Betsey Malarkey weighs in

CongressClown Betsey Malarkey demonstrates that she too can posture and pander meaninglessly:

Markey asked for an explanation on why the Army has defied a congressional moratorium on expanding Pinon Canyon and apparently negotiated a land acquisition agreement when Congress approved a ban on spending any funds on the effort.

"It now appears the Army has decided to disregard Congress' intentions altogether," she wrote. "Please advise me on why the Army is progressing forward on this purchase."

That's from the Chieftain article on Assistant Secretary of the Army Keith Eastin's upcoming visit to Fort Carson.

C'mon, Malarkey. How about actually reading a bit of legislation for a change? You have some staffers, don't you? Tell 'em to knock off the Twittering and looking for Facebook Friends and get the act together for you. They can find it easily enough on Thomas. You know what Thomas is, don't you?

The so-called 'ban' merely prevents the Army from using funds from the Military Construction Act for the expansion.

It does not prevent them from using other funds.

It's pretty simple reading. But it sure do sound good for Colorado's CongressClowns to get up there and bluster, pander, and posture. Those voters just suck it right up. Some of them.