of that bonus after 20 years at the company. Walmart's high turnover rate means a very tiny percentage of its 1.5 million US workers will ever see the money. It's simply an almost cost-free PR stunt."
A thousand dollar bonus for a full time worker comes out to less than fifty cents an hour. And not many Walmart workers will get anything close to that thousand bux.
The corporate generosity is overwhelming.
Let's not forget the 63 Sam's is closing, and the 11,000 employees being laid off.
Ivanka and Munchkin can really take their stupid congratulatory statements and shove 'em where the moon don't shine.


A prophetic message

Washington’s huge new Bible museum talks a lot about Jews. So why are some Jews so skeptical?

"But there is an uneasy feeling that we’re part of this marketing campaign where the point is to convince people of the prophetic message of Christianity,” he said."

Figured it out, didn't he.

The evangelicals' infatuation with eschatology is what drives those denominations - which, incidentally, make up the 81% who are Trumpkins - and in turn, drives the reason for existence of this 'museum.'

I'm surprised they don't sell Nicolas Cage dolls in the gift shop.

Or nicely done lithographs of the Dome of the Rock, autographed by Trump, with proceeds going to the Trump Foundation. Then he could make generous donations to various Zionist causes with other peoples' money.

Hero worship

Israel minister proposes a Trump train station at Western Wall

Israel’s transportation minister is pushing ahead with a plan to dig a railway tunnel under Jerusalem’s Old City, passing near sites holy to Jews, Christians and Muslims — and ending at the Western Wall with a station named after President Donald Trump.

Yisrael Katz said a high-speed rail station would allow visitors to reach “the beating heart of the Jewish people — the Western Wall and the Temple Mount.” He proposed naming the station after Trump “for his brave and historic decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital” earlier this month.

Katz, you're such a piker. Think yuge, man. Think yuge. How about erecting a larger-than-life plastic Trump over by the Western Wall? Do the man justice.

And ... that's a great photo at the top of the article:

I'd suggest nicely done 18" x 24" lithographs, autographed by Trump, in the Dome of the Rock gift shop. The proceeds can be used to fund extreme vetting for all Muslims by the US immigration service.


All the difference in the world

Fr. Richard has a nifty little tome out, "Preparing for Christmas: Daily Meditations for Advent". We go through it every year.
For the first Friday of Advent, we have this verse from Isaiah:
"And those who err in spirit will come to understanding,
and those who grumble will accept instruction."
- Isaiah 29:24, NRSV
Broad reach, that. The first line is particularly poignant, as we watch the 81%, claiming to be washed in the Blood of the Lamb, selling their souls to a collection of political whores, perverts, molesters, and generally immoral men, led by a man who has little or no respect for anyone but himself.
Fr. Richard goes on, in his commentary. You can see throughout his writings on this time of the year a clear bit of disgruntlement with the emphasis on eschatology. The Catlicks get themselves wrapped up in it, but no one does the End Times thing any better than the evangelicals and their fundie brethren.

"Jesus clearly says the kingdom of heaven is among us, or 'at hand.' One wonders why we made it into a reward system for later, or as someone called it, 'a divine evacuation plan.' Maybe it was easier to obey laws and practice rituals for later reward than to actually be transformed now.
The price for real transformation is high. It means that we have to change our loyalties from power, success, money, and control (read: 'our kingdoms') to the Lordship of Jesus and the Kingdom of God. Henceforth, there is only one thing that is Absolute and in relationship to that, everything else is relative - *everything* - even the church. (Don't think I am disloyal because the failure to understand this is what got many of our leaders into trouble recently), even our nation, even our national security, even our wealth and our possessions, even our identity and our reputation. All of our safety nets must now be of secondary or even tertiary importance, or even let go of, because Jesus is Lord! Whatever you trust to validate you and secure you is your real god, and the Gospel is saying, "Will the real God please stand up?"
We can see why there are so few kingdom people. Jesus is saying that all these systems are passing away and limited and that we should not put all our eggs into such baskets. Yes, we need to work inside of these institutions for social order and some small degree of justice, but we shouldn't ever think these systems will ever of themselves accomplish God's justice or God's reign. If a person thinks this, he or she will end up bitter by the second half of life."

