'If it costs me my life to protect our land and people then that is a small thing...'

'If it costs me my life to protect our land and people then that is a small thing...'

Here is something that President Obama, for all his power, and Nancy "The Mouse" Pelosi, and Joe "The Mouth" Biden, and Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and all the rest of the political whores are incapable of understanding:

Written Wednesday, 31 December 2008:

When I think about what surrounds me, the institutional corruption, the random violence, the fear and desperation. I feel the reasons why I am here more and more sharply. As we grow in our soldiers skills, surviving by finding the hidden dangers, seeing the secret motives and the shifting politics... we grow a set of skills that is unique and powerful in this situation.

We also see what you cannot see in the States, you are surrounded by the love of Christ and faith in freedom and humanity, like a fish you think water is 'a puff of air' because it is always there, you do not notice it... we who are out of the water look back and see the world we love surrounded by enemies, poison and envy that wants to fall on you like a storm of ruin.

We who joined with vague notions of protecting our country see how desperate the peril, how hungry the enemy and how frail the security we have is. So the more I love you all the more I feel I must keep fighting for you. The more I love and long for home the more right I feel here on the front line standing between you and the seething madness that wants to suck the life and love out of our land.

Does that mean I cannot go home? I hope not, because I want this just to be the postponement of the joy of life, not the sacrifice of mine. If it costs me my life to protect our land and people then that is a small thing, I just hope that fate lets me return to the promise land and remind people just how great our land is.

War is a young mans game, and I am getting an old mans head... it is a strange thing. I just hope that I am not changed so that I cannot take joy in the land inside the wire when I make it home. I want to be with you all again and let my gun sit in the rack and float on my back in a tube down a lazy river...

Scott Stream, Sergeant, United States Army
Illinois Guard's 33rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team

KIA Afghanistan, 24 February 2009


Tea party photo albums

From tea parties around the country:

Tea Party Photo Album

From the DC tea party:

Your mortgage is not my problem

Unless, of course, the Democrats are in power.

In Iowa, state officials banned tea from the tea party:

No tea at the tea party

The attendees were going to dump tea into the Cedar River. The state won't let them do that, because the tea would discolor the water.

Tea, although natural and quite tasty, is considered a pollutant that can’t go into a body of water without a permit, said Mike Wade, a senior environmental specialist at the DNR’s Manchester field office.

Sam Adams must be spinning in his grave.

Chief Justice...Malarkey?

As most of us are aware, the Democrats have tried to sneak in property tax hikes via SB199, or...the School Finance Act.

That Act has a provision that freezes the state's mill levy rates.

How does that hike property taxes? Well, here's the deal:

Before SB199, mill levy rates were rolled back. This made sure that as property values increased, property taxes stayed flat.

But when the rates are frozen, as we see with SB199, property tax revenue went up with property values. That violates the Colorado Constitution, specifically the TABOR provisions therein. Voter approval is required for any change in tax policy that results in a net increase of government tax revenues. A judge up in Denver, Her Honor Christina Habas, declared that mill levy freeze to be unconstitutional because...the voters had not approved the increase in net tax revenues, as is REQUIRED by the state constitution.

The Democrats at state level, as we are seeing with their brethren and sistren at the Federal level, are not overly concerned with constitutional niceties. So...we have SB199, an attempt to do an end run around the state constitution.

There is a provision within TABOR that requires TABOR matters going before the courts to be given priority.

Chief Justice Mary Mullarkey, who is so liberal as to see Nancy "The Mouse" Pelosi as a kindred soul, has been sitting on the case. Why?

"Something strange is going on over there," State Attorney JohnSuthers said Wednesday at a breakfast meeting with the Colorado Civil Justice League, "That decision should have been made five months ago." Sutherland went on to wonder openly if Mullarkey was sitting on the case, delaying it - in violation of the state Constitution - in order to try to convince other justices to rule in favor of SB199.

Bill Ritter and the State Board of Education are the plaintiffs in the case.

So we have school boards and administrators going on about not getting a big enough piece of the pork from Porculus Americanus, the Obama/Pelosi 'stimulus' bill which is raking larger and larger chunks of change out of your pockets - while "giving" you $400 per year as a pinhead prize...the government thinks you are enough of a pinhead to be happy with that. And we have school boards and administrators now whining about that pesky state constitution getting in the way of another way to get their hands in your pockets...for more money, to do who knows what with, as the Indians and the Chinese continue to kick America's academic backside. Perhaps it is to provide sensitivity training for other cultures? Who knows.

Mark Hillman gives an analysis of the situation here:

Why is the governor so sure of Supreme Court Ruling?

TABOR has taken a lot of heat in its time...but as the editorial in the Pueblo Chieftain notes regarding another Democratic attempt to do an end run around the constitution, it is TABOR that has kept the state government from spending us into oblivion in the same manner as the Democrats have done in California, Ohio, New York...all those states that are slavering at the chops over the idea of getting all that Free Federal Munny.

Wrong, wrong, wrong

An excerpt from that one:

SB228 would divert $385 million from highways and other construction and into the general fund by 2011, and even more in future years. This would give lawmakers new money to spend on social programs and also give them an excuse to seek more taxes for highways and capital construction.

In Colorado, more than a third of a billion in new play money is a big temptation for those lawmakers who have no problem spending other people’s taxes. But even if you agree with the proposition that the Legislature should not be limited by Arveschoug-Bird, simply passing legislation to change it when it is clearly protected in the State Constitution is wrong, wrong, wrong.

The state ledge is also looking for an opportunity to get its fingers into the state community colleges pie. Amendment 50 expanded casino gambling, with the additional intake to go to state colleges. That take is implemented through HB1272, which,"...allocates 78 percent of the additional state revenue from expanded casino gambling in Cripple Creek, Central City and Black Hawk to community and junior colleges. The rest will go 10 percent to the three casino mountain towns and 12 percent to Gilpin and Teller counties...".

The politicians being what they are, it's a sure bet that at least some of them are thinking that they can divert original funding from the community colleges to other 'projects', keeping up the swag levels to the colleges through 50 funds.

That is not what the voters intended, nor is it what they want.

Here is a Chieftain editorial on that:

Clear intent

Tea parties


Tea parties.

Taxpayer tea parties, in the sense of the Boston tea party, when irate Americans, having had it right up to the gills with tax stupidities - and other governmental interferences - dumped bales of tea into Boston Harbor rather than buy it and pay the King's Tax in the process.

What's behind the tea parties?

This set of guidelines helps explain it:

1. This is a non-partisan event — in fact, it’s critical of both parties — large-scale government interventions into the free market were kicked off under Bush, and Obama’s doing no better.

2. The American taxpayer is better at spending his money than the government. If you ask your average taxpayer if he wanted to spend millions of dollars on golf course renovations, you could be sure he’d say no.

3. Small business owners are the backbone of the economy, not large failing corporations. Amping up regulations only hurts these businesses.

4. It is our *optimism* that guides our frustration. We believe so strongly in the ingenuity and hard work of the American people, that we feel big government measures will only get in the way of their success.

The Democrats are raping the American taxpayer, and taking the fruits of the labors of American citizens and turning it over to freeloaders,moochers, and people too stupid to make sound, rational life decisions. In the process the Democrats are reinforcing and spreading the entitlement mindset, and castrating the American entrepreneurial spirit as well as America's small business owners...figuratively if not literally.

You can either sit there and take it, or you can, in whatever way works best for you, do something about it.

Here it is a nutshell:

Democratic Party operative Donna Brazile:

"We have a black president! It's FREE!"

Brazile, then realizing what she had said, changed it to "We have an American president..."

But it's still FREE! And you don't have to do anything at all to earn it, because the government is going to take it away from those who did, and give it to those who haven't.


Taxpayers Tea Parties

(Photoshop credit: Leo Alberti)

From Sistah Michelle:

Lots of folks are only now hearing about the nationwide Tea Party events on Friday and beyond — as well as the pig roasts and anti-stimulus protests that paved the way for revolts across the country.

A reminder of the main resources for activists looking to join:

The New American Tea Party page from “a coalition of citizens and organizations concerned about the recent trend of fiscal recklessness in government…dedicated to the Washington, D.C. effort specifically sponsored by the American Spectator, the Heartland Institute, Americans for Tax Reform, the National Taxpayers Union, Americans for Prosperity, and the Young Conservatives Coalition” is here.

The #TCOT has a site here and #dontgo has a list of links to official Facebook Event (and some non-Facebook) pages for each confirmed Chicago Tea Party.

PJTV’s clearinghouse for protests is here.

On Twitter, search “#teaparty” for the most up-to-date organizational info.

