Some of us have a very skewed concept of extremism.

From FoxNews, here is an example of what I would call extremist behavior. It's a short article on Pervez Musharraf's new book, with an excerpt about the beheading and dismemberment of Danny Pearl. We all remember Danny Pearl, right? When Danny Pearl was beheaded and dismembered, simply because he was an infidel, where were the cries of outrage from 'the rest of Islam'? There weren't any. Yet we still hear the Bushwhackers going on about how Islam is a religion of peace; how we should not offend 'the rest of Islam'; how we should focus on a narrowly defined group of Islamofascists rather than taking them all as what they are, The Enemy. That's moonbattery defined.


Wednesday, September 27, 2006
By John Gibson


"The Times of London excerpt is short but it's a vivid, searing reminder of what is going on in this War on Terror and how we've been asleep not even realizing how much these people want to kill us, even after 9/11."

"By the way, Musharraf added a little known detail about the Pearl killing. They found Pearl's body in 10 pieces. Ten pieces. Quoting Musharraf: "Our doctors stitched the pieces together best we could."

Some people say Khalid Sheikh Mohammed shouldn't have been mistreated by the CIA.

I wonder if those CIA guys knew he cut Danny Pearl up into 10 pieces.

If they did, that might explain a lot.

That's My Word."

The Wichman Observation

Here's one that's been circulating around. I Snopsed it; Snopes reports it as factual.:


Presumably, Professor Wichman is another one of those insensitive right wingnut extremists who fails to express the appropriate levels of 'sensitivity' to 'the rest' of Islam and their moonbat apologist pals in the West.


Claim: A Michigan professor sent an e-mail telling Muslim students to leave the country.
Status: True.
Example: [Collected via e-mail, 2006]

Hooray for Michigan State University (The Spartans) and Professor Wichman!!!

Well, what do we have here. Looks like a small case of some people being able to dish it out, but not take it. Let's start at the top. The story begins at Michigan State University with a mechanical engineering professor named Indrek Wichman.

Wichman sent an e-mail to the Muslim Student's Association. The e-mail was in response to the students' protest of the Danish cartoons that portrayed the Prophet Muhammad as a terrorist. The group had complained the cartoons were "hate speech."

Enter Professor Wichman. In his e-mail, he said the following:

Dear Moslem Association:

As a professor of Mechanical Engineering here at MSU I intend to protest your protest. I am offended not by cartoons, but by more mundane things like beheadings of civilians, cowardly attacks on public buildings, suicide murders, murders of Catholic priests (the latest in Turkey!), burnings of Christian churches, the continued persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt, the imposition of Sharia law on non-Muslims, the rapes of Scandinavian girls and women (called "whores" in your culture), the murder of film directors in Holland, and the rioting and looting in Paris France.

This is what offends me, a soft-spoken person and academic, and many, many, many of my colleagues. I counsel you dissatisfied, aggressive, brutal, and uncivilized slave-trading Moslems to be very aware of this as you proceeded with your infantile "protests." If you do not like the values of the West - see the 1st Amendment - you are free to leave.

I hope for God's sake that most of you choose that option.

Please return to your ancestral homelands and build them up yourselves instead of troubling Americans.


I. S. Wichman, Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Well! As you can imagine, the Muslim group at the university didn't like this too well. They're demanding Wichman be reprimanded and mandatory diversity training for faculty and a seminar on hate and discrimination for freshman. How nice. But now the Michigan chapter of CAIR has jumped into the fray. CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, apparently doesn't believe that the good professor had the right to express his opinion.

For its part, the university is standing its ground. They say the e-mail was private, and they don't intend to publicly condemn his remarks. That will probably change. Wichman says he never intended the e-mail to be made public, and wouldn't have used the same strong language if he'd known it was going to get out.

How's the left going to handle this one? If you're in favor of the freedom of speech, as in the case of Ward Churchill, will the same protections be demanded for Indrek Wichman? I doubt it.

Hey folks, send this to everybody and ask them to do the same and tell them to keep passing it around till the whole country gets it.

We are in a war.

Origins: On 28 February 2006, Professor Indrek Wichman, a tenured professor of mechanical engineering at Michigan State University (MSU), sent the e-mail embedded in the example above to

the Muslim Students' Association of Michigan State University. The message was a response to the Muslim group's having handed out free cocoa during a public awareness event about controversial cartoons that depicted the Prophet Muhammad as a terrorist. Wichman's letter prompted the Muslim Students' Association and twelve other student and advocacy groups to call upon the university to officially reprimand the professor.

MSU officials have declined to issue a reprimand, saying Wichman's comments constitute free speech. Terry Denbow, spokesman for MSU, said while Wichman's views in no way represent the university's views, they do not violate the university's antidiscrimination policy. However, Denbow noted, Wichman "was cautioned that any additional commentary ... could constitute the creation of a hostile environment, and that could ... form the basis of a complaint" under the school's antidiscrimination policy.

Wichman told the Detroit News the letter had been intended for a one particular person, not the entirety of the Muslim Students' Association; he had believed the e-mail address he used was that one student's inbox. However, students who lead the association said the e-mail address was part of the group's official Web site.

The professor expressed in interviews that he had regrets about the e-mail: "I used strong language in a private communication that I would certainly not have used if this communication would have gone public. ... For the record, I thought it was a private communication and it was written in haste. I think a very minor thing has been blown completely out of proportion. I wrote it in 60 seconds. It was not like I sat and pondered over this thing for days. It was like you talking one night to your wife or your kids."


Cruisin' at the Sonic

Posted previously by PartsM:

"...I wanted to let you know we're getting together for another Cruise Night at the La Junta Sonic this Thursday (28th) at 7:00p.m. Hope to see you there."

I went to the one last month. There were some fine old cars there, including some rather nice muscle cars.

The cooler weather should make for an even better evening.

This is a good time to stop by Sonic for a chili dog and fries and wax nostalgic over the old days. It's quite enjoyable.


Artists of the Plains

Little ol' Eads is getting some 'face time' in the Chieftain today:


An excerpt:

"Artists of the Plains Gallery in Eads has joined with other Eastern Colorado businesses in a marketing effort.

The 12 shops, galleries and a bed-and-breakfast - three in Eads, seven in Kit Carson and two in Hugo - put together "Off the Beaten Path," a guide to specialty shops along U.S. 287, in the Ports to Plains trade corridor."

A couple or three city council meetings ago, Bob Smith commented that 'we' should be doing more to promote La Junta, before We the Taxpayers start voting to tax ourselves some more, forking over more money to do...what?

These little outfits way out yonder in the sticks seem to have the idea.

What is La Junta's business community doing?

I've just Googled a number of text strings in various combinations, looking for similar things having to do with La Junta.

