Chuck Schumer's posturing and pandering

Chuck Schumer, whose financial consultant/advisor has just been arrested and charged with 123 counts of fraud, is the Congressional idiot who is introducing the 'legislation' to instantly tax the AIG bonuses at the insanely high rate of 91%.

So now the Obama administration and the Democrats are using the tax code as a punitive measure?

They are using the tax code to exact retribution?

They are using the tax code to beat up on a small group of individual citizens who benefited from the incompetence of the United States Congress, which includes Schumer, Rangel, Bennet, Udall, Salazar, and Malarky?

Have any of these idiots read the Constitution? Hey, you twits, go take a read of Article 1, Section 9, of the Constitution of the United States.

Do you really think you can just shove the Constitution into a pile of pig shit to cover your stupidity?

I hope AIG takes it straight to the United States Supreme Court, and the 9 justices thereon shove it so far up your butts you squawk the Preamble every time you fart.

Think about this, people.

If the Congress gets away with this, what is going to stop them from doing it to any group they decide they don't like? Look at everything the Democrats are coming up with now. They want to add taxes for what they see as 'excess' carbon dioxide emissions. They want to do away with your mortgage tax deduction. They want to tax your health benefits, such as they may be. Obama was even going to screw veterans, wounded or injured in the line of duty. These people are going to be turning over every rock they can to bleed you dry.

This latest Schumerism is a blatant attack on a small group of people who have committed no crime, yet are the target of the United States Congress' use of the tax code to screw them blind.

I am not defending the AIG bonuses. It should be apparent from previous postings that I am in a state of constant outrage over not only the AIG bonuses, but all the other political and fiscal insults levied on the American people by the Obama administration and the Democrats in Congress. Well, the Republicans too, they are part and parcel of it.

But we cannot allow the Congress to use the laws of the land to exact retribution against/from citizens who have committed no crime, and who have benefited primarily from the inaction and incompetence of the Congress, and as the result of what is for all practical purposes a Congressionally-sanction bonus.