Geithner must go

Connie Mack calls for Geithner's resignation or firing

Florida Republican Rep. Connie Mack called for Treasury Sec. Tim Geithner to lose his job Wednesday, becoming the first Capitol Hill lawmakers to call for his ouster over AIG's using tens of millions of taxpayer dollars for executive bonuses.

"Quite simply, the Timothy Geithner experience has been a disaster. The Treasury Department is in disarray. Taxpayer dollars are being wasted. America's economy hangs in the balance. America needs and deserves a treasury secretary who can truly lead us forward," Mack said in a written statement.

He called on Geithner, the former New York Federal Reserve chief, either to resign or be fired, and said President Obama should nominate a new secretary with "the experience and leadership skills America deserves."

Of course, "Giggles" Gibbs, Obama's mouthpiece, disagrees:

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Tuesday that Obama has "complete confidence" in Geithner, as lawmakers began to question why the Treasury Department didn't do more to prevent American International Group from paying $165 million in bonuses even after receiving more than $170 billion in federal bailout money.

It's nice to know that Obama has confidence in his Eunuch of the Treasury. I only wonder when The One will wake up and demonstrate that he really does "get it" and fire this clown.

Here is "Giggles" Gibbs' press briefing from yesterday:

Press Briefing

What is missing from the transcript is a lot of "ums". "Giggles" wasn't as smooth as he usually is, when he is taking White House/Obama sanctioned shots at anyone who dares to point out that the emperor is not wearing any clothes. Nope, "Giggles" wasn't displaying much of his famous MTV style snarkiness yesterday. He was doing some fancy tap-dancing is what he was doing. Actually, what he was doing was what he does best, our "Giggles"...he was hosing us all down with a stream of liquid bovine excrement.

Hope and change!