A most wonderful snow job

Chris Dodd...you are GREAT!

Anyone that can pull off a scam like Dodd has managed to pull off just has to be considered as GREAT! Even by those he is screwing brainless with his scam.

Here's the deal.

We all know about the AIG bonuses. Obama and his merry band of henchmen have been gnashing their teeth and posturing and postulating over it.

So has Chris Dodd.

But did you know that Chris Dodd is the reason that AIG was able to get away with it?


It's called the "Dodd Amendment", and it's part and parcel of the OBAMA stimulus bill. I capitalize OBAMA relative to the stimulus bill because it is all his now. Every bit of it.

Here's the meat of it:

The "Dodd Amendment" - and it is even referred to by that name, by the Obamanians, so they have to know what it is - provides an "exception for contractually obligated bonuses agreed on before Feb. 11, 2009".

There is nothing to be done about those bonuses. "Es la ley", dudes, and it's OBAMA's LAW!



During the 2008 election cycle, the campaigns, Chris Dodd received the most money from AIG. AIG was contributing huge chunks of money to these slimebags that call themselves "senators" and "congressmen". Chris Dodd took $103,100 from AIG.

Can you guess who was number two?

Wait for it! Drum roll! Wait...wait...wait...here it is:

Barack Obama!

Yea verily, I say unto thee. The Obamessiah took 101,332 pieces of silver.

Here it is:

The Judas Scam

We can refer to the AIG bailout as "The Judas Bailout". It's where Dodd, Obama, and their henchmen betrayed the American people.

Yah, you betcha (wink).

Hope and change!

Of course, now that the cat has been let out of the bag about the AIG bonuses, Something Has to Be Done. Timmy Geithner, the clown that is running the Treasury Department (and we use the term 'running' very very loosely) has Written a Letter to AIG demanding that they turn over the bonus bux.

Here is more on The Dodd Amendment.

Get in there and fight for us, guys! You go, Chris! You go, Mr. President!

Hope and change!