That last paragraph sounds just like the 81% and the rest of the die-hard Trumpkins. "Jesus gave us Trump!" is total bullshit, a heresy. The idea of Jesus and God "being on the side of" people like Trump and his henchmen and the GOP, is blasphemy. Immoral men cannot provide moral leadership. Immoral men cannot return a nation to 'Christian' status (not that it ever was, but that's another story). Immoral men - and I include God's Professionals, Franklin Graham, that charlatan Jerry Falwell Jr, and the rest of that collection of fakers and self-servers in that group - cannot provide moral leadership; they cannot return a nation to a moral state; they destroy the church from within (getting richer than Croesus in the process).
The Democrats, you ask, what about the Democrats? Good question. Are they any better? Certainly not in regards to the last presidential candidate they offered up. But at least the Democrats are not underwriting this pathetic behavior as God- or Jesus-ordained. That's a significant difference.
It's all the difference in the world.

Missing the boat

Henri Nouwen reminds us that this restlessness of engaging injustices and struggling for justice in our daily lives is a sign of being Christian. He writes:
"You are a Christian only so long ... as you constantly pose critical questions to the society you live in ... so long as you stay unsatisfied with the status quo and keep saying that a new world is yet to come."
However, Nouwen's very important reminder calls for a balancing message from Jaroslav Pelikan expressed in his classic essay, "Divine Justification and Human Justice:" "The true advancement of 'social justitia" (social justice, according to Luther) came not from the idealist who seeks to establish the kingdom of God on earth, nor yet from the cynic who signs an armistice with the morally ambiguous status quo, but from the full-faith realist who seeks to move society from the status quo of where it is to the ultimate goal of where it ought to be .."
We can apply these words to our congregational goals and activities, as well as to all our social and political endeavors at work, in the family, and wherever we find ourselves, called by the Holy Spirit and shaped by faith in Christ.
The 81% and the rest of the Trumpkins who all claim to be "Christians" have really missed the boat on that one.


Pearl Harbor Day

In 1965, Admiral of the Fleet Chester Nimitz wrote a letter to Admiral Dave McDonald, then the Chief of Naval Operations. The letter is found today in several places, not the least of which is Wallin's "Why, How, Fleet Salvage And Final Appraisal" regarding the salvage and restoration to service of many of the ships damaged and sunk at Pearl Harbor.

 Here's a tidbit from that letter:

3 April 1965 Several times in recent weeks I have been quoted—correctly—that "as bad as our losses were at Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941—they could have been devastatingly worse"—had the Japanese returned for more strikes against our naval installations, surface oil storage and our submarine base installations. Such attacks could have been made with impunity as we had little left to oppose them. Furthermore—I have been correctly quoted in saying that it was God's divine will that Kimmel did not have his fleet at sea to intercept the Japanese Carrier Task Force that attacked P. H. on 7 December 1941. That taskforce had a fleet speed at least 2 knots superior to our speed—and Kimmel could not have brought the Japanese to a gun action unless they wanted it. We might have had one carrier but I doubt if the LEXINGTON could have joined in time—Picture if you can— 6 Japanese carriers working on our old ships which would be without air cover—or—had the Japanese wanted to avoid American air attacks from shore—they could have delayed the action until out of range of shore based air. Instead of having our ships sunk in the shallow protected waters of P. H. they could have been sunk in deep water—and we could have lost all of our trained men instead of the 3800 approx. lost at P. H. There would have been few trained men to form the nucleus of the crews for the new ships nearing completion. Not only were the ships of the enemy task force faster—they were more modern—and the Japanese main fleet under Yamamoto was in the rear—in support— if needed. Nagumo—the Commander of the P. H. Attack Force—missed a great chance by not following up his attack… 

 Warmest regards and best wishes— 

 Chester Nimitz 

 Note that Nimitz refers to our 'old ships,' and notes how Kimmel could not have successfully engaged the Japanese fleet even if he had been at sea, primarily because of the obsolescence of the US fleet.

We were a long way from the fast carriers that would be required to win the war; we had no covering ships - the anti-aircraft platforms bristling with guns to protect the fleet; we had not even the barest vestiges of air cover, much less air superiority. Even the newest battleships, the so-called 'fast battleships' like the USS North Carolina, could not keep up with our own carriers, much less those of the Japanese.

We as a nation would eventually persevere, and reduce the Japanese empire to complete ruin. But before that would happen, it would cost us dearly in blood. That is a testimonial to the people in the armed forces, who have never let the nation down.

It does not say much for the 'patriots' and the political leadership that allowed the armed forces to face the Japanese in such a sorry state of unpreparedness.