Nada. Nuthin'. Zip. There's some old stuff still floating around, but nothing to indicate any new effort.

Are 'we' waiting for the city to do it?

One common thread that I picked up on during the CAP forums and subsequent meetings came from varous businesses around town.

"The Chamber doesn't do anything for me...".

Probably not.

But isn't a Chamber of Commerce a cooperative effort?

Aren't the members supposed to work together to accomplish things?

How can that happen if many, the majority, it seems, of the members take the attitude of 'what are you going to do for me?" or "...the city should be doing that...".

That's the entitlement mentality showing through.

Where is the sense of entrepreneurship that made America great?


Bike For Pike

The Bike for Pike event seems to have gone off quite well, especially for a first time event.

The weather cooperated; no rain as we thought we would have in the early morning. In fact, it was a bluebird day, and the ride from Las Animas to La Junta was excellent. CSP did a great job of monitoring 194. Motorists gave us plenty of room and waved with all their fingers, something which cyclists from up in The Big City seem to find highly unusual. I have found it to be the norm down these parts.

There were some nice bikes, too. Mostly roadies, but there was a good mix of mountain, cross-trainers, and common old Schwinns and others.

The wind started picking up as I came into La Junta. Mike Messick had the La Junta to Rocky Ford leg, and I was thinking as he hied off down the road that I was glad I didn't have to deal with the breeze, which was then coming out of the west northwest.

A little later the wind really picked up, meaning that the riders on the later legs really had their work cut out for them.

All in all, it was a good event and we're all hoping they'll run it again next year.


The real agenda comes out...

While the leftie moonbats have been foaming at the mouth over Dubya; while the leftie moonbats have been fawning over the likes of Hugo Chavez; while the leftie moonbats have been apologizing to and for 'the rest' of Islam...

The real Islamic agenda has been coming out.


From Michael Moore's "Freedom Fighters":

"In an online posting attributed to the al-Qaeda terrorist group in Iraq, the pope was warned to "wait for defeat ... we will smash the cross." "

Huh. That doesn't sound like a problem with US policy. That sounds like something far more ...'fundamental'.

While the Vatican is two-stepping around the whole mess, the archbishop of Sydney, Australia, had this to say about that:

"Citing threats of violence against the pope in Somalia and Iraq, Archbishop of Sydney Cardinal George Pell said "the violent reactions ... showed the link for many Islamists between religion and violence, their refusal to respond to criticism with rational arguments, but only with demonstrations, threats and actual violence." "

That's the Aussies for you. Good on yer, mite.

Then we have this:

"Writing on the website of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, Anas Altikriti of the Muslim Association of Britain said that when the pope spoke about "reason" it was clear he was saying that Judaism and Christianity were reasonable but Islam was not."

Well, shoot, Brother Anas, why don't we just go out and saw off a few heads and blow up a few school children while shrieking "God is great!"

Then we'll have a demonstration of the reasonableness of Islam.

But wait...we have that already. Every day. The blood running in the gutters is the perfect evidence of the reasonableness of Islam.

Moonbats go nuts over Pelosi and Chavez

As we all know by now, Nancy Pelosi has broken the mold, coming out as she did in defense of Dubya against Hugo Chavez.

Over on Daily Kos, the flagship blog of the far out lefties, some interesting responses:

I just tried to write Nancy Pelosi after I saw...
Chavez A “Thug,” Says Nancy Pelosi.
Rangel and Pelosi Out Of Line.
Pelosi defends Bush against Chavez.

Browse around through DK for a good view of how the left thinks.


Moonbat Mania

By now everyone has heard of Hugo Chavez' insulting speech before the United Nations, wherein he referred to George Bush as 'the devil' and made comments about the smell of sulphur lingering in the air.

Then he went to Harlem for another disjointed, rambling speech, where he repeated the 'devil' comment.

What's next? Will Chavez make the nominating speech at the next Democratic National Convention? Or is it simply time to nominate Danny Glover for the 2006 Jane Fonda Citizenship Award?

From Foxnews:


NEW YORK — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, appearing Thursday at a Harlem Church for an oil-for-poor event, repeated his 'devil' reference hurled a day earlier at President Bush during a speech at the United Nations.

"They told me that I should be careful after I called him the devil — and I think he is the devil — because he might kill me" Chavez told a crowd packed into the Mount Olivet Baptist Church in Harlem.

"But, I place myself in the hands of God," he said.

Chavez, dressed in his signature red shirt, was introduced at the podium by activist actor Danny Glover.

At one point Chavez told the crowd, "sometimes the devil takes human form," a comment that drew some boos — and applause — from the crowd who interpreted the reference to mean President Bush.

Chavez was visiting the church as part of ceremonies to announce the sale of discounted home heating oil to qualified low-income families.

The appearance came after reports circulated early Thursday morning that the Venezuelan president had left the country overnight after delivering an insult-riddled speech at the U.N. General Assembly on Wednesday in which he called President Bush the 'devil.'

The crowd chanted "Chavez, Chavez, the people are with you" in Spanish as he walked into the Mount Olivet Baptist Church on Lenox Ave. in Harlem.

The event, one of a series designed to boost the Venezuelan leader's popularity in the U.S., was organized by Citgo, a Houston-based energy company that is owned and controlled by the Venezuelan government. Under a Citgo program, and in partnership with Citizens Energy, a program started and run by former Congressman Joe Kennedy II, families from low-income neighborhoods in New York, Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia have the ability to purchase discounted home heating oil over winter months.

Venezuelan officials and Citgo employees handed out T-shirts prior to the event with the name of the program — "From The Venezuelan Heart To The U.S. Hearths" — printed across the front.

The Moderate Mahdis

From Cox and Forkum this morning:


The former prime minister of Malaysia calls for Muslims to arm themselves with nuclear weapons.

"The Madhi [of Sudan in the 1880s] was a wild-eyed fanatic who, the encyclopedia notes, "moved from orthodox religious study to a mystical interpretation of Islam." But his vision was essentially the same as that offered by Mahathir: to strike back at the West and expel the "colonialist" infidels, restoring the original might of the Islamic empire. "

This is a short, but good article about another way in which the Muslim world contemplates achieving its goal of world domination.


In God We Trust and the Crescent of Islam

I received another one of those emails today.

You know. The ones that rant and rave about how the left-wing liberals are taking the "God" out of In God We Trust. How God is no longer in the classroom because of liberal lefties. How the ACLU is the root of all evil by supporting the banning of prayer in schools. More ranting about how this is a nation founded "under God."

The sender, as is almost always the case, was a man. A fellow who lives here in town.

Here are some interesting factoids:

Islam is the fastest growing religion in America, primarily among the economically and educationally poor.

Membership in Christian churches continues to decline.

