A criminal conspiracy?

So we have a collection of AIG executives who are receiving outrageous bonuses for essentially running the company into the ground, and while the company is receiving billions upon billions of dollars from We the Taxpayer.

It's maddening, isn't it?

But consider this. The Department of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve knew about the bonuses back in November. FoxNews has an exclusive report, here:

Treasury, Fed reviewed AIG bonuses months ago

Despite that, or more likely because of it since he is a recipient of considerable sums of 'contributions' from AIG and other such companies, Senator Chris Dodd, chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, caused to be inserted into the Obama stimulus bill language that would exempt those bonuses; in other words, the language approved the bonuses as they stood:

“... exception for contractually obligated bonuses agreed on before Feb. 11, 2009”

This language passed through the House and the Senate like crap though a goose. There was no due deliberation. None of these people even bothered to read the bill. Certainly none of our Colorado Congressional delegation did.

The president then signed it into law, declaring that 'we' were acting 'boldly'.

These people knew about the AIG bonuses. They knew. So what was supposed to happen? Were the bonuses to have been passed out quietly and without fanfare? Did someone spill the beans inadvertently? Was the info about the bonuses leaked by someone who was outraged by them? Those are good questions, but the answers really don't matter.

Look at the language: '... contractually obligated ...'. Like it or not, there was a contract in place, and in place with the knowledge of the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve, obligating AIG's owners to pay those bonuses.

The United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives passed that, agreed to it, authorized it, encouraged it, approved it. Sanctioned it.

It's their baby. The members of our Colorado Congressional delegation really ought to grow a pair and man up to it, but they aren't, they won't, because like most of the rest of the Congress, they are moral cowards. Both of our senators, and our Democratic members of the House, are moral cowards.

Why? Because they allowed this to happen. They are responsible for those bonuses being paid. They voted for, they approved, the enabling legislation.

Now, in order to make themselves look good, and by feeding off the anger of the public toward the recipients of the bonuses, they are using their Congressional authority to use the tax code as a punitive device, as a confiscatory device. They using their Congressional authority to violate legitimate contracts between AIG and the bonus recipients. They are violating the Constitution by passing what is clearly an ex post facto law, and what is clearly a Bill of Attainder. That is discussed here:

Congress invites court challenge

Note that this is not some 'legal technicality'. It is fundamental to the protections within the Constitution. It goes straight to the heart of why we even have a Constitution, and that is to protect We the People from the kinds of moral cowards we now see in droves in the Congress.

So why is this a 'criminal conspiracy'?

We have over two-thirds of the House involved in a criminal conspiracy to defraud, if not outright steal, money from private citizens who have committed no crimes. We have over two-thirds of the House involved in a criminal misuse of their authority to illegally take that which is the rightful property (the money) from private citizens who have committed no crimes. We have two-thirds of the House involved in wilfully violating the Constitution to deprive private citizens, who have committed no crimes, of what is rightfully theirs.

Make no mistake about it. Those bonuses, though ill-advised (how's that for an understatement) are legal; they are received through a legitimate contractual obligation already recognized by the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve; they are received with the prior blessing via the so-called 'stimulus bill' of the same people who now misuse their authority egregiously.

We have a House full of criminals, moral cowards, and duplicitous, self-serving liars. That includes John Salazar, Betsey Malarkey, Dianna DeGette, Jared Polis, and Ed Perlmutter. It also includes Senators Mike Bennet, Mark Udall. They all voted for that stimulus bill, and by so doing, approved the Dodd Amendment and the exceptions for the AIG bonuses.

Salazar, Malarkey, DeGette, Polis, and Perlmutter all voted YES on HR1586: To impose an additional tax on bonuses received from certain TARP recipients.

Doug Lamborn and Mike Coffman voted NO. They did not vote "NO' because they thought the AIG'ers deserved the bonuses. They voted "NO" because they have some understanding of the Constitution, and the law.

The others should be impeached.