Glenn Reynolds has links to protest info in Nashville, Houston, D.C., St. Louis, San Diego, Atlanta, Orlando, Kansas City, and Cleveland. Glenn also has a related poll.

Many readers have requested that I post their tea party info (and I know a lot of you don’t use Facebook, so I’ll post the time/date/location when I can). Some will be held this weekend. Others are planning into the summer. I’ll try and get to all the requests and will add to the list. Leave info on your neighborhood party in comments if you’ve got it.

Fiscal responsibility is the new counterculture!


Via WND: Sen. Jim DeMint says…

Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., a staunch opponent of the federal government’s increase in size and spending legislated by President Obama’s stimulus package, has issued a call for Americans to stand up – literally – and take back their freedom.

“I would think it’s time to start thinking about peaceful demonstrations,” DeMint said in an interview with Georgia’s Augusta Chronicle. “The power of the people is there. Freedom is in the people’s hands right now, and it’s about to slip through.”

When Those Who Don’t Pay Taxes Run the Nation

From JB Williams in the Canada Free Press:

According to the IRS, as of the 2006 federal tax reports, 97.01% of all federal taxes collected are paid by the top 50% of income earners in the nation. The bottom 50% of income earners pay only 2.99% of the federal tax haul, most paying nothing at all or getting “tax refunds” for taxes they never paid to begin with.

The break point is only $32,000 annual income. Below this income you are considered too poor to pay taxes, and above this income, you are one of “the rich” who is expected to pick up the tab for the half of the country that do not pay taxes.

Half of the nation (the greedy), pay for the other half of the nation, (the cheated.)

This item alone is what divides America today and it is the only significant difference between the political right which represents the taxpayers, and the political left which panders only to those who have come to believe that they are entitled to the earnings and private property of others.

Until 2006, the majority of voters were taxpayers. As of 2006, and for the foreseeable future, the majority of voters are thieves in search of access to other people’s money and property…

46% of Americans voted against the new “progressive” rush into unbridled secular socialism in the 2008 election. Had Republicans not governed like Democrats since 2004, and had they put forth a serious presidential candidate in 2008, this number would have been much larger.

Still, even with the weakest candidate since Bob Dole in 1996, nearly half of the nation voted against the leftist government now in charge. That’s hardly a “mandate” for drastic “change.”

But more importantly, this 46% represent the “taxpayers” of America, the folks who pick up the tab for all the nonsense and waste that is our federal government today.

They are now outnumbered by the people in search of access to their earnings and assets, all of whom showed up at the polls in record numbers to give Marxists the power to take property from “the greedy” and redistribute those assets to “the cheated.”

Those seeking “free-stuff” from the earnings of others, now rule over those who pay 97.01% of the federal tab already.

"Free stuff".

Uh huh.

Donna Brazile: "We have a black president! It's free!"

"Tell me another one...

"...worse than the other one...and waltz me around again, Willy..."

This just in from the Orchid Office:

On agriculture, the Obama administration is aiming to save $9.8 billion over 10 years by phasing out direct payments to farmers with sales revenues of $500,000 or more per year. The list of spending cuts claims that "about 25 percent of direct payments go to farmers with farm sales (revenue) of greater than $500,000."

Ya think?

But here's the deal. George Bush wanted to do this with the last Farm Bill. He wanted to cut the payments way back to make sure that 'the little guys' actually were the ones who got da munny. Bush was dealing with adjusted gross income, which is a lot different than 'annual sales'.

Guess who opposed him. Guess who supported the continuation of subsidies to farmers making up to $750,000 AGI (single farmer) or $1,500,000 AGI (married farmers). Can you guess?

Barack H. Obama, Ken Salazar, and John Salazar. Ya, you betcha! (wink). They sure did.

And then Ken Salazar showed up at the Barista pimping his stand on the Farm Bill and taking cheap shots at Bush.

From the Center for Rural Affairs:

The bill also denies commodity payments to individuals with non-farm income of more than $500,000. Individuals can have up to $750,000 in net farm income before direct payments are cut off. There is no limit on net farm income for recipients of countercyclical and loan deficiency payments.


U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Ed Schafer got it right when he said “If there is a farm in America that can’t meet a $500,000 hard cap, they need a new accountant.”


1) High-income investors will divide income between spouses to keep at least one below the limit and be able to claim payments. For example, Nancy Pelosi is the 15th richest member of Congress, but according to her financial disclosure reports she’d be eligible for payments. That is because most of the couple’s investments are not in her name.

2) Forty percent of those who would lose farm payments due to the income limits are landlords – who will just switch to cash rent arrangements and capture the payment indirectly through high dollar cash rents.

3) Large farms that approach the income limit will get around it by expanding their operation – purchasing land and other assets to create deductions for interest, depreciation, and inputs.

President Obama better be careful. He starts messing with Nancy "The Mouse" Pelosi's subsidies, he may have more problems than he ever thought possible. These Congressional Clowns have their own definitions of 'partisanship'.

If southeastern Colorado's ranchers and farmers lose their subsidies, perhaps they will be more appreciative of their 'townspeople' neighbors. Last time I looked, La Junta had a population of about 7500 people, very few of whom are farmers. 'Townspeople' are the farmers' customers. 'Townspeople' are the fiscal source of those subsidies. 'Townspeople' run the infrastructure upon which ranchers and farmers depend.

Some 'townspeople' have had enough of being regarded as some kind of retards by farmers and ranchers, and note that it's about time the subsidies were brought to curb. Perhaps Obama is going to get this one right.

If so, it's about time. But why do I think there will be another, better hidden hole through which the cash flows...

Tookie and the Third Circle of Hell

We were snuffling Grandma's 'chocklit' fudge cookies and sipping convenience store cappies at The Holy Land Quickee's. DinkyDau Billy was on his third pack of cookies.

"Unca Billy, are you going to enter the chili cookoff?" asked Tookie.

"Wut chili cookoff," our stalwart asked, in puzzled fashion.

"At the church. Sunday. This Sunday," she explained.

"Dunno. Dint know." He was dunking his cookies. He was not a study in good table manners.

"There are several categories, including two ranges, one by 'professional' judges and another by the mob. The 'Peoples' Choice'," she shared.

"If'n I kin fine some fresh road kill, like a raccoon or possum, I might do that," Billy said.

"No! No way!" I was insistent. "That roadkill thing is mine! I'm making 'Smokebomb Hill' chili, from the Special Warfare Center at Fort Bragg," I told my culinary admirers.

"No, you aren't," Leece said, just as emphatically, "you'll do no such thing. You get some beef from America's Favorite Place to shop, or Safeway, or the Food Market. There will be no roadkill in our house."

She sure could throw a damper on things.

"But it has to be roadkill," I explained, "or something we chase down and drag screeching into the pot. It's from the Green Berets' training center. From when they have to go out in the swamp and survive by wits and skill, on what they can find in the field."

"I don't care if it's a recipe from John Wayne himself," she said, "there will be no roadkill in my kitchen. You will notice that I did not say 'our' kitchen."

What a stick in the mud.

"I'm making my special chili," Tookie announced, "with habaneros and Thai chilis."

"Does it have roadkill in it?" Billy asked.

"Nope. Real beef. If I can find American beef I'll use that, but these days a lot of it seems to be coming from other places. Last batch I used was hechoed in Mejico," Toots advised.

"American beef is subsidized, so it costs more," Billy told us.

"Yes. But I want to support the President's economic recovery plans, so I will spend more money than I have on American products," Tookie explained, giving us the latest take on how the global economy works.

"What're yew doin'?" Billy asked Leece.

"I'm making 'Mom's Beautiful Chili'," she said.

"Sounds wimply. Does it gots any snap to it?"

"Show up and find out, darling Bill, darling Billy," she kind of sneered, losing a bit of that famous patience, "I'll have you running out of both ends before the dinner's over."

Billy snickered. "What about you?" he asked Toot Sweet.

"Mine is 'The Third Circle of Hell' chili," Tookie told us.


"From 'Dante's Inferno'," she explained.


"The third of the Nine Circles of Hell," she continued to explain.

"Wut's in the Third Circle?" Billy asked.


We went back to snuffling cookies and sipping cappies.


John Kerry: Posturing pinhead

John Kerry, who is proving himself to be one of the most entertaining Clowns of Congress, in a sick sort of way, is throwing a fit over the expensive bashes thrown by Northern Trust Corporation:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Northern Trust Corp took a pounding on Tuesday from U.S. lawmakers who said the bank must repay millions of taxpayer bailout dollars spent on "lavish parties" during a Southern California golf tournament.

The Chicago-based bank's sponsorship of the expensive bash prompted Sen. John Kerry, a Massachusetts Democrat, to say he will introduce a bill this week to end "extravagant spending practices of U.S. banks" that receive taxpayer bailouts.