Women greatly outnumber men in Christian churches.

I'm reading a very interesting book, "The Church Impotent: The Feminization of Christianity". It covers extremely well the decline of male participation in Christian churches in America, a phenomenon that is not at all new. It goes back to at least the 19th century, if not earlier.

The observations within the book are highly consistent with my own observations in this regard.

So my question to the senders of these emails is this:

If you are sweating God being taken out of "In God We Trust", what are you doing about it besides sending me stupidly repetitive emails?

Where were you last Sunday?

Islam is the greatest threat to "In God We Trust". Islam is a male-dominated religion. Because of the manner in which it regards women, it appeals to the ignorant and stupid among the male population.

I watched a professor of theology yesterday on FoxNews. He said, "The Pope should not apologize for what he said. His cite was accurate. The views expressed by the cite were accurate. If the Pope is going to apologize, it should be for overestimating the intelligence of the Muslim population who heard his speech."


Yet in America, despite all the hoohah from red-blooded patriotic American males everywhere over the manner in which the left-wing moonbats have taken prayer out of the schools and are working to take God out of "In God We Trust"...how many of those worthy fellows are to be found on a regular basis in any church on any Sunday?

You'll find Muslim men at the mosques in great numbers. They are True Believers. They are passionate about their belief in Allah. They don't send stupid chain emails around to everyone in their address books.

They pray daily to Allah, then pick up a sword or an AK, and sally forth to smite infidels.

If you want to blame someone for that lack of passion in Christian beliefs; if you want to blame someone for trying to take God out of "In God We Trust"; if you want to blame someone for taking prayer out of the schools...

Where were you last Sunday? Too busy sending out stupid emails?

Do you think this might be why that in your grandchildrens' lifetimes, there is a very good chance that they will see the Crescent of Islam over what used to be your church, even if it's your church in name only?

Don't be blaming the leftwing liberal moonbats or the ACLU for this one, sports fans.

Take a look in the mirror.

And quit sending me those stupid emails.

Marketing Tax Pays Off

From the San Luis Valley "Valley Courier":



"Alamosa’s marketing tax is paying off.Members of the Alamosa County Events and Facilities Local Marketing District told the Alamosa County Commissioners this week the money generated from the marketing district fees is providing funds to promote Alamosa and in turn bringing in more visitors to pay the taxes."

"Motel stays have been up in July and August, Smith said. Goodman said the Comfort Inn reported the best July ever, and the Inn of the Rio Grande reported the best July in five years."

"Smith said the marketing board has only denied one or two requests because they did not meet eligibility guidelines. He said the funds must be used for promotion, not brick and mortar.He said the marketing taxes generate about $200,000 per year."

The funds cannot be used for 'brick and mortar'. They must be used to promote existing tourist facilities.

OK. But first, the local business community must lose the entitlement mentality and get up off their backsides and create those facilities.

They seem to have done that, over in Alamosa.

The question is, when are we going to do it here?

Sometime after we finish dealing with those really vital issues that face us? You know, that pit bull thing that we seem to be bogged down with? The water restriction exemption for octagenarians?

Speaking of the pit bull thing, several citizens asked, "Why are we doing this?" Bob Smith was particularly good last evening. Bob Friedenberger asked similar questions from the council bench.

We did not receive an answer. We have all kinds of information as to why it should not be done.

Yet we still have four councilmembers voting for the measure.

They have not answered The Question: "Why?"


More on the basic insanity inherent within Islam

More on the basic insanity inherent within Islam, from Little Green Footballs and Cox and Forkum:

"Anyone Who Describes Islam As Intolerant Encourages Violence"
Out of the Mosque, Into the Street
Peaceful Religion Watch
Islamists at Westminster Cathedral

Hamas Lectures Pope on Islam
This Just In: Muslims FuriousCAIR Blasts Pope, Invites Americans to Learn About Islam
Palestinians Attacking Christian Churches
Somali Cleric Calls for Pope's Death
Saudi Grand Mufti: "These Are All Lies"
London Arabic Paper: Pope = Bin Laden/Hitler
Misogynist Medieval Murderers Want Pope to Apologize
RoP's Iraq Branch Threatens Pope with Suicide Attack
The Pope's Non-Apology

My father's generation reduced to rubble the totalitarian regimes of the Nazi and Japanese butchers.

My generation brought about the collapse of The Evil Empire, fighting the thoroughly morally corrupt Soviet communist system to an economic standstill and defeat with blood and treasure.

What are we going to do with this new war of principalities and powers? Are we going to continue to put up with politicians and self-styled intelligentsia who insist on political correctness? Who refuse to understand the reality, that Islam, with its savage bloody-mindedness toward non-believers, with the silence on the part of the majority of its adherents that is nothing less than tacit approval of the Islamofascists, that Brotherhood of Bloodshed...that Islam, with its daily insane bloodshed on the streets of the world's cities by its radical adherents does itself constitute a crime against humanity?

When are the keffiyah-wearing moonbats at DNC headquarters, and their like-minded colleagues in the Congress of these United States going to understand that and quit serving as apologists for Islam, recognizing the fundamental truth that Islam not only tolerates, but encourages the murder of non-believers. That isn't George Bush's fault, and it is not the result of US policy.

See this article by an Arab-American:


President Bush summed it up very well in his speech to the nation on 9/11/2006:

‘‘The war against this enemy is more than a military conflict. It is the decisive ideological struggle of the 21st century, and the calling of our generation.’’

That too is a fundamental truth.


The Church Waffles...

Pope says he ‘regrets’ Muslims took offense
An apology called for by some Muslims was not offered, however.



"...and anger among Muslims remained intense. Palestinians attacked five churches in the West Bank and Gaza over the pope’s remarks Tuesday..."

"...Benedict cited the words of a Byzantine emperor who characterized some of the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad as ‘‘evil and inhuman,’’ particularly ‘‘his command to spread by the sword the faith.’’..."

From a Church mouthpiece:

"...Benedict ‘‘thus sincerely regrets that certain passages of his address could have sounded offensive to the sensitivities of the Muslim faithful and should have been interpreted in a manner that in no way corresponds to his intentions,’’ Bertone said in a statement."

It's certainly no apology, and it can certainly be construed as a civilized "thank you for sharing your opinions, but shove it nonetheless", but I for one would have been happier to simply see the Vatican remain silent and let the world watch this latest display of insane violence from The Religion of Peace.

Sky News, the British news service that can easily be compared to Al Jazeerah, offers this reportage:

‘‘We welcome his apology and we hope now we can work together and build bridges. At the same time we would condemn all forms of violent demonstration,’’ Muhammad Umar, chairman of Britain’s Ramadhan Foundation, a youth organization, told Sky News.