America's 'patriots' might want to consider the state of the armed forces today.

The professional journals are full of commentary about lack of readiness, lack of maintenance and training, aging systems. Much of this is due to Congressional disarray and lack of consistent, predictable funding, because Congress can't pull their heads out long enough to pass a budget. This costs us, in blood. We continue to lose people because aircraft and ships are not properly maintained, and because people cannot be properly trained.

If we get into it with the NORKs, or the Syrians, or the Iranians, or any other nation with a 'real' military, this lack is going to cost us, in buckets of American blood. We may eventually 'kick their raghead asses,' but at what cost?

It's easy to sit on your ass in the Oval office and make puerile comments and threats, when someone else, or someone else's kids, grandkids, husbands, wives, are going to do your dirty work. And they will. They always have.

But at what cost?

It's also easy to mindlessly wave flags, and otherwise participate in shallow, meaningless 'patriotic' foolishness at ball games, when it's someone else's kids, grandkids, husbands, wives, whose flesh and blood is going to pay for one's patriotic stiffies. And they will. They always have. 

But at what cost?

Today is Pearl Harbor Day. It would be well to take a pause and reflect upon where we are today, especially contrasting the historical context against what we face today, and what we have to face it with.


Screwing southeast Colorado

Interesting legislative tidbit, brought to us through the auspices of Kimmie Lewis via Ken Buck:

The Acting CHAIR. It is now in order to consider amendment No. 41 printed in House Report 115-297. 

Mr. BUCK. Mr. Chairman, I have an amendment at the desk. 

The Acting CHAIR. The Clerk will designate the amendment. 

The text of the amendment is as follows: At the end of division A (before the short title) insert the following: 

Sec. __. None of the funds made available under this Act may be used to enter into a cooperative agreement with or make any grant or loan to an entity to establish in any of Baca, Bent, Crowley, Huerfano, Kiowa, Las Animas, Otero, Prowers, and Pueblo counties, Colorado, a national heritage area, national heritage corridor, national heritage canal way, national heritage tour route, national historic district, cultural heritage corridor, or other heritage partnership program. 

That was back on 7 September, and it became Section 451 of HR 3354. HR 3354 has passed the House, and is on the Senate Legislative Calendar.

We have a fair number of people trying to work economic development through heritage tourism for southeast Colorado.

Canyons and Plains

Southeast Colorado Heritage Tourism 

And of course, there was the article in CSIndy, back in January of last year:

What happened to heritage tourism in small towns in south eastern CO?

The likes of Lewis have torpedoed it.

"It just snowballed and came to the point that people were really fearful that their lands could be taken away," says Pam Denahy, Canyons and Plains board member and La Junta's tourism director. 

"No matter what we said and what facts we presented, they weren't listening." By summer 2014, the heritage-tourism partners surrendered and tabled the feasibility study. 

"We said to the anti-NHA side, 'The ball's in your court. Put something on the table. We know what you don't like. Give this community an idea for economic development,'" Wooten says. "It has been absolutely silent.

"'Heritage tourism,' you see, is a plot, a conspiracy, by the Evil Satan known as the National Park Service, and the Nature Conservancy.

Lewis has got nothing. She and her cow-pokin' pals couldn't give a wet pile of cowshit about anyone but themselves.

And now, Buck is part of that. Lewis and Buck have shat mightily upon that effort.

We can only wonder what that cost the various cattleman's and rancher associations in contributions to the Ken Buck campaign fund.

I'm thinking what we really need to do is end all the subsidies to these rancher types. Being as how they are all rugged individualists, sons of the soil, and so on. We can start with Lewis, who has pulled in $321,125.62 from We the Taxpayers.

Top subsidy recipients in Colorado


What is a 'veteran?'

Last Thursday I had occasion to attend the Veterans' Day ceremony at the Intermediate School.

As with all such ceremonies, it was filled with fanfare and music; the presentation of the colors; the playing of the national anthem - very well done, by the way; the recitation of the pledge of allegiance.

And speeches, by various dignitaries.

I was sitting with Ethan, my youngest grandson.

Dan Davis, head honcho of the local American Legion, gave a speech.

Normally, these speeches are fairly boiler plate, a brief inspirational pitch about vets and service and sacrifice and so on.

But in this one, Davis decided to share with the kids and their families ... "What is a veteran?"