"I'm sick and tired of picking up the newspaper and reading about another idiotic abuse of taxpayer money, while our country is on the brink," Kerry said in a statement.

Kerry plans to introduce legislation targeting banks that got taxpayer assistance under the government's $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). Chicago-based Northern Trust received $1.6 billion under TARP.

No, John, you babbling simpleton, what is enough to make a dyspeptic pig puke is the fact that you and your accomplices rammed through that so-called "TARP" abomination, and then gave away our money...OUR money, you posturing, pandering, vote-pimp...without a care in the world.

And now you and Barney the Buffoon are throwing a fit?

Democratic lawmakers in the House of Representatives, led by Barney Frank, chairman of the Financial Services Committee, demanded Northern Trust repay the cost of festivities that surrounded last week's Northern Trust Open at the Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades, California.

"This behavior demonstrates extraordinary levels of irresponsibility and arrogance," wrote Frank and 17 other Democrats in a letter to Northern Trust CEO Frederick Waddell.

You gotta be kidding. Who is demonstrating extraordinary levels of irresponsibility and arrogance? Let's try that collection of morons up on Capitol Hill.

Hope and change! Hope and change!

Women in the ministry?

Leece has a new post up on YahBut:

Do women belong in the ministry?

Actually, she has several up, but this one is my favorite of the bunch.

Another example of the Democrats' "New Morality"

House kills effort to investigate lobbyist/lawmaker ties

"Whereas numerous press reports and editorials have alleged several cases of influence peddling between members of Congress and outside interests seeking federal funding…the House of Representatives should respond to such claims and demonstrate integrity in its proceedings," the resolution read.

Yah, you betcha (wink).

How about investigating when the lawmaker is the lobbyist, at one and the same time? That would be our new Secretary of Labor, Hilda Solis:

On January 29, Congresswoman Solis filed a letter with the House clerk detailing her involvement. Much like Tom Daschle, Timothy Geithner and Nancy Killefer, her “honest mistake” was uncovered only when she was seeking a Cabinet appointment. This time, Solis says she “incorrectly answered” a question that directly asked if she was a member of any organizations like ARW. Apparently, she forgot that she was handling all of the finances and leadership of an organization that was pressing her colleagues to vote in favor of her own pro-union legislation.

Not to worry. Our Democrats in the Senate certainly didn't. Business as usual.

Hope and change! Hope and change!

And of course...

...no political event these days would be complete without the tinkle and tingle and twitter (without a capital "T") of our favorite MSNBC twits, Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann:

Oh God!

We can only wonder if Chris Matthews continues to experience tingles down his leg and up into his scrotum every time Obama speaks, while Olbermann nearly salivates during such experiences - though we here at Blogger Central are not sure if that is at the thought of Matthews politico-erotic tingling or simply as the result of attempting to think. There is some kind of 'chemistry' between those two, but we are not quite sure of what it might be.

140 characters

Did anyone notice the Tweetery going on among the Clowns of Congress last evening?

Did anyone notice the proliferation of BlackBerries? In use? During the speech?

Here is a good story from WaPo:

A Tale of 140 characters, including the ones in Congress

It's bad enough that Americans are paralyzed by economic jitters. Now the president has to deal with lawmakers paralyzed by Twitter. At a time of national emergency, when America needs the focused attention of contemplative and reflective lawmakers, they are dispatching rapid-fire thoughts in 140 characters or less.

Some members called it a new age of transparency, a bold new frontier in democracy. But to view the hodgepodge of text messages sent from the House floor during the speech, it seemed as if Obama were presiding over a support group for adults with attention-deficit disorder.



That's what syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said about Obama's speech. He was referring specifically to Obama's claim that Porculus Americanus, aka The Generational Theft Act of 2009, had 'no earmarks'.

"Now, I'm proud that we passed a recovery plan free of earmarks, and I want to pass a budget next year that ensures that each dollar we spend reflects only our most important national priorities."

Yes, he did. Obama actually said that. The 'stimulus bill' has no earmarks.

And then Obama said the budget would reflect "only our most important national priorities".

Yup. There is a Department of Justice grant in there for $200,000 for gang tattoo removal. Maine lobstermen get $100,000 of their own special 'economic relief', along with $300,000 in emergency economic assistance for the Maine groundfish industry, and $150,000 for Maine lobster research, and $250,000 for the Maine/New Hampshire Inshore Trawl Survey, and $100,000 for the Maine 'Seals as Sentinels' project. In fact, there's something like 23 such earmarks for Maine alone. Hey. Maine. Who were two of Three Stooges, the Republican senators who voted for Porculus Americanus? The two Maine senators, Oly Snowe and Susan Collins. But that's really nothing. The $410 billion spending bill about to be unveiled has over 9,000 earmarks in it:

President Barack Obama should prepare to carve out a lot of free time and keep the coffee hot this week as Congress prepares to unveil a $410 billion omnibus spending bill that's riddled with thousands of earmarks, despite his calls for restraint and efforts on Capitol Hill to curtail the practice.

The bill will contain about 9,000 earmarks totaling $5 billion, congressional officials say. Many of the earmarks — loosely defined as local projects inserted by members of Congress — were inserted last year as the spending bills worked their way through various committees.

So while Obama and McCain were slamming earmarks on the campaign trail, House and Senate members — Democrats and Republicans — were slapping them into spending bills.

Chutzpah. There's no other word for it.

Malarkey gets grief

Constituents give Markey grief over stimulus package

Yep, they sure did.

An excerpt:

During Sunday’s forum, a number of Fort Collins residents expressed fear that the $787 billion stimulus bill will not have the desired effect of reinvigorating the nation’s struggling economy.

“I was adamantly against the current stimulus package that just passed because America has gotten completely out of control with spending,” said Kurt Kastein. “There is an (undying) appetite to spend more than we have, and it’s my opinion that the money the government is going to give us with this package just feeds that appetite. And I don’t see an end. I don’t see how we ever recover from that.”

The crowd of about 85 people cheered and clapped in response to Kastein’s comment.

Markey, however, steadfastly defended the package and her vote in favor of it, stressing the important role she believes it will play in America’s economic recovery.

“With this recovery package — I struggled with it,” she said.

“But when I talked to many economists, and they all said that we are in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression in the 1930s, it was disheartening,” Markey said. “(The government) did not do anything when we were in recession in the 1920s, and we slipped into the Depression because of it. We cannot afford to let that happen again.”

Markey said that although she’s concerned about the deficit spending the bill promotes, she views it as a means to a more financially stable end.

Unfortunately, Malarkey listened to the economists who were telling the Democrats what they wanted to hear. She should have done a bit of independent research. Maybe a bit of independent thinking. Government's failure to act caused the Great Depression? One bit of government action, the Smoot-Hawley Tariff, had a great deal to do with making it worse. The Agricultural Marketing Act was a lot like today's bailouts. And then there was the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. Take a look at those examples of "government action" and you will see why we took so long to come out of the Great Depression. You will also see some remarkable similarities between those cockamamy schemes and today's cockamamy schemes.

It's unfortunate that Malarkey, like so many other CongressCritters, seems so abysmally ignorant.

Her attempts at justifying her knee-jerk ignorance fall woefully short.

BTW...those three "government actions" listed above? Fine examples of monumental government ignorance and incompetence?

Republicans were responsible.

The lunatics occupy both sides of the aisle, and continue to run the asylum.

Obama steps in the political poop...again

Well...not quite yet, but his foot is poised over the pie. Obama is reportedly about to nominate former Washington state governor Gary Locke to be our next Secretary of Commerce.

From the Washington Post, which obviously has not done its homework:
“Locke is regarded as a safe choice by senior officials in the Obama administration given his long history in public life, his strait-laced reputation and his bipartisan governing credentials.”

Does anyone remember ChinaGate?

Does anyone remember John Huang, the crooked-as-a-dog's-hind-leg campaign funds manipulator?

Does anyone remember the connection between Huang and Locke?

From the Seattle Times in 1999:

Will Governor Locke ever return his Huang-linked funds?

an excerpt:

Now John Huang, the Democratic fund-raiser who supported Locke's 1996 gubernatorial campaign at no less than eight political events across the country, has agreed to plead guilty to felony conspiracy to make illegal campaign contributions. When I asked what the governor had to say about Huang's guilty plea, Locke's spokesman, Keith Love, responded tersely: "He has no comment and no interest."

Same source, 1998:

It's not racist to question Locke's China-linked funds

an excerpt:

Given Locke's high threshold for proof of wrongdoing, it's no wonder he still refuses to return tens of thousands of dollars raised for his campaign by John Huang - the former DNC fund-raiser, ex-Commerce Department official, ex-V.P. of the infamous Indonesian Lippo Group, suspected Chinese agent, and close friend of the Sioengs (daughter Jessica refers to him as "Uncle Huang" in one internal Democratic document, according to the L.A. Times).