Muslims don't "build bridges". Muslims use bridges built by others from which hang the charred corpses of infidels butchered by The Faithful.

There was no apology, but the Church has nonetheless waffled.


Muslim Moonbattery

Typical Muslim adherent, screaming death threats over the latest 'insult' to Islam. (AP Photo)

Once again the world of Islam gives the rest of us a perfect example of the irrational thought processes inherent in the religion.

Check this article from CNN:

Muslim fury at pope jihad comments

Here is what the Pope said:

"During his address at the University of Regensburg on Tuesday, Benedict quoted 14th-century Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Paleologus.

"God," the emperor, as the pope quoted, said, "is not pleased by blood -- and not acting reasonably is contrary to God's nature."

The Pope went on to state:

"He [Emperor Manuel II Paleologus] said, I quote, 'Show me just what Muhammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.'"

A Vatican statement said Benedict was not trying offend Muslims with his remarks."

No, he wasn't. He was just stating the truth.

And that, the Muslim world cannot handle.

So they riot in the streets, set off bombs, kill each other, and saw off some more heads. For some pictures and more commentary on the Muslim Moonbats, see:


La Allah illa Allah! Allah Akbar! (Screams of terror and pain accompany)


Bevies of Mout'peeces

The highly paid mout' peeces - lawyers - for Colorado Springs and Longmont, and lawyers for the plaintiffs, argued yesterday before the Colorado Supreme Court.

Here is the article:


The argument centered on the 'retroactiveness' of the General Assemby's expansion of governmental immunity:

"The Colorado Supreme Court heard oral arguments Wednesday on whether lawmakers intended a law they passed in 2003, which protects local governments in negligence suits, to be applied retroactively.

In three consolidated cases involving the deaths of two boys and property damage to a Pueblo County farm and campgrounds, the high court is expected to rule in the next several months on whether the Legislature passed the law with an intent that it be applied to those cases specifically or to new ones. The law expands protection under the state's Government Immunity Act."

Another excerpt:

""They (lawmakers) were trying to make it clear that this was never a claim they expected to be sought," said attorney Thomas Lyons, who represents Longmont in the Henry-Hobbs case."

Sounds to me like our city council is not the only governmental body that votes for things they don't understand.

It also sounds to me like the General Assembly is waffling. How can you have a bunch of ambulance chasers come in, specifically cite cases already past -in this case, the deaths of the boys - pass new laws or amend old ones to specifically fit the past cases...and then claim you never intended it to apply retroactively?

What were they thinking? Were they thinking?

I don't think so.


Enough to make a dyspeptic warthog barf...

The Democrats continue to demonstrate that they are divorced from reality.

They are in a frenzy after President Bush's speech last Monday night.

An article from this morning's Chieftain:


"The Democrats contended the president had used a prime-time address commemorating the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks to make partisan arguments bolstering support for the Iraq war."

Ya think? As God is my witness, I hope that is exactly what he did.

I don't know what the Democratic leadership was thinking this past Monday, but I was thinking of more than 3000 Americans and citizens of other civilized nations being blown to bits, burned alive, crushed to death...and the ensuing anguish of their families...all because they were infidels. Not because of US policy or whatever other nonsense the moonbats use as excuses...but simply because they were not Muslim.

I was thinking of the sacrifices of our armed forces.

I was not thinking of Michael Moore, Sean Penn, or Barbra Streisand, and I was most thankful that John Kerry is not our president.

I have no idea what the Democratic leadership was thinking, but I strongly suspect it had nothing to do with any of those things.

While Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid continue to rant on:

"Democratic leaders called the speech a political argument trying to justify the war by linking it to the terrorists responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks. The Democrats contend mismanagement of the war calls for a change in congressional leadership."

They still don't get it. All of the Islamofascists are the enemy. Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Iranian government, Syria...all of them. The Saudis are in it up to their ears.

The President said:

‘‘The war against this enemy is more than a military conflict,’’ he said. ‘‘It is the decisive ideological struggle of the 21st century, and the calling of our generation.’’

He is exactly right.

It is a war of Principles and Powers, at the most fundamental levels.

So long as the Democrats fail to understand that, they are not fit to lead the nation in this time of crisis.

Meanwhile, back to the regularly scheduled program of whining, fingerpointing, docudrama critiquing, and keffayah-wearing at DNC. One thing that doesn't seem to be on that program, however, is anything of substance in the way of alternative plan.

Perhaps we could have Howard Dean share with us his view on pitbulls, pooper scoopers, and other vital issues of the day.

It's enough to make a dsypeptic warthog barf...


Coming to Grips With the Vital Issues of the Day


Divorced from reality

The Democrats have been throwing hissy fits for weeks over ABC's "Path to 9/11". They insist that it is not factual. They insist that it is a deliberate distortion of 'truth'.

Consider the greatest critics of the ABC 'docudrama':

Bill Clinton, the man who lied to the American public on national TV. The man who lied to the nation, who lied to his wife, who lied to his children, who lied to his party, who lied to us all. Bill Clinton, who is painted less than favorably in the production. Bill Clinton, whom Democratic senator Bob Kerrey referred to as "an unusually good liar".

Sandy Berger, a criminal who was convicted of stealing and then destroying classified documents related to 9/11, and who is painted less than favorably in the production.

Consider also that among the greatest fans of Michael Moore's pathetic drivel, "Farenheit 911" are the Democrats.

Who is it that has a problem with 'fact and truth'?

The Democrats are in high rant mode over "The Path to 9/11". It's yet another demonstration of how divorced they are from reality, that they expect us to take as truth the protestations of two of the most notorious liars in modern history.

Who is it that has a problem with 'fact and truth'?


"You made my life..."

Those were Rick Rescorla's last words to his wife, on 11 September 2001.

Rick Rescorla died in the World Trade Center.

Who was Rick Rescorla?

Go here:


and read about him. Why would we quit, why would we waffle, why would we snivel in politically correct fashion over what our so-called allies think; what the 'rest of Islam' thinks; what the moonbats think. Why would we quit on Rick Rescorla? He never quit on any of us.

Here is a better story:


Bloggers throughout the nation are posting on their blogs pictures and names of one victim of the murdering Brotherhood of Bloodshed.

This is mine.

A Refresher Course For Those In Denial

From Cox and Forkum Political Cartoons

September 11

The Chieftain is continuing on its roll of good editorials, with one this morning on 9/11:


Some excerpts:

"The West must be destroyed and all its infidels must either accept Islam or perish. It’s an ancient dream of Islamic Arab dominance across the globe; a dream held by a just minority of Muslims, but a dangerous minority nevertheless."

Yes, it's an ancient dream, one that goes back to Biblical times. Recall The Gossman Letter, which you may find here:


and in which the author cites Genesis 17, the story of Isaac and Ishmael.