And then, he proceeded to define a veteran as one who has served in the nation's armed forces during time of war.

That's just not so. It isn't true. It really struck a nerve, and at that point, I just quit videoing and sort of listened to the rest of the blather. For that is what it had become.

So ... I've been asked, why do I have a bug up my ass over the American Legion's definition of 'veteran.' And also, if I have a bug up my ass over that definition, why don't I take it up with those running the Legion.

I have contacted the leadership. Several times, in the past, the national leadership, and I have never received the courtesy of an answer.

As to the why of it ... if one of the nation's main veterans' organizations wants to exclude a large number of men and women who have served the nation - doing them a great disservice in the process - I guess they can do that.' And I guess I don't have to join such an organization.

But I don't have to sit back and put up with it. Especially when, as on last Thursday, the Legion stands up in front of my grandson and tells him, and several hundred of his classmates, and their parents and other family members, that in essence if one didn't serve during wartime (essentially during one of their arbitrarily defined periods), one's service doesn't count. One is not a veteran.

That's nonsense.

There are thousands, perhaps even millions, who have served this nation, in the armed forces, in time of peace. Maintaining that standing force all through the Cold War is what kept the Soviets and the Red Chinese at bay. Even if one's service during this period consisted of nothing more glorious than waxing tanks for the Berlin Brigade's parades, or shoveling shit in Louisiana, as George Patton is alleged to have remarked ... all those men and women sacrificed years from their lives and families; a good many of them bled and died during 'peacetime.'

Both the Legion and the VFW limit their membership to vets who served during defined periods. What makes this laughable is that although one may have served during one of those defined periods, it doesn't mean that one served anywhere near a combat zone. For example, an Army troop who served his two years as a draftee during the Vietnam war, but served with the Berlin Brigade as a tank polisher ... can join the Legion. He is a 'Vietnam-era veteran,' but he is not a 'Vietnam veteran.' There is a real difference there.

But a tank polisher (or shit shoveler) who served his time doing the same 'military mission' outside of those periods, cannot join the Legion, even if he wanted to. And apparently, according to the Legion, he is not a 'veteran.'

That is utter nonsense.

This is Veterans' Day, and it is to honor all those who served this nation honorably and well, in war and in peace.

That is what the kids should be told. 

The American Legion's definition of 'veteran' does great disservice to a great many Americans.


The stupidity of American evangelicals

The Rooshins sure did play the 'conservatives' and especially, they played the evangelicals.

Selling Jesus down the road for 64 rubles.

Jesus apparently sitteth at the right hand of 'Bad Vlad' Putin.

That's what shallow, garbage theology mixed with politics gets you. How's that John 13:34 werkin for ya?

Well ... praise God, from whom all blessings flow:

Ain't this special? Annointed by the very hand of God, Ol' Pussy Grabber gets a hug in the Oval. From Jesus hisself.

 And praise Putin, for helping God and Jesus make it all better.They couldn't have done it without him.

 How stupid can American evangelicals possibly be. Well ... clearly, pretty much off the scale.


The Lost Cause

Well, the Lost Cause types are still going on about how their 'heritage' is being destroyed; how 'history' is being debauched ... over Confederate memorials and statues being removed, defaced, whatever.

But take a listen to this, and in particular, that line "... as he died to make men holy, let us die to make men free ...".

Then, take a watch of the link below, wherein Donald Sutherland, playing P.G.T. Beauregard in the flick "The Hunley," sings "Bonnie Blue Flag" to calm the white folk as the Evil Yankees' artillery thunders in the background.

It's a murrrrical! They sung Bonnie Blue Flag and the evil Yankees quit their barbaric cannon fahr!

If you don't know about the Bonnie Blue Flag, or the song about it, Google it. But, for the general fund of information, here are the first lines of it:

We are a band of brothers and native to the soil
Fighting for the property we gained by honest toil
And when our rights were threatened, the cry rose near and far
Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a single star!

"Fighting for the property we gained by honest toil."

Hold that one in your head.

1:50. 'Stripes.' Luke 12:47. "That's Scripture."

2:46 near the end: "Sin? There is no sin. Man does how he pleases with his property."

Heritage. It's not a heritage of mint juleps and sweet tea under the magnolias or on the veranda. It's a heritage of blood, murder, savagery, rape.


The JFK Doc Dump

The JFK Doc Dump!