Huang and his wife gave token personal donations to Locke; staffers have emphasized that his finance role was minimal. Past news articles reported that Huang raised "a total of $19,000" for Locke. But last year, the campaign described to me no less than eight occasions on which Huang "coordinated," "attended," "organized" or "co-sponsored" political events attended by Locke. These include May 1996 galas at the Mayflower Hotel and Sheraton Carlton in D.C. (where Locke hobnobbed with Sioeng and President Clinton); three summer 1996 fund-raisers at Chinese restaurants in L.A.; and a cash-soaked California bash at the Universal City Hilton in October 1996 that raised upwards of $30,000.

China! Hey! Our Secretary of State, Hillary "Human rights are not an issue" Clinton was just in China, doing what amounted to a Hank Paulson 'down on bended knee' before the Chinese Communists.

And more from the Seattle Times:

Locke's money trail leads to Buddhist temple doors

an excerpt:

Already under investigation by the Public Disclosure Commission for mishandling cash contributions, Gov. Gary Locke's gubernatorial campaign must now contend with new revelations concerning two trips to a Buddhist temple last summer where campaign dollars changed hands.

On two separate occasions, Locke visited the Ling Shen Ching Tze Temple in Redmond at the invitation of the temple's founder, Grand Master Sheng-Yen Lu. Grand Master Lu, his wife, his son and several people self-described as church administrators and priests gave Locke about $13,100 in contributions.

Of the known temple donors identified by the Locke campaign, five gave $1,000 each on July 22, 1996. Two priests gave $1,000 and $1,100 respectively on Aug. 8, 1996. Three other temple adherents - Lin Wan Liu of Redmond, and Moon Chuen Lo and Shek Shuk Yee Lo of Renton - also gave $1,000 contributions on Aug. 8.

In all of these articles, we see the IRS mentioned. There are tax implications in all of it, as well as other ethical 'issues'.

This is what the Washington Post calls 'strait-laced'?

This is 'squeaky clean'?

Are they on drugs? Or are they just simple-minded? Or are they just lazy?

If Obama actually nominates this character, he will have to be confirmed by the United States Senate. One can only wonder what Udall and Bennet will do...but what the hey, what's a little campaign fraud and a few tax 'issues' among friends?

More government handouts

This one is only $900 million, however. A mere pittance.

It's going to go to the Palestinians in Gaza. Yup. That's on top of the $20 million President Obama has authorized in Presidential Determination 2009-15.

It isn't a done deal, not quite yet. It has to be approved by Congress. Excuse me while I go puke in one of the potted plants over that one.

President Obama's Secretary of State, Hillary "Let's not worry about human rights" Clinton, is off to Egypt for a meeting of Palestinian "donors".

The worst part of it is that there are no assurances of any consequence that your tax dollars and mine won't end up in Hamas' pockets.

On second thought, it's unlikely that it will end up in Hamas' pockets. That's because the money would be routed through "nongovernmental and UN organisations, with some going to the Palestinian Authority".

Yep. The UN, arguably and demonstrably the front runner among the world's most fiscally and morally corrupt organizations.

More on the Palestinian giveaway:

US to donate $900 million in Gaza aid

Do you think that Betsy Malarkey and the Bobsey Twins in the Senate will read the fine print on this one before voting for it? What about Brother John?

Is there any toilet into which the Democrats will not shovel our tax dollars?

As for corruption and the UN...just Google the two terms together. You'll be reading for the next 20 years.

AIG is back again

AIG Seeks to Ease Its Bailout Terms

Having lost $60 billion last quarter, after having received over $150 billion from you and me, the Fiscal Thugs running that lashup at AIG now want their terms 'eased'.

And they want another $60 billion. They have a report on their status coming due:

The earnings report is expected to underscore AIG's worsening condition with its total loss for the quarter likely to top $60 billion, these people said.

There is really no end to it. Why not let them die a natural death, due to rampant greed and incompetence, and have done with it. Why are we continuing to 'save' them? Could AIG's demise be any worse than this? Does Little Timmy Geithner, Eunuch of the Treasury, have a Plan that won't, as soon as he utters it, send the DOW into another tailspin?


Online petition to stop the bailouts

Stop the bailouts

ACORN: Liars, cheats, and thieves

ACORN, the professional voter registration fraud outfit, is now in the burglary business.

I'm sure we all heard about how ACORN was "taking back houses by any means necessary". In Baltimore they made a big production out of cutting the locks on a house and letting "the owner" back in.

As it turns out, the ACORN story, like so much else of what they do, was a lie.

The pathetically downtrodden ACORNer and homeowner, Donna Hanks, set upon by evil banks and bankers, folded, spindled, and mutilated financially by cold, insensitive capitalist swine...turns out to be a fraud.

You can read all about here at Sistah Michelle's place:

The truth about ACORN's foreclosure poster child

When President Obama talks about his "foreclosure plan", this is what he is talking about. He is talking about bailing out the likes of Donna Hanks, and having you and me pay for it.

Meanwhile, there are billions available in The Generational Theft Act of 2009 for the likes of ACORN to siphon off and send swirling down the fiscal toilet.

Note to Betsy Malarkey and David Obey: No, Bets, and no, Dave...you won't find ACORN specifically mentioned in Porculus Americanus/GTA2009/Stimulus Bill. Look for the $4.19 billion sow's earmarked for "neighborhood stabilization activities". You'll find them close by Nancy "The Mouse" Pelosi's sow's ear, and close by "Whorehouse Harry" Reid's choo-choo train from Disneyland.

The lunatics are running the asylum.

Dodd: Another moral coward

Chris Dodd is chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. He, like his House counterpart Barney Frank, oversaw the nation's finances and had their fingers deep into Fannie Mae's pockets. They are part and parcel of the reason for why we are in such a mess today.

Now, Dodd, a Democrat and famous for his conniving sweetheart deal with Countrywide Financial, is stabbing Obama in the back over the banking industry. He is trying to distance himself from the mess and from the banking industry. By shooting off his face last Friday, he contributed a great deal to the panic that lead to the market dropping spectacularly.

Dodd was posturing and pandering on Al Hunt's "Political Capital" last Friday. He said, in reference to nationalizing the banks,“...it’s possible it may happen”.

He did this while Obama's press secretary was trying to cool things down. He cut Obama's legs right out from under him. Because of Dodd's mouth, CitiGroup went down another 20% and Bank of American slid 12%. The market closed at its lowest level since 2002.

This buffoon is up for re-election, you see, and he is not doing well. Over half of those polled say they will not vote for him. I wouldn't either. I'd love to see Dodd run out of the Capitol Building covered with tar and feathers.

We should also keep in mind that Obama has brought a lot of this on himself, with his continual doom-saying and fear-mongering. Far from spreading hope, Obama has continually harped about how bad things are. He has harped about job losses and compared things to the Great Depression...yet here is how it really shakes out:

So it's tending to backfire on Obama. Dodd's stupidity emphasizes this.

Obama is no Franklin Roosevelt. He is not that "...leadership of frankness and vigor has met with that understanding and support of the people themselves which is essential to victory" of which Roosevelt spoke in his First Inaugural. Obama and his accomplices like Dodd and Frank are the ones who spread "...nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance."

Obama is showing himself to be just another Chicago political hack, no matter that a good percentage of his followers still see him as some kind of messiah.

As for Dodd...he is nothing more than an opportunistic weasel, another example of the moral cowardice of the Democratic Party of today.

Michael Ramirez on The Stimulus

Michael Ramirez comments on the origins of the Obama/Pelosi Stimulus Bill:

The Origins of the Stimulus Bill

"Shovel ready"

As we all know, the Generational Theft Act of 2009 is going to get all kinds of people new jobs, and is going to keep others in their jobs.

One of the ways this is going to be guaranteed is through "shovel ready" projects. Projects that politicians, like mayors, have provided to the government as ready to go but just needing a bit of cash to head 'em up and move 'em out.

Here are Colorado's "Shovel Ready" projects:

Colorado's "Shovel Ready" projects

Note from that website:

Below are the "shovel-ready" projects the mayors of this state submitted in the 2008 U.S. Conference of Mayors report. You can click on a project to read (and add to) its description. You can also discuss the project and vote on whether you believe it is critical or not. For a more local view, you can drill down to projects in a particular city. Just choose a city from the following list.

