Goin' postal over the Post Office

The United States Post Office takes the latest "Obamanomic Excellence" award:

Post Office buys $1.2 million home

The postal service was relocating this employee. So the PO bought his house for $1.2 million. They plan on selling it and getting the money back. In today's housing market.

What morons.

Hey. Maybe they can do like the commissars did after the Russian revolution. They can split the 8400 square foot monster up into sections and move families in. Or homeless people. Free.

Why not. It makes as much sense as anything else the Obamanians are doing with our tax bux.

Oh...BTW...when someone in the US military gets orders to another post? The government doesn't buy the serviceperson's house. Nope. No way. They're on their own. They keep paying on the mortgage till it sells.

So why is it different for the federal employees in the post office, or any other department for that matter?

Why are you and I paying for this character's house?