Yeah ... but we've always known The Truth about the JFK assassination. Most of it, anyway.

Remember this famous photo?

That's the fake. Fake news. Commie infiltrators in the liberal media, allowed to function as moles after escaping the righteous wrath of 'Tail Gunner Joe,' poisoned the American Fourth Estate.

This one is the real photo, recovered from the bowels of the Pentagon. It was taken at the infamous early sixties Dallas basement club, "The Garage". It is the unretouched original.

The fake was retouched by Angolan agents and slipped to un-American factions in the liberal pinko press - thereby establishing a Cuban connection.

The man behind Oswald, wearing the white hat, is reportedly Dean Martin, who had ties to Las Vegas and the Mob. The man in the top right corner, half-hidden, is rumored to be Tom Landry.

And...eyewitnesses have said that the man in the light suit, who is getting ready to put his left foot forward and his right foot back, is actually the ghostly figure from the grassy knoll. That's the One Remaining Mystery. Who is he? A CIA agent? A tool of General Walker? Fidel Castro's third cousin, Manuel? A KGB agent, presumably the one who trained 'Bad Vlad' Putin?

Tomorrow .. We will KNOW!

Taking a knee for social justice

From Rear Admiral Mike Baker, USN (Ret):

Taking a knee for social justice

It just amazes me that this is such a difficult concept for so many people to grasp. It ain't rocket science. It's just ... America. Is America so difficult to understand?

In 1943, Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson wrote an opinion about kids who were expelled from school for not saluting the U.S. flag because they were Jehovah’s Witnesses. In West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette, Justice Jackson’s words and those of additional justices resonate with our times and are the ones that you should carry with you and use to guide you when people discuss this issue. 

“The case is made difficult not because the principles of its decision are obscure but because the flag involved is our own. Nevertheless, we apply the limitations of the Constitution with no fear that freedom to be intellectually and spiritually diverse or even contrary will disintegrate the social organization. To believe that patriotism will not flourish if patriotic ceremonies are voluntary and spontaneous instead of a compulsory routine is to make an unflattering estimate of the appeal of our institutions to free minds. We can have intellectual individualism and the rich cultural diversities that we owe to exceptional minds only at the price of occasional eccentricity and abnormal attitudes. When they are so harmless to others or to the State as those we deal with here, the price is not too great. But freedom to differ is not limited to things that do not matter much. That would be a mere shadow of freedom. The test of its substance is the right to differ as to things that touch the heart of the existing order.”

“If there is any fixed star in our constitutional constellation, it is that no official, high or petty, can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other matters of opinion or force citizens to confess by word or act their faith therein. If there are any circumstances which permit an exception, they do not now occur to us.” 

 “Words uttered under coercion are proof of loyalty to nothing but self-interest,” wrote Supreme Court Justices Hugo Black and William O. Douglas in a concurring opinion. “Love of country must spring from willing hearts and free minds, inspired by a fair administration of wise laws enacted by the people’s elected representatives within the bounds of express constitutional prohibitions.”


The Pentagon Two-Step

So ... I'm curious. We're getting the Pentagon two-step on 'The Nigerian Incident'. Why were they there? Why were they there, dependent on the Frogs for air support? And civilian contractors? WTF were they doing there? The Twit-in-Chief is clearly clueless about any of this. His gen'ruls aren't much better. Three weeks after, and they're still looking for their asses with both hands, trying to come up with a story.
Where is the Outrage!™ from all the ranters and ravers over Benghazi? I'll tell you where it is. It isn't. Benghazi was a show. It gave the 'conservatives' a reason to crap all over Hillary and her crew. They really didn't give a rat's rosy red ass about the Benghazi casualties. It was an excuse to take shots at Hillary.
Where are they now?
How come we aren't hearing the Outrage!™ from Hannity and the rest of the right-winger mouthpieces?
I'll tell you why. They don't really give a rat's rosy red ass. The only ass they care about is Trump's, and they're doing their best to cover that.
Hey ... how about all those NFL fans take a knee this Sunday, in memory of the dead soldiers, and as a protest of the stupidity that got them killed?
No, we won't see that. Nope.
If Ol' Heel Spurs plays it right, his boys over in the Pentagon will come up with some good targets, and we can spend a hundred million or so blowing up some Nigerian desert. Remember Syria? And then we'll see Hannity and the rest of the right-winger mouthpieces running around with patriotic stiffies, babbling about 'beautiful American weapons.'
I smell nước mắm.