The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Colorado is $2,447,922,036

The Obama "Tax Cut" explained

Thanx and a tip of the hat to Red Planet Cartoons

The Stimulus Bill Explained

Just in from one of Blogger Central's local readers:

Shortly after class, an economics student approaches his economics professor and says, "I don't understand this stimulus bill. Can you explain it to me?" The professor replied, "I don't have any time to explain it at my office, but if you come over to my house on Saturday and help me with my weekend project, I'll be glad to explain it to you."

The student agreed. At the agreed-upon time, the student showed up at the professor's house. The professor stated that the weekend project involved his backyard pool. They both went out back to the pool, and the professor handed the student a bucket.

Demonstrating with his own bucket,the professor said, "First, go over to the deep end, and fill your bucket with as much water as you can."

The student did as he was instructed. The professor then continued, "Follow me over to the shallow end, and then dump all the water from your bucket into it." The student was naturally confused, but did as he was told. The professor then explained they were going to do this many more times, and began walking back to the deep end of the pool.The confused student asked, "Excuse me, but why are we doing this?"

The professor matter-of-factly stated that he was trying to make the shallow end much deeper. The student didn't think the economics professor was serious, but figured that he would find out the real story soon enough. However, after the 6th trip between the shallow end and the deep end, the student began to become worried that his economics professor had gone mad. The student finally replied, "All we're doing is wasting valuable time and effort on unproductive pursuits. Even worse, when this process is all over, everything will be at the same level it was before, so all you'll really have accomplished is the destruction of what could have been truly productive action!" The professor put down his bucket and replied with a smile, "Congratulations. You now understand the stimulus bill."

Bobby Jindal

We were sitting on the rail of the Holy Land Bridge over the Arkansas. We were simply contemplating The Whichness of What and The Thisness of That.

"So...how 'bout that Bobby Jindal dude?" asked DinkyDau Billy.

"Interesting fellow," said Tookie, who was picking at the bandaids over her knuckles. She had 'handled' her problem at school. We had stopped by the house to congratulate her, and Lola had given her a 'Kick Ass Rose'. The rose was in a vase in Tookie's dining room.

"How so?"

"Well, he is very well thought of in Louisiana, and by the GOP. He's one to watch for the GOP presidential nomination in 2012. He isn't like that whining entitlement-minded bloodsucker who preceded him," Toot Sweet advised.

"Ah, he's just another one, just like the other ones," scoffed Billy, who had really had his fill of politicians.

"Oh, that's quite true," Tootie agreed, "he even drops the buzz phrase so favored by politicians who are clueless that it is meaningless to all but the most brain-dead of the electorate."

"What phrase is that?" asked Leece.

"The one where he tells us that he is 'reform-minded' or a 'reformer'. You know. Like Obama. A variation on 'Hope and Change'," Toots explained.

"Yes. I see. I also agree. But Americans do want reform, they do want change. But what kind of change?" Leece asked.

"Huh. Well. You're the reporter," Tookie pointed out, "why don't you organize a panel of local citizens and see what they have to say, and write a series of articles about it?"

"Hmmmmm..." Leece ruminated.

"You wouldn't want any politicians on the board. We don't want sound bytes. We don't want to hear more meaningless buzz phrases about 'primary jobs' and all that, phrases that sound good but never go anywhere," Tookie went on.

"Let's kick this around some more," Leece said, thoughtfully, "I think you're on to something, Toots."

"We could host it over at the church some evening. It could even be a series for three or four weeks, addressing different 'issues'," Tookie expanded.

"Yeah! I could get the kids together while the brains a the outfit are thinking and we'd do the snacks and refreshments," I added.

We sat there watching the river flow by.

Betsey's opponents

Betsy Malarkey is the CongressCritter from the Colorado 4th.

When the voters kicked the Republicans to the curb...and deservedly so, or at least it seemed so before The Generational Theft Act of 2009...Betsy Malarkey, a Democrat, was elected to the Colorado 4th.

Malarkey is another one of those Democrats who voted for the Generational Theft Act without reading it, and as we saw from her recent visit, she remained clueless as to its contents.

Malarkey, like David Obey (D-WI), one of our most liberal Congresscritters, was and is an insistent defender of Nancy "The Mouse" Pelosi. That centers on the controversy over the $30 million in the Generational Theft Act of 2009 that is a sow's earmark for Pelosi's championing of the Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse. Malarkey, like Obey, tells us that the Theft Act has no references to the Harvest Mouse, so the controversy is just a Republican plot.

While it is true that the Act does not specifically reference the Harvest Mouse, the $30 million is going into the mouse's habitat. It's kind of like what we refer to as "Harry Reid's choo-choo train". You won't find a single reference to Reid in the bill, yet he is the one who put that sow's ear in. That one is $2.5 billion (sometimes $8 billion, but who really knows and who is really counting) for the train from Anaheim to Las Vegas. But we wander...the point is, Malarkey has not read the bill, yet is willing to defend it though she is pretty much ignorant of its contents. What a great way to run a country!

The GOP is spinning up to challenge Malarkey next time around. The latest is Steve Johnson, former state senator who is now a Larimer county commissioner. Johnson received the most Republican votes in the last Larimer primaries. Other GOP candidates include Tom Lucero, a CU regent, who filed for the next primary last December.

Then we have as potentials Cory Gardner of Yuma, Ken Buck, the DA from Weld County, and Diggs Brown of Fort Collins' city council. Like Johnson, none of them have yet committed to running. Mark Hillman says he won't run, but we at Blogger Central would like to see him change his mind on that.


Broken Promises: Obama's Lies

1. Make Government Open and Transparent
2. Make it "Impossible" for Congressmen to slip in Pork Barrel Projects
3. Meetings where laws are written will be more open to the public
4. No more secrecy
5. Public will have 5 days to look at a Bill
6. You'll know what's in it
7. We will put every pork barrel project online

Hillary Rodham Clinton: Moral Coward

From the New York Times, September 6, 1995:

Speaking more forcefully on human rights than any American dignitary has on Chinese soil, Hillary Rodham Clinton catalogued a devastating litany of abuse that has afflicted women around the world today and criticized China for seeking to limit free and open discussion of women's issues here.

"It is time for us to say here in Beijing, and the world to hear, that it is no longer acceptable to discuss women's rights as separate from human rights," Mrs. Clinton told the Fourth World Conference on Women assembled here.

"It is a violation of human rights when babies are denied food, or drowned, or suffocated, or their spines broken, simply because they are born girls," Mrs. Clinton said, or "when women and girls are sold into slavery or prostitution for human greed.

"It is a violation of human rights when women are doused with gasoline, set on fire and burned to death because their marriage dowries are deemed too small" she continued, or "when thousands of women are raped in their own communities and when thousands of women are subjected to rape as a tactic or prize of war."

While her comments concerned abuses that have taken place around the world -- the burning of brides occurs in India for example, and rape has most recently been a tactic of war in Bosnia -- her words took on a special resonance here in China, where the Administration has muted its public criticism of human rights abuses and is struggling to patch up frayed political relations.

Clinton said that back during the first Clinton administration.

Now that she is Secretary of State, she has changed her tune:

"Human rights cannot interfere with the global economic crisis, the global climate change crisis and the security crises."


So this: "It is a violation of human rights when babies are denied food, or drowned, or suffocated, or their spines broken, simply because they are born girls," Mrs. Clinton said, or "when women and girls are sold into slavery or prostitution for human greed.

No longer matters, simply as a matter of political expedience. What does that say about the moral fiber of this administration?

They will weathervane with every political wind. Opportunists, one and all.

From AFP:

China has greeted President Barack Obama's administration nervously, believing he would press Beijing harder on human rights and trade issues than former president George W. Bush.

Well, China doesn't have to worry about a thing, do they. Hillary Clinton just gave them a blank check.


Jesus places 2nd; God comes in 11th; Obama is 1st

That's from the results of a new Harris poll, as reported by CNN:

Obama tops Jesus and God

God placed way down the list, but at least he topped Hillary Clinton, who was 12th.

"Human rights cannot interfere..."

"Human rights cannot interfere with the global economic crisis, the global climate change crisis and the security crises."

That's from President Obama's Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, spoken during her visit with our good friends in Red China (notice the operative word "Red").

So. Does that mean it's OK to put people up against the wall and shoot them for their religious beliefs, because interfering with the Chinese government over murder of its citizens might screw up Walmart's pricing rollbacks?

Does that mean it's OK to gag conservatives, because they interfere with The Obamessiah's Economic Plan?

Is Holder drawing up a suspension of Habeas Corpus as we speak? Is the Bill of Rights going down the toilet?

"Human rights cannot interfere..." covers a lot of ground. Is that an attitude that we really want in our highest levels of government? Is it an attitude we want in our lowest levels of government? Is it an attitude we want anywhere?

What exactly does she mean?

