"Threats" against the president

Well, we have all seen how the new president reacts to citizens dissenting regarding his economic 'policies', such as they are.

He just turns Robert "Giggles" Gibbs loose on them.

"Giggles" Gibbs is about the most unprofessional excuse for a press secretary in the history of the job. He has that MTV mentality that marked both sides of the campaign. It's what comes of hiring people with teenager mentalities to run the government.

So. What other means is Obama using to harass and intimidate citizens? We are scattered all over the United States, so he can't give us that "Chikaga Tough Guy" shoulder squeeze with the penetrating glare of disapproval.

Chris Muir has a 'toon up about it, here:

Day by Day. Make sure you go to the 'toon for 5 March.

It would seem that it boils down to what one considers a "threat".

What's next? Timmy Geithner hunting down political dissenters with the IRS?

How about a few "re-education camps?" Why, there is plenty of room here in southeastern Colorado for that. We could reactivate Camp Amache. Our own little Gulag. Think of the jobs that would create!