Lock 'em up!

“And I don’t want to say the quarantine word, but I guess I just said it,” Price said. “Is there an ability, since I would guess that public dollars are expended heavily in prophylaxis and treatment of this condition. So we have a public interest in curtailing the spread. What would you advise or are there any methods legally that we could do that would curtail the spread?”
"It just seems to me it's almost frightening the number of people who are living that are potentially carriers -- well, they are carriers -- but, potential to spread," Betty Price said. "Whereas, in the past, they died more readily, and then at that point, they are not posing a risk. So, we've got a huge population posing a risk if they're not in treatment."
If there are no current methods that can be used 'legally,' we can always make 'em legal.
Perhaps we can bring back eugenics boards. North Carolina had one - either in board form or in commission form - until 1977.
We could also get rid of the 'LGBT community' as well, as they are a pestilence upon the land (introducing a little 'Christian' Right think here). Perhaps we could extend it to Mexicans and other undesirables as well? Democrats? Just think of the potential here. We could clean up the country. Take us back to the Good Old Days.
Eugenics boards were concerned with sterilizing the untermenschen. For The Price Project, all we need to do is take it to the next level.

We don't want to question this. It might upset John Kelly.


The arrogance of John Kelly

After listening to John Kelly defend Ol' Heel Spurs, I was wondering ... "Gen'rul ... how can you do that? How can you defend this?"

It appears I'm not the only one.

John Kelly’s defense of Trump was absurd. And he surely knows it.

I can understand some of this, if Kelly sees himself as providing some level of sanity in the romper room that is the Oval Office.

But he went too far with some of his hyperbole.

Indeed, for some reason Kelly decided to take a shot at Wilson over the funding of a Miami FBI building. I'm not sure what that has to do with Ol' Heel Spurs' comments; perhaps it's a deflection technique. If so, Kelly should have stuck to something factual:

Video appears to show Kelly misrepresented speech of Dem lawmaker he called an 'empty barrel'

Rather than sinking to the low, bottom of the cesspool level of his boss.

Then we have another perspective from The New Yorker:

John Kelly and the Language of the Military Coup

Kelly's positions:

Those who criticize the President don’t know what they’re talking about because they haven’t served in the military.

But Ol' Heel Spurs hasn't served in the military, either. Unless, of course, Kelly is willing to give credit for Trump's time in that military boarding school 'they' shipped him off to. I'm not. Sorry, gen'rul, you'll have to do better than your tortured reasoning in that paragraph.

The President did the right thing because he did exactly what his general told him to do. 

Here we see the arrogance of the retired gen'rul. How could anyone question his genius, his 'correctness.' Perhaps he and Ol' Heel Spurs are more birds of a feather than we thought.

Communication between the President and a military widow is no one’s business but theirs.

Total nonsense. The gen'rul needs to get a grip. It's the widow's business with whom she shares 'the communication.'  Neither Trump nor the gen'rul get to call that shot.

Citizens are ranked based on their proximity to dying for their country.

Great truth to that. We already see vets ranked based on whether or not they were 'combat vets'. Given that somewhere around ten percent of vets have ever seen combat of any kind, much less been trigger pullers ... well, what's the point of attending Veterans' Day ceremonies or other such festivities. You have to be The Right Kind of Vet. And, in addition to being a 'combat vet,' you have to be a political 'conservative.' (Read that as 'offensive tightass who never got the point of the oath of enlistment/commissioning).

Here's the corker:

Before walking off the stage, Kelly told Americans who haven’t served in the military that he pities them. “We don’t look down upon those of you who haven’t served,” he said. “In fact, in a way we are a little bit sorry because you’ll have never have experienced the wonderful joy you get in your heart when you do the kinds of things our servicemen and women do—not for any other reason than that they love this country.”

Listen up, all you NFL fans with your Outrage!™ over the Kneelers showing disrespect to the flag, the nation, and the military.

There's a General of Marines telling you you're losers and don't love the country, because you never served.

There is significant disconnect between the nation's civilians and the military. The Gen'rul, with his shrill arrogance and condescending manner didn't make it any better.


Golf schedules

White House staff drafted Niger sympathy statement for Trump that was never released

The statement was circulated among NSC officials as well as Defense Department officials. But it was never released, and it was not immediately clear why.

Oh, c'mon, Donnie! It was right there under your golf schedule all along!