Though much was made of President Bush's visit to the Kuanjie Church back in August of last year, other sources are less than enthusiastic about that visit, stating that it was staged by the Chinese government, laced with government agents while 'believers' were barred from attending:

President Bush visited officially staged church service

Meanwhile, we have our Secretary of State demonstrating yet again that New Morality of the Democrats. Right now human rights are one of those "inconvenient truths", self-evident though they may be, that interfere with the Obamessiah's program.

So...we change our nation's moral position to fit the situation. Situnational morality; situational ethics.

Hope and change! Hope and change!

Oh...BTW...God still beats Hillary, in the latest Harris poll.


11 worst disasters in history

# 11. Titanic - $150 Million (all figures in today's dollars) The sinking of the Titanic is possibly the most famous accident in the world. But it barely makes our list of top 10 most expensive. On April 15, 1912, the Titanic sank on its maiden voyage and was considered to be the most luxurious ocean liner ever built. Over 1,500 people lost their lives when the ship ran into an iceberg and sunk in frigid waters. The ship cost $7 million to build ($150 million in today ' s dollars).

# 10. Tanker Truck vs Bridge - $358 Million On August 26, 2004, a car collided with a tanker truck containing 32,000 liters of fuel on the Wiehltal Bridge in Germany . The tanker crashed through the guardrail and fell 90 feet off the A4 Autobahn resulting in a huge explosion and fire which destroyed the load-bearing ability of the bridge. Temporary repairs cost $40 million and the cost to replace the bridge is estimated at $318 Million.

# 9. MetroLink Crash - $500 Million On September 12, 2008, in what was one of the worst train crashes in California history, 25 people were killed when a Metrolink commuter train crashed head-on into a Union Pacific freight train in Los Angeles . It is thought that the Metrolink train may have run through a red signal while the conductor was busy text messaging.. Wrongful death lawsuits are expected to cause $500 million in losses for Metrolink.

# 8. B-2 Bomber Crash - $1.4 Billion Here we have our first billion dollar accident (and we ' re only #7 on the list). This B-2 stealth bomber crashed shortly after taking off from an air base in Guam on February 23, 2008. Investigators blamed distorted data in the flight control computers caused by moisture in the system. This resulted in the aircraft making a sudden nose-up move which made the B-2 stall and crash. This was 1 of only 21 ever built and was the most expensive aviation accident in history. Both pilots were able to eject to safety.

# 7. Exxon Valdez - $2.5 Billion The Exxon Valdez oil spill was not a large one in relation to the world's biggest oil spills, but it was a costly one due to the remote location of Prince William Sound (accessible only by helicopter and boat). On March 24, 1989, 10.8 million gallons of oil was spilled when the ship ' s master, Joseph Hazelwood, left the controls and the ship crashed into a Reef. The cleanup cost Exxon $2.5 billion.

# 6. Piper Alpha Oil Rig - $3.4 Billion The world ' s worst off-shore oil disaster. At one time, it was the world ' s single largest oil producer, spewing out 317,000 barrels of oil per day. On July 6, 1988, as part of routine maintenance, technicians removed and checked safety valves which were essential in preventing dangerous build-up of liquid gas. There were 100 identical safety valves which were checked. Unfortunately, the technicians made a mistake and forgot to replace one of them. At 10 PM that same night, a technician pressed a start button for the liquid gas pumps and the world ' s most expensive oil rig accident was set in motion. Within 2 hours, the 300 foot platform was engulfed in flames. It eventually collapsed, killing 167 workers and resulting in $3.4 Billion in damages.

# 5. Challenger Explosion - $5.5 Billion The Space Shuttle Challenger was destroyed 73 seconds after takeoff due on January 28, 1986 due to a faulty O-ring. It failed to seal one of the joints, allowing pressurized gas to reach the outside. This in turn caused the external tank to dump its payload of liquid hydrogen causing a massive explosion. The cost of replacing the Space Shuttle was $2 billion in 1986 ($4.5 billion in today ' s dollars). The cost of investigation, problem correction, and replacement of lost equipment cost $450 million from 1986-1987($1 Billion in today's dollars).

# 4. Prestige Oil Spill - $12 Billion On November 13, 2002, the Prestige oil tanker was carrying 77,000 tons of heavy fuel oil when one of its twelve tanks burst during a storm off Galicia, Spain. Fearing that the ship would sink, the captain called for help from Spanish rescue workers, expecting them to take the ship into harbour. However, pressure from lcal authorities forced the captain to steer the ship away from the coast. The captain tried to get help from the French and Portuguese authorities, but they too ordered the ship away from their shores. The storm eventually took its toll on the ship resulting in the tanker splitting in half and releasing 20 million gallons oil into the sea. According to a report by the Pontevedra Economist Board, the total cleanup cost $12 billion.

# 3. Space Shuttle Columbia - $13 Billion The Space Shuttle Columbia was the first space worthy shuttle in NASA's orbital fleet. It was destroyed during re-entry over Texas on February 1, 2003 after a hole was punctured in one of the wings during launch 16 days earlier. The original cost of the shuttle was $2 Billion in 1978. That comes out to $6.3 Billion in today ' s dollars. $500 million was spent on the investigation, making it the costliest aircraft accident investigation in history. The search and recovery of debris cost $300 million. In the end, the total cost of the accident (not including replacement of the shuttle) came out to $13 Billion according to the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

# 2. Chernobyl - $200 Billion On April 26, 1986, the world witnessed the costliest accident in history. The Chernobyl disaster has been called the biggest socio-economic catastrophe in peacetime history. 50% of the area of Ukraine is in some way contaminated. Over 200,000 people had to be evacuated and resettled while 1.7 million people were directly affected by the disaster. The death toll attributed to Chernobyl , including people who died from cancer years later,is estimated at 125,000. The total costs including cleanup, resettlement, and compensation to victims has been estimated to be roughly $200 Billion. The cost of a new steel shelter for the Chernobyl nuclear plant will cost $2 billion alone. The accident was officially attributed to power plant operators who violated plant procedures and were ignorant of the safety requirements needed.

#1. 2009: The Obama administration - Over $800 Billion in the first two months.

Watch Out, Mr. President, Because We’re Mad As Hell!

Watch Out, Mr. President, Because We’re Mad As Hell!


“I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

In the 1970s, that phrase was made popular by the movie “Network,” where anchor Howard Beale parodied what TV news might become. In 2009, millions of us are mad as hell –- not at TV but at politics. Americans are mad because most of us play the game the right way and if we do, we are now the ones who lose.

Ordinary Americans try to do the right thing, just like Spike Lee told us. We get up, we go to work, raise our families, obey the law and pay our debts. We are mellower versions of the Clint Eastwood character in “Gran Torino.” We just want to be left alone –- by government especially.


Unfortunately, while ordinary folks were doing those right things, our politicians are doing all the wrong ones. To help deal with a spending crisis, President Obama and the Democrats give us a nearly $800 billion spending plan. And that’s been quickly followed by a housing plan, an auto plan and will probably be followed by another stimulus. How we’ll pay for it? Don’t ask, voters are told.

And if you live your life right, pay your bills and take care of your mortgage, all you might get is the mini-tax break of $400 per person. That’s about enough money for each of you to go to lunch once a week -– but only for a fast food lunch. At $7.69 a week, Obama’s “Making Work Pay” tax credit doesn’t make work pay very well.


The Roman Caesars appeased their people with bread and circuses. In 2009, Obama has offered us bread, too. But this time it’s just a few items from the Dollar Menu at McDonald’s. And, for circuses, the passage of his 1,071-page American Recovery and Reinvestment Act certainly ought to qualify. More than 300 Senators and Representatives –- nearly all of them Democrats –- voted for the largest spending bill in history without ever reading the darn thing!


No wonder we’re angry. While most of us were doing the right thing, some others –- foolish homeowners, stupid bankers, house flippers, idiot politicians and more –- were taking their cues from the movie “Good Fellas” and robbing us blind.

Now we are supposed to bail them out.

So far we’ve dumped several trillion dollars into that bucket and we’re still bailing with no end in sight. No end to what it’s going to cost us, that is. There is an end in sight -– an end to our savings, our retirements, our jobs, our future, even our children’s future.

Who wouldn’t be angry?


CNBC’s Rick Santelli captured that furor by calling for a “Chicago tea party” in a February 19 edition of “Squawk Box” appearance now spreading across the internet like a wild fire. Santelli was a Howard Beale for a new generation –- an oddly cast Chicago Mercantile Exchange floor reporter venting his rage at the free-spending Obama administration. Santelli urged the new president to arrange an online referendum to “see if we really want to subsidize the losers’ mortgages.”