The Chieftain editorial states that this perverted dream of the Islamofascists is held by a minority of Muslims. That may be true, but by their silence, the rest of the practioners of the Religion of Peace give their tacit approval to the Islamofascists. Whether that is out of fear or an unwillingness to take the side of we infidels is really immaterial; the end result is the same. It serves as encouragement for the Brotherhood of Bloodshed.

That's the bottom line.

The leftie moonbats and entirely too many of our leaders prattle on about 'tolerance' and 'diversity'. 'Diversity' to an Islamofascist means nothing more than a choice of knives which with to saw off the heads of innocents whilst screeching, "God is Great!" in Arabic. 'Tolerance' is term of absolutely no meaning to them. The answer is not in taking it all out on the rest of the Muslims, which is what the right wingnuts would do, abusing civil rights as well as people, but simply in recognizing the great failing of Islam overall, in that the religion has no 'moral compass' other than in word only, and even that is questionable because of the manner in which the religion refers to infidels. It is a religion founded on intolerance. Our politicians and the rest of the hand-wringers need to recognize that, and knock off the meaningless politically correct platitudes.

Another excerpt:

"Sadly today, too many Americans have grown weary of fighting this enemy. They want to cut and run, having grown weary of the incessant reporting of deaths in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere across the globe."

Did the passengers of Flight 93 cut and run? Or did they, in their final moments, realize with crystal clarity that which all too many of the rest of us seem to have lost sight of: You can't sit there and let the Islamofascists kill you. If nothing else, if there is no other choice, take them with us on our terms.

This September 11, remember The Three Thousand and more who died in the towers and in Pennsylvania and in Washington. Remember the videos of heads being sawn off. Remember the corpses lying in the streets across the world; the corpses of innocents. Remember the Marines at Beirut. Remember the Cole. Remember all of those Americans who have been murdered by the Islamofascists. Remember the psychopath in Tehran. Remember that Hezbollah and the rest of the Brotherhood of Bloodshed are not isolated factions; they are all The Enemy.

Remember the towers collapsing into rubble, taking The Three Thousand to their crushing, flaming ends. Remember the Pentagon. Remember that smoking hole in the ground in Pennsylvania.

And then understand that every time we as a nation can get an Islamofascist in our sights, we have a moral duty to pull the trigger, with no apologies, with no rationalizations, with no mumbled nonsense about 'tolerance and diversity' as we eliminate a scourge upon the earth.


Rams vs. Colts

The Rams played the Colts yesterday (Saturday):

Colorado Springs: The Rogue City

We've all heard the term 'rogue nation' bandied about, usually in connection with North Korea, Iran, and Saddam Hussein's Iraq. But what exactly is a 'rogue nation'? According to most sources, we find that a 'rogue nation' is one that meets certain criteria such as being ruled by authoritarian regimes severely restricting human rights, accused of sponsoring terrorism, and seeking to proliferate weapons of mass destruction.

What does that have to do with Colorado Springs? In the literal sense, nothing at all. But in examining Colorado Springs' attitude and behavior toward other cities and counties, and individuals, we find a pattern of irresponsible behavior, deliberate and successful attempts to circumvent the courts and state law, and a continuing indifference to how all of that negatively affects everyone living downstream and downstate from Colorado Springs.

That makes Colorado Springs a 'rogue city'.

Here is a good editorial from the Chieftain:


Some excerpts:

Regarding the death and injury of the Powell children:

"Despite the years of litigation and a Supreme Court ruling allowing the Powell family to have its day in court for the death and injury of their children, that day for justice has never come to be.
Colorado Springs had devised a means to use its political lobbying power to thwart and overturn the court’s "final" decision. Appalling as that is, the Powell family’s legal struggle is not unique against Colorado Springs’ endless throng of lawyers, years of litigation and taxpayer-paid political lobbying to avoid liability."

Regarding the Colorado Springs wastewater 'management system':

"The city’s introduction of imported transmountain water adversely changed Fountain Creek’s environment, inducing, for example, the growth of thousands of acres of invasive vegetation obstructing the creek’s channel and surrounding banks.

Hand in hand with exchanging polluted foreign water for clean native flow, Colorado Springs designed, constructed and still operates a massive sanitation and storm water system. These structures literally blast vast amounts of waste and stormwater into Fountain Creek, promoting erosion."

And on how the city's legions of lawyers and lobbyists manipulated the General Assembly so as to rake all of the city's victims over the legal coals:

"It would seem that Colorado Springs’ philosophy is that only suckers play by the rules - that is unless the rules are the city’s. Unhappy with the courts’ rulings, Colorado Springs dispatched its lobbyists (the Municipal League) in Denver, where it successfully cajoled the General Assembly into changing the state’s sovereign immunity law. In July 2003, four years after the Greenview’s destruction, the General Assembly changed state law to exempt cities - specifically noting Colorado Springs’ story of woe - from liability for any deaths, injury or destruction resulting from the operation of its drainage facilities and conveyance of foreign water."

All of the woes which have existed over the years still exist. In fact, they have gotten worse. The potential for more damage not only continues to exist but has increased. And it will continue to increase with the skyrocketing level of development up yonder. Fort Carson is undergoing a 2 billion dollar rehab, expecting increased troop levels.

Our tax dollars are being used to fund that rehab. Colorado Springs will reap huge economic benefits from it. Yet the only thing we Hicks From the Sticks will see is more turds floating down the river, and more water being taken, and a greater risk of damage from flooding due to Colorado Springs' attitudes, policies, and behaviors.

We can't even say that we Hicks will reap the benefit of increased security from that expansion, because the Pinon Canyon Expansion will destroy an entire way of life, an entire rural culture.

How are We the People, we particular people, we Hicks from the Sticks, benefiting from any of this?

It's question that we need to start asking our elected officials, at the local, state and Federal levels. And then we need to ask them, "What are you going to do about it?"

And when we get the usual inadequate response, we need to throw a political fit and get rid of them all. Vote the bums out. The Brothers Salazar are doing us no good at all. The same may be said for our House representation. The same may be said for our state reps. And what about the commissioners of the various counties involved?

I noticed all the "Vote For Me's" in the Early Settlers' Day Parade yesterday.

My question to all those candidates is..."Why?"


The Army is Coming Redux

Here is a comment posted to "The Army is Coming...". Since that entry is fading into the past, I'm reposting the comment here:

NeoconKRAM has left a new comment on your post "The Army Is Coming..."

The collection of materials from the Army, including it's "After Action Report" from the Iraq War, shows they are satisfied with the room they have for proper training, using the NTC at Fort Irwin and other training grounds.