It wasn’t just Santelli. The exchange floor erupted in anger and boos as he asked them:

“How many of you people want to pay for your neighbor’s mortgage that has an extra bathroom and can’t pay their bills?”

The left and the mainstream media will discount this spontaneous moment. After all, those people on the floor who responded so strongly are just whiny financial types or so the pundits will claim. But the pundits will be wrong. Desperately wrong.

Team Obama has helped unleash that anger. Americans were justifiably frustrated at the reckless spending that came out of Washington and they kicked Republicans to the curb for a “change.”

Change came to Washington claiming bipartisanship and transparency. Obama lied on both. The bipartisan bill was rammed through with classic — and sleazy– Chicago-style politics. And how transparent is a process where even graduates of the Evelyn Wood speed reading course couldn’t have analyzed the bill?

Oh, screw the excerpts. Here is the rest of it:

Rather than mollify a worried electorate, the Democrats have angered it further. They invoke FDR like some patron saint of populism and expect the masses to march to their tune –- Pied Piper style.

The masses might be ready to march, but with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more, they no longer rely on leaders to lead. That populist rebellion took down one of the most powerful Democrats in Washington, not over tax problems, but because of hubris. Tom Daschle, a former Senate Minority Leader, assumed he had the power to weather his tax problems. He had no problem with politicians, but an eruption of voter anger doomed his nomination.

People in Washington easily forget that the 1992 “it’s the economy, stupid” election returned nearly 20 million votes for an angry little businessman named Ross Perot. The populists were venting even then. Only prosperity cooled their tempers.

Now it is nearly two decades later and those tempers are hot once again. Populist anger is a great tool to get elected. But it is nearly impossible to control. The very change that swept Democrats into D.C. will surely sweep them away again if they squeeze ordinary citizens too much to pay for the failings of others.

We’re still mad as hell. And now Democrats can’t blame anyone else for a change.

Dan Gainor is The Boone Pickens Fellow and Vice President of the Media Research Center’s Business & Media Institute. His column appears each week on The Fox Forum and he can be seen each Thursday from 9-10:00 on Foxnews.com’s “Strategy Room.”

"Why am I paying for them?"

Resentment Grows Over Paying for Others' Foreclosure Misery

Michelle Fry is a suburban Atlanta homeowner who has seen the value of her modest one-family home drop by more than half in the past year. She now sees a national mortgage bailout plan that appears to reward people who bought more house than they could afford and can't pay their bills. And she has a simple question for President Obama:
"Why am I paying for them?"

That's a good question, isn't it?

I'd love to hear his answer. Of course, it will be just like all his other answers...and if he wants your opinion on it, he'll give it to you.

But really, Michelle, it's because of people like Jimmy Carter, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Nancy Pelosi, and all the other pimps and vote panderers, it's because of ACORN, all of whom who sold you and a whole bunch of other people down the river for a few votes.

Now Obama is in the Orchid Office snuffling Wagyu steaks with Barney and Chris and The Three Stooges while Saddleback Church and other churches help stock food banks like Associated Charities, and Obama is in shirtsleeves in the Orchid Office "because he doesn't like the cold", while Grannie Goodcookie is looking for another sweater and wondering how she is going to pay the heating bill.

Nancy "The Mouse" Pelosi is getting rebuked by the Pontiff, and worrying more about rubbers than jobs.

Udall and Bennet are tapdancing all over the place, and you can't get a comment out of either one of them that doesn't sound like a 30 second campaign commercial.

Betsey Malarkey is as clueless as they come.

John Salazar is...what? Have we heard from Brother John? He's probably out hanging more bacon in the next Farm Bill.

Hope and change.

While the moochers run around with their hands out...

...looking to the government (in other words, the taxpayer) to bail them out:

Saddleback Teaches Faith Lesson Using 10,000 Grocery Bags

Trust in God and fill 10,000 grocery bags with food was the challenge heard by attendees of Saddleback Church this past weekend.

As part of his current sermon series on prayer, Saddleback’s founding pastor Rick Warren gave a message on “The Prayer of Dependence” where he urged attendees to pray and depend on God for their daily bread.

The sermon was especially timely because of heightened anxiety over the economy as well as concerns over whether the stimulus package passed by Congress last week will work.

But Warren reminded his congregation that depending on God means seeing God as the source for everything.

“Whatever your need is – physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, whether it is the need in your body, in your mind, or a need in your soul or a need in your spirit – God says ‘I will take care of that need if you will depend on me,” Warren preached on Sunday, according to an audio file posted on the church’s Web site.

Christians need to trust in Him to provide the necessities they need in life, and also share whatever He gives, the California pastor noted.

“There’s nothing I need that God can’t supply,” Warren told his congregation. “It means that as a child of God, as a follower of Christ I should never, and you should never, have a scarcity mentality."

“What is the scarcity mentality? Scarcity mentality says, ‘I’m afraid there isn’t enough. There isn’t enough to go around. So I’m going to panic, I’m going to worry. I’m going to get anxious, I’m going to be afrai! d.' There’s more than enough to go around friends,” the megachurch pastor assured.

To apply the lesson, the church distributed more than 10,000 empty shopping bags at the end of the services and challenged its congregants to overcome their economic fear with faith and take care of their neighbors’ need.

"The number one way that God tests your faith? Money," Warren said. "God wants to know: Are you going to worry, or are you going to trust me? When I meet others' needs, God takes care of mine."

Saddleback Church encouraged participants to give the bag filled with nonperishable food to friends and family in need, but most of the parishioners said they'd rather bring the bags back to the church for it to distribute, according to The Orange County Register.

The southern California megachurch is expected to in turn donate the bags to local food banks that are desperately in need of supply.

Operation Blessing International, a Christian relief and humanitarian ministry, reported, for example, a 34 percent increase in partner applications from food pantries across the country for provision recently.

But despite the economic depression, Saddleback parishioners after the service appeared enthusiastic to help put food on the table for needy locals.

Ruthie Daniel expressed willingness to participate in the food drive despite identifying herself as a “person in need.”

"This is my way of giving to God, because I know he'll supply my needs," she said, according to The Orange County Register. "This sermon was just perfect for me today, because I'm going to trust him and not worry. … I think this is going to be a really great week for me."

Across the country, food banks have been reporting a drastic rise in demand for assistance as the economic depression deepens. The Maryland Food Bank, for instance, saw an increase in demand of 25 to 50 percent since last summer, according to WBAL-TV. Meanwhile, food banks in Gulfport, Miss., say they’ve experienced about a 30 percent increase in families needing food, according to WLOX-TV.

Racist arrogance

Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States, kind of stepped in it with his "we are a nation of cowards" comment.

He ignores a lot of things with that statement. We have mentioned these in previous posts:

The racist chimp cartoons

Eric Holder: Moral coward

But it gets better. Al Sharpton, who is about as racist and bigoted as you will find, has compared the chimp cartoon to Buckner Payne's rant about "negroes" back at the beginning of The Reconstruction.

You can read Payne's "essay" here.

Sharpton is a fine one to be ranting about racism. Sharpton is notoriously anti-Semitic. Back in '91, he is the fellow who was ranting about "the diamond merchants" - Jews, in other words. He agitated sufficiently that the ensuing riot left 8 dead.

Democrats Embrace Al Sharpton's Racist National Action Network

Sharpton's Kristalnacht

Sharpton's 'Victimology' hustle

Chris Muir has a good editorial cartoon on this over on Day By Day.

The closing line is perfect, and applies to Sharpton, Holder, Brazile, Jackson, Rangel, and all the rest of the black racists who, clad in a cloak of pseudo-intellectualism, preach a racist agenda along with that 'entitlement mentality.'

So. Here we are. We're having a discourse about race. But somehow, I don't think it is the kind of discourse that Sharpton, Holder, Brazile, Jackson, Rangel...and all the rest...want to have. What they want to have is a whole lot of white people running around shouting "mea culpa". That isn't going to happen. Not from Blogger Central.

"Give me liberty! (or at least a big screen TV)

Ya, you betcha (wink). The rallying cry of the Democratic Party in The New Millennium. Or, as Donna Brazile, party mouthpiece, puts it: "We have a black president! It's FREE!".

There seems to be a growing backlash against Porculus Americanus, and the gimmee gimmee gimmee entitlement mindset that it represents.

Here are some photos from some of the demonstrations around the country:

Anti-Obama backlash

Arlen Specter greeted with jeers at press conference

Specter, you will recall, is one of the Three Stooges, Republican senators who voted for Porculus. "Specter, 79, acknowledges his run for re-election will be tough." Ya think? The Republican Party is about to run him out on a rail.

Rebel Yell: Taxpayers revolt against Gimmee-mania

Demonstration scheduled for Kansas

Meanwhile, our own CongressCritter Betsey Malarkey did a quick driveby in The Smile Hi City. It's clear that she is clueless about the contents of the bill for which she voted.

"We had to do something", she said.

Out of ignorance? Being stampeded by 'experts' like Timmy "Nosedive" Geithner, our current Eunuch of the Treasury?

Is acting out of ignorance, lock-stepped like lemmings going over the fiscal cliff, what the Democrats consider "acting boldly"?

What a pile of crap. A crap sandwich. Shoved down America's throats by the likes of Nancy "The Mouse" Pelosi and ignorant sycophants like Betsey Malarkey.

Community pride

West coast style:

Community Pride


The Pope and The Speaker

John Allen has a good article here:

Pope's meeting with Pelosi a classic Vatican "both/and"

There is a good mixed bag of comments following the article.

The racist chimp cartoon

Roland Martin has a good commentary here:

NY Post cartoon is racist

I have to agree with him. The Post's explanation, and Delonas' explanation, don't wash. There is no connection that I can see between the woman-eating chimp incident and the stimulus bill. Martin is correct; it makes no sense.

Making the connection between chimps/gorillas/apes in general and African-Americans does, however, make sense. Need a bit of a refresher? Remember that 'gorillas in the mist' comment by the LAPD supervisor in the immediate aftermath of the Rodney King incident?

Same thing.

But then Martin quotes Eric Holder, he who called us a 'nation of cowards' over matters of race:

"Even as we fight a war against terrorism, deal with the reality of electing an African-American as our president for the first time and deal with the other significant issues of the day, the need to confront our racial past -- and our racial present, and to understand the history of African people in this country -- endures," he said.

"One cannot truly understand America without understanding the historical experience of black people in this nation. Simply put, to get to the heart of this country, one must examine its racial soul."

The previous post entitled "Eric Holder: Moral Coward" pretty much illustrates my views on Holder's 'cowards' comment. And while I do agree in part with his speech, with this part of his speech, it is typically, racially myopic.

I am not sure where Holder was on election day, but by now I would think he may have noticed that we have a black president. And, I would think that every morning, as he looks into his bathroom mirror, Holder would notice that we have a black Attorney General of the United States. I can't help but remark upon the fact that our previous Secretary of State was an African-American woman. Our current VA Secretary is not only a man of Asian descent, but also a retired Chief of Staff of the United States Army (Holder may not have noticed that we have many races here in these United States). And then there is Colin Powell. How about Michael Steele, now chairman of...of all things...the Republican Party. I could go on, rather extensively, but you get the idea. Great progress has been made over the last couple of hundred years. More must be made, and will be made. I would think that a speech celebrating Black History Month might have noted this. Unfortunately, Holder instead chose to insult the people who elected the nation's first black president, and he chose to insult those of us who express dissent against our first black president, not because he is black, but because of his economic and political policies.

Racism in this country is not about "The Black Experience". It's about the hatred between every race that has lived in this country. It's about the Jeremiah Wrights, the Al Sharptons, the Charles Rangels, the Donna Braziles, and all the rest of the black racists who are the equal of any Grand Dragon. It's about the racism of Asians toward whites, and especially toward blacks. It's about the racism of Hispanics toward whites, blacks, Asians, and other Hispanics. It's about the racism of Native Americans toward whites, blacks, etc. etc. etc. It's also about the racism of blacks toward other blacks. "You aren't black enough," for example. Non-white races like to blame whites for all their ills. The fact of the matter is, non-white races are just as racist as anyone else, and that racism hurts and damages just as much as racism in whites.

It ain't just about the chimp, Roland.

Dog and Cat clinic in Swink this Saturday

Dog Clinic - Feb 21st - 8:30 - 12:00 noon at the Swink Community Center on Columbia Avenue.

Ark Valley Animal Hospital

Town of Swink - Must have your dogs registered thru the Town by March 1st. - Must have current rabies shots.

Cost for the Town license - $5.00/year if your dog is neutered or spayed; - $10.00/year if not neutered or spayed.

You can register your dog for 1 or 3 years depending on the rabies vaccine the vet gave the dog.

Ark Valley Animal Hospital Cost:

Rabies vaccines - $6.00
Distemper/Parvo Combo - $15.50
Lyme - $18.00
Bordatella (kennel cough) - $14.50
Heartworm Antigen Test - $21.50
Distemper/parvo/lepto combo - $19.50
Lepto - $10.00
Heartworm preventative available
Feline Vaccines:
Upper respiratory/distemper - $11.00
Upper respiratory/distemper/leukemia combo - $18.50
Rabies - $6.00

All dogs and cats over the age of 4 months should have a rabies vaccine.

All cats over 10 weeks should be vaccinated with upper respiratory/distemper-leukemia combination vaccine.

All dogs 6 weeks and older should be vaccinated with distemper/parvo combination vaccine.

All dogs boarding or being groomed need to be vaccinated with Bordatella

Small 0-25 lbs - $17.50
Medium 25-50 lbs - $26.00
Large 50-100 lbs - $33.00

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Terry Clodfelter, Swink Town Clerk:

PO Box 267
Swink, CO 81077

Pelosi and the Pope

Nancy Pelosi thinks she did very well with the Pope:

“In our conversation, I had the opportunity to praise the Church's leadership in fighting poverty, hunger, and global warming, as well as the Holy Father's dedication to religious freedom and his upcoming trip and message to Israel,” the Speaker said in a statement released following her meeting with the pontiff.

And of course, Benedict was right in there agreeing with her....like, dudes...NOT:

Pelosi Spin on Meeting With Pope Dramatically Different From Vatican Statement

VATICAN CITY, February 18, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) - The Vatican Press Office released a note this morning detailing part of the conversation which Pope Benedict XVI had with Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Vatican insiders inform LifeSiteNews.com that such releases are always phrased in diplomatic language and thus the correction of the Speaker who fancies herself a faithful Catholic despite her abortion advocacy can be taken as a rebuke.

The text of the note reads: "His Holiness took the opportunity to speak of the requirements of the natural moral law and the Church's consistent teaching on the dignity of human life from conception to natural death which enjoin all Catholics, and especially legislators, jurists and those responsible for the common good of society, to work in cooperation with all men and women of good will in creating a just system of laws capable of protecting human life at all stages of its development."


Pelosi and Pope have no meeting of minds

No journalists were at the 15-minute encounter and the Vatican and the speaker's offices have not released any photos. However, according to their statements it appears the pope and the politician attended two different get-togethers.


VATICAN CITY (AP) — The Vatican says Pope Benedict XVI has told U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi that Catholic politicians have a duty to protect life "at all stages of its development."

Pelosi is a Catholic who supports abortion rights.

The Vatican released remarks made by the pope to Pelosi at a closed-door meeting Wednesday, saying Benedict spoke of the church's teaching "on the dignity of human life from conception to natural death." That is an expression often used by the pope when expressing opposition to abortion.

Pelosi could not immediately be reached after the 15-minute meeting.

A number of the bishops in the United States have questioned her stance on abortion.

You see, it's kind of like Malarkey and the Mouse. No, the mouse is not literally in the stimulus bill...it's just the money for the mouse. Let's not focus on the money...and let's not focus on the fact that Benedict was not impressed with "The Mouse". Benedict has joined an increasingly large club.


Markey on "The Mouse"

CongressCritter Betsy Malarkey today stated that the stimulus bill does not contain anything about the salt marsh harvest mouse of Nancy Pelosi fame.

She is right. It does not.

What it does contain is a pile of money that will be dumped into the mouse's habitat.

While Malarkey and the Democrats would love for you to presume that the lack of the mouse being specifically mentioned means that it is all a Republican lie, the money is in fact there.

And, Pelosi has been a champion of the mouse since the late 1990's. Yep. She sure has.

The money is going to the mouse. Whether the bill says "Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse" or simply dumps the money in the marsh, the rodent will receive it.

It's like another stimulus bill porkfest: "Whorehouse Harry" Reid's choo-choo train, the one from Anaheim to Las Vegas.

Nowhere in the stimulus bill will you find money for "Harry Reid's train". But the money is there for a rail system from Anaheim to Las Vegas, and it is there because Harry Reid put it there. And it's a lot more than a paltry, mousy $30 million. Harry's choo-choo is going to cost you $8 billion bux, so LA'ers can do a bit of tourism in Harry's home state.

"Whorehouse Harry's choo-choo train"

Tell me that doesn't reek of lard.

Of course, there won't be any Democrats on the train because President Obama has discouraged visiting Las Vegas...at least on the taxpayer's dime...but at $8 billion, it sure is on the taxpayer's dime, isn't it?

Hope and change! Hope and change!

Scuse me while I go do a few more lines of Hopium. It puts such a rosy tint on things.