The latest documents published here:


shows the Army plans to TAKE at least 1 million acres, and an analysis of the LURS document, indicates much more.The loss from loosing agricultural productivity, national heritage sites, Native American artifacts, Hispanic heritage sites, miles of the Sante Fe Trail, Dinosaur tracks, and endangered species, would be the greater loss to the majority than the needs of the Army to prepare for giant theater tank warfare, which they can do now at several training grounds.


Confronting Terrorism

Click on the image to enlarge it.

Are we still the country, who when sucker-punched on 7 December 1941, brought forth The Greatest Generation to reduce the Nazi barbarians and the Japanese savages to ruin in less than four years?

Look at that cartoon. Look at the difference between the spinelessness and political correctness of our politicians, and the courage of the men and women of Flight 93.

What has happened to us that we will invite scum like Mohammed Khatami to speak at one of our greatest universities, to lecture us on "The Ethics of Tolerance"?

What has happened to us that our greatest concern is not the 3,000 murdered Americans on 09/11, or the continuing murder of innocents around the world, including our own citizens, but the price of a gallon of gas, and the preaching of 'diversity' and 'tolerance' regarding the murdering trash of the Religion of Peace? The Islamofascists murder and butcher in the name of Allah every day. Where is the outrage and the outcry from the rest of Islam? They say nothing; they will say nothing against a brother Muslim, not when it is against an infidel. They are willing to accept the murder and the savagery in the name of Allah. What kind of a religion is that? I refuse to accept that we must be 'tolerant'. I want nothing to do with a Muslim who refuses to speak out against the savagery of the Islamofascists. Let them practice their religion freely; that is one of our values. But let's not apologize for them nor offer pathetic platitudes about diversity and tolerance.

We should be solidly united behind one purpose, and that is the killing of every Islamofascist we can get our hands on. When attacked on December 7, 1941, we fought back with a terrible resolve, taking the war in all of its violence to the very heartland of our enemies. Well, our enemies no longer claim a specific heartland, but they do lurk behind the facade of the Religion of Peace, and they twist our values against us...and we buy into it.

That's shameful. It's shameful beyond belief. I ask you, what would the 3,000 think of us today?

For more on this cartoon, visit the Cox and Forkum Political Cartoons website:


The Ethics of Tolerance in the Age of Violence

Huh. Now that sounds like it might be an interesting subject.

But what does it mean? It could be that we should not let fear and paranoia drive our reaction to others.

It could be that it's a presentation by a moonbat leftie who thinks Hezbollah and their Brothers in Bloodshed are really the Minute Men of the New Millennium. Perhaps we could get Michael Moore or Howard Dean to deliver that one.

But no...what we have here is the topic of a presentation scheduled to be delivered at Harvard this coming Sunday, by one Mohammad Khatami.

Who is Mohammad Khatami? He is the former president of the Iranian Republic. Yep. We are having a murdering fascist address the students and faculty of Harvard University on the eve of September 11.

"During this turbaned fascist’s watch, many students’ lives were extinguished for daring to express their opposition to the stone-age regime. Shamelessly, during the 9 July of 1999 students demonstration, for instance, this man called the Tehran university students “A bunch of hooligans,” while his storm-trooper hooligans, with police support, brutally attacked students in their dormitories throwing some students out of the windows of the dorm’s third floor. Now, he is welcomed at Harvard University to lecture its “hooligans” and faculty on practicing tolerance."

"Khatami was president of a country labeled the number one state sponsor of terrorism by the State Department every year during his presidency…Khatami showed no interest in curtailing his country’s support for terrorism during his tenure as president, and certainly has not shown any now. He was and is a strong proponent of Iranian government material support for such terrorist organizations as Hezbollah, HAMAS, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Terrorist activity, including providing material support for terrorist organizations, is grounds for denying a visa."

Why is this thug being allowed in the United States in the first place?

"I've been getting e-mails and calls from alumni and students from all parts of the world," university rabbi Hirschy Zrachi said yesterday. "People are shocked and offended. This man has no place speaking at a place like Harvard."

He added: "It is unfortunate that some people don't have the moral compass to condemn evil."

That's it in a nutshell. And this barbaric religious fanatic is going to lecture us on tolerance?

This is the essence of moonbattery.

For more, visit the Cox and Forkum blog here:


Planes to Plains Fly In

At the Lamar Municipal Airport on 16 September:

Put together by the Lamar Airport Advisory Board and Lamar Chamber of Commerce, the purpose of the Annual Planes to Plains Fly-In is to build awareness of the services and facilities at the Lamar Municipal Airport in Colorado, while having a fun, exciting day that is also educational and informative.

Numerous fly-overs are scheduled, as well as static displays of antique airplanes. As always, there will be a short program in recognition of POW/MIAs, as well as an Awards Program for pilots that have made the journey to our local municipal airport.

Participating pilots and their crew will be given free passes for the Lamar Lions Pancake Breakfast and will eligible for door prizes, drawings and awards.

The event begins with the arrival of the airplanes between 6 and 6:30 AM.

The Lions Club Pancake Breakfast runs from 6:30 to 10:00.

From 7:00 - 2:00 static displays will be open to the public.

From 8:00 - 2:00 Kids Space tent will be open; games, projects, free giveaways for kids.

8:00 -12:00 Fantasy of Flight computer simulation Display for Kids.

11:00-1:30 MR Barbecue.

2:00 Plane departures.

Aerobatic displays throughout the day.

Rides available.

Discounted aircraft fuel provided by Lamar Flying Service

Flyovers throughout the day

Contact: (719) 336-4379


The Army Is Coming...

Letter from Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army, Joseph Whitaker, to ranch owner, Marvin Hasser, stating that the Army has now filed papers (at the beginning of the Congressional summer recess) to begin the acquisition of land for the expansion of the PCMS. The letter makes the case for Eminent Domain seizures in the name of national security. Click on the image of the letter to bring up a larger and easier-to-read image.



At least one Las Animas County Commissioner seems to be chalking up the Pinon Canyon expansion as a done deal, and is moving into "high suck" mode as they try to Hoover their way into saving what they can:


An excerpt:

"My perspective is that it will be developed," Las Animas County Commissioner Chairman Robert Valdez told the gathering. "I don’t think we stand a chance against the Department of Defense. The expansion will come."

Valdez expressed concerns that, if counties resist, federal payment in lieu of taxes funds will disappear. PILT funds already have gotten smaller in recent years.

This year, Las Animas County funds were cut by almost $100,000. The county received just $320,772 in 2005, down from $409,384 in 2004 - funding which in part pays for emergency ground services such as firefighting and search and rescue missions.

Valdez, who said he doesn’t want to step on the wrong government toes, said negotiations will be hugely important when the expansion happens. He said he doesn’t want to see the county lose any more funding than it already stands to lose."

So Mr. Valdez is thinking it's a done deal, and is now more worried about sucking up to the government so as to make sure they can continue on with the PILT payments, which are nothing more than a glorified welfare/subsidy.

The government is bent on destroying an entire lifestyle down there, not to mention the far-reaching economic impact, and the best Mr. Valdez can think of is 'not stepping on the wrong toes'. Right about now he should be thinking of how he can plant his toe squarely into Donald Rumsfeld's gonads, not going into that suction mode.

Where are the Brothers Salazar? Where is Wayne Allard? Where is Wild Bill Owens? Are they all up in Colorado Springs, getting ready for the ribbon-cutting ceremony and flushing El Paso County toilets to see how far they can float a turd down the Arkansas?

Where were the Otero County Commissioners? I don't see them mentioned in the article?

Where were the municipal representatives?

Ah well...no matter. We're working on The Big Issues. We gotta ban those pit bulls, you know, the ones that are running amok in La Junta and terrorizing the 'hoods.


Prima facie evidence

A neighbor who is also fed up with the barking dogs was told by the police that a dog must bark continuously for at least one minute before a complaint can be lodged.

That is incorrect.

There is an ordinance which states that barking continuously for one minute or more constitutes prima facie evidence that a nuisance is occurring.

That doesn't mean that a dog that barks throughout the night for periods of less than one minute is not a nuisance, and that a complaint cannot be signed. We all know that a dog that barks a dozen times during the night, but for less than a full minute, can certainly disrupt one's sleep. Several times.

Perhaps the police department should gain a better understanding of just what 'prima facie' means:

{Prima facie evidence} (of a fact) (Law), evidence which is sufficient to establish the fact unless rebutted.

In other words, the fact that the dog barked continuously for one minute or more is sufficient in and of itself to establish that the nuisance did in fact exist.

In other cases, it might require a bit of work to establish that the nuisance occurred. Things like, you know, taking a report with the complainant's statement of facts: "The damned dog was barking all night long. It would bark for a few seconds and then be silent. Ten minutes later just as I was dropping off to sleep it started up again and I woke up. Again. Then it fell silent. And then ten minutes later the same thing happened."

And then, if it ever gets past the pre-trial conference, that complaining witness testifies most convincingly before the judge.

But to state that prima facie evidence is required in order to lodge a complaint is beyond ridiculous. Tell me what other system of 'justice' requires prima facie evidence in order to prosecute an offense?

Dogs. Again.

Last night city council voted five/two for an ordinance specifically defining pitbulls as a breed as vicious dogs. Mr. Friedenberger and Mr. Moreno, God bless ‘em, voted against the measure, which was introduced by Mr. Johnson.

During the discussion, Mr. Rizzuto took note of three separate instances wherein pitbulls have been destroyed by the police department. He cited one involving the former chief of police, which led to some jokes by others to the effect that it was a miracle a bullet didn’t end up in a house or a truck; and he cited two pitbulls shot by former police officer George Madrid, about 20 years ago.

During my time on the street, I never shot a pitbull. In fact, I never saw a pitbull running loose. What I did see running loose was German shepherds, Rottweillers, and those big nasty looking chows.

I shot a German shepherd, which had attacked a child, and which was being fended off by one of our mail carriers. I killed that big, vicious son-of-a-bitch deader than last week’s news. If ever there was mutt that deserved killing, it was that one. But to hear the owner’s whines and complaints, I had murdered Fluffy the Wonderdog, friend to man and beast. And a letter appeared in the paper wondering when our crazed, trigger-happy cops were going to plug a kid. What saved me was the mail carriers, meter readers, and city’s line crews coming forward to note that the dog was the most vicious thing they had ever seen, describing how it would chew on the chainlink fence trying to get at them.

I remember a Rottweiller that was running loose, snarling at kids, in the 700 block of Raton. Mickey and I snagged that one. It took two shots from the tranquilizer gun to calm it to the point we could get a catchpole loop on it, whereupon it went completely nuts, actually bending the pole as it tried to get at me. That was on one hot August day, and the beast subsequently died because of the combination of the heat and the tranquilizer. And again, we were subjected to verbal abuse and vilification by the dog owner.
I remember Greg Kirkland dropping at least two German shepherds, with the same reaction.

Do we see a pattern here?

I could cite several more instances of vicious Rottweillers and chows running loose that we dealt with, but you should get the point by now.

It ain’t the dogs. It’s the dog owners and their inability to accept responsibility for their ownership. It’s more than that. It’s an inability to accept responsibility for the dog’s behavior, and worse, the owner’s quite predictable attempt to blame everyone else for the actions taken to protect the public.

We have seen the effects of irresponsible dog ownership through the recent hoo-hah over dog crap in the parks. Has it made any difference? No. Not a whit. Last week we watched that old lady once again let her miserable little mutt pinch a loaf, so to speak, right there on the lawn of the city building, completely oblivious to the rudeness and thoughtlessness of it.

We continue to be subjected to dogs barking all over the city. Signing a complaint is nearly useless. The dog owner merely goes in, gets a deferment at the pretrial conference, and we start all over again. And we have to put up with the attitude on top of it.

Increasing the number of code officers is also useless. That was tried not all that long ago. We had Mickey working full time, and a part timer. That had no effect on the problem.

Why should we hire another code officer if it has no effect?

Why is it so difficult to grasp the concept that the thing to do is make the fines for dog nuisances have enough bite (sorry, couldn’t help myself) to convince the dog owner to live up to his/her responsibilities? If simple courtesy towards one’s neighbors is that difficult a concept to understand, a nice juicy fine would certainly help make the point.

Kick the fine up to a hundred bucks.

Write a few tickets for a hundred bucks for barking dogs, or loose dogs, or crapping dogs, and you’ll see the improvement almost overnight. And it’s a lot cheaper than hiring another code officer. If the purpose of these ordinances is as Mr. Rizzuto says, that is, to protect the public, then give them enough clout to get the dog owner’s attention.

Charge enough of a fee for licensing dogs, and enforce it with one of those hundred buck fines, so that people think twice about staking two or three mutts out in the back yard.

Of course, you’d have all those dog owners crying in their beer up there in front of council, whining about how they are being abused and picked on.

That’s so much nonsense. What about the rest of us? Why are we still messing around with ordinances that have no useful purpose when it comes to resolving the problems? What does it take to get some useful legislation passed? And why are we messing around with breed-specific ordinances when all you have to do is look around any morning to see what kind of mutts are running loose – and here’s a hint: they aren’t pit bulls.

What’s next? A watering restriction exemption for octogenarians?


City Council Meeting

There is a regular meeting of the La Junta City Council tonight, 7:30 PM, 601 Colorado Avenue, 2nd floor. Handicap access is available via elevator. Meetings are usually held the 1st and 3rd Mondays of every month. Because of Labor Day, the regular meeting will be held tonight.

Be there. Aloha.

More turds in the Arkansas Punchbowl

Looks like Pueblo had themselves a bit of a sewage spill this past week.


But as the editorial points out, for Pueblo, that's an unusual occurrence. And Pueblo, unlike Colorado Springs, owns up to the 'issue' and is moving to do something permanent about it. Colorado Springs, on the other hand, is nothing but hot air and promises, promises which are as dust upon the wind.

The article is correct. The best maintained sewage system may have a spill. It's possible that La Junta could have a spill. But do you think that the reaction down these parts would be that 'business as usual' attitude we see up in the Springs? I don't think so.

The editorial is correct. Colorado Springs needs to put a sock in it. I can just imagine the politicians up there chortling gleefully over Pueblo's spill, using it as an opportuntity to deflect focus on their own incompetence and indifference.

"Crikey, mite!"

Steve Irwin has shuffled off:



"Islam is the only religion acceptable to God..."

From the recently released Al Qaeda video:

"Islam is the only religion acceptable to God and came with the revealed book, the Koran, which abrogates all previous revelations, like the Torah and Evangel... God recognizes no separation between religion and state..."

"To Americans and the rest of Christendom we say, either repent (your) misguided ways and enter into the light of truth or keep your poison to yourself and suffer the consequences in this world and the next..."

We frequently hear that the Islamofascists represent only a small portion of the world of Islam. The moonbat Hezbollah sympathizers and keffiyah-wearers from the Democratic National Committee headquarters would have us believe that everything is the result of US policy. We hear the apologists and sympathizers state that the Islamofascists are pimping a perverted version of Islam.

If that is so, why then are we not hearing a great outcry, a demontration of outrage, by the rest of Islam against this 'perversion' of the Religion of Peace? Where is that outcry and outrage?

Will we hear the outcry and outrage when the Iranians finally set off a nuke in downtown Washington? In the port area of New York City? When they reduce Miami to a glowing crater?

I don't think so. And what will be the reaction among the moonbats running the DNC? "Oh...woe...if only we had had better policies...".

Go to http://www.michellemalkin.com and see "Convert or Die", posted 09/02/2006. And then scroll down a bit where you will see Hollyweird Bush-hater Michael Moore snipped from an Islamofascist propaganda clip. They use Moore's rantings very effectively.

“The Iraqis who have risen up against the occupation are not ‘insurgents’ or ‘terrorists’ or ‘The Enemy.’ They are the REVOLUTION, the Minutemen, and their numbers will grow—and they will win.” - Michael Moore, 4/14/2004

These are the men to whom he refers. Remember that when you support Michael or the politicians who are in the sack with him, and endorse his statements, THIS is what you are supporting.


"...there can be kind of difficulties, on occasion..."

Excerpt from an interview with Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, back on 31 May 2006, up at Peterson AFB:

I'm Eric Whitney from KRCC Radio. I have a question about Army training needs. Fort --


Q Army training needs. Fort Carson is studying a potentially pretty large expansion of their training range, and I'm wondering if you can tell me, in general, does the Army have enough acreage to train on? And how does the Department of Defense feel about using eminent domain to acquire land for training needs?

SEC. RUMSFELD: Yeah. I'm afraid that's a question that generally should be directed straight to the Army. It -- the answer to the question is that it varies around the world. It is an enormously important part of Army life to be able to train and to be prepared and, by so doing, be able to save lives.

We work with local communities all across the world, and we cooperate in training arrangements with other countries. We find that very often there's encroachment. If the military is some place, and there's a training area that's terrific, we find people moving near it. And over a period of five, 10, 20, 30, 40 years, then there can be kind of difficulties, on occasion.

But I'm not knowledgeable about using eminent domain for a training area at all. I've never even heard that thought expressed here in the United States.

Frequently, it's just the reverse. It's the pressure the opposite way, to -- for us to give up training areas and find other places we can train, because of pressures from the civilian community, as opposed to the military community pressuring out and using eminent domain.

So I think that's -- I just don't have any knowledge about that at all


Don Rumsfeld claims that he's never even heard that thought expressed before.

Perhaps everyone in southeastern Colorado should send him a postcard introducing him to the concept. And ask him if he really wants to see his boss' political party hung out to dry down these parts next election, because he is clueless about the concept of 'eminent domain', and he has a bunch of mealy-mouthed snakeoil salesmen in the PR unit up at Fort Carson who are doing more damage to the Army than a battalion of Republican Guard retreads.

Here is the entire transcript:



Big John Speaks Out About Fountain Creek

From today's Chieftain:


An excerpt:

“I have attended a number of meetings in my district where Fountain Creek was a primary topic of discussion, and members of my staff have attended many more,” Salazar said. “We have heard the serious concerns of a great many people who are affected by the poor water quality in Fountain Creek and who are deeply concerned, as I am, about its continuing deterioration.”

And another:

Fort Carson is planning for expansion, while Colorado Springs continues to grow, meaning more wastewater treatment plants and higher volume in the future. Salazar said these approaches need strong federal coordination. “Concerned citizens and local officials are struggling to find a constructive path forward,” Rep. Salazar said. “Local leaders have made their frustrations apparent and their desire for strong federal leadership clear.”

Local leaders have made their frustrations apparent, Mr. Salazar says. Too bad local leaders can't pull their thumbs out and solve the problem, so now we have Big Brother, the Federal government, coming in to tell us what to do. Again.

Is that 'smaller government'?

Is that 'effective government'?

If local leaders can't solve these problems, why do we keep them in office?

For another perspective on dependence on the Federal government, take at look at today's Cox and Forkum at:


the entry entitled "Structural Failure". An excerpt from that one:

"[T]he disaster in New Orleans was caused, not by too little welfare spending, but by too much. Four decades of dependence on government left people without the resources -- economic, intellectual, or moral -- to plan ahead and provide for themselves in an emergency. "

The War on Weeds

Here's more on weeds and why they aren't just a minor nuisance:


Like any of the other nuisances around town, they detract from the quality of life. Until we as a community understand that these nuisances make a mockery of the concept of 'small town quality of life', we'll never get anywhere with really selling La Junta. We have deteriorated from a bucolic little Smallville to a raucous little Barrio on the Prairie, filled with booming and thumpin audio graffitti, barking and crapping dogs, and weeds all over the place. People who live up yonder in the upscale 'hoods down south may not see it, but we who live in the old part of town certainly do. And the old part of town includes the gateways to The Smile Hi City, First Street, and all of downtown.

What does it take to get something done about that?

So long as the fines for nuisance ordinance violations amount to nothing more than a minor nuisance to the violators, nothing is going to be accomplished in controlling those nuisances.