Hillary steps on her pecker...again

Here's a good article on our beloved Secretary of State's latest social and political faux pas:

Reines storm: Clinton conflict brews

When she abdicated her throne in the US Senate, Hillary took her long-time Senate press secretary Philippe Reines with her. I expect the press reporting on the senate's doings breathed a huge collective sigh of relief.

Here are some excerpts from Hillary's latest effort to woo back the respect of Europe, for our benighted "hick from the sticks" image:

State Department reporters and observers have been buzzing about the brewing conflict since her second foreign trip, earlier this month, to Europe and the Middle East. On that trip, her longtime Senate press secretary Philippe Reines – one of the combatants in Hillaryland’s long civil wars – took over as the political staffer charged with handling the press.

The trip was marked by tussles over information and access, but it became known for a high-profile blunder in Geneva on March 6. There, Clinton met Sergei Lavrov, the dour Russian Foreign Minister, and cheerily presented him with a large red button in a yellow case, with the words “Reset” and “Peregruzka” written on it.

How cute! But then ...

“We worked hard to get the right Russian word. Do you think we got it?” Clinton asked.

“You got it wrong,” said Lavrov.

The error appalled some in the State Department, because the button – which was inscribed in Latin script, not Cyrillic – hadn’t been assembled with the help of State’s cadre of Russian speakers and professional translators, but rather by Clinton’s small political team. The day of the event, people involved said, Reines showed the finished product to officials who spoke Russian, but who weren’t native, or up-to-date enough to catch the error in a word out of computer terminology.

Let's see...for most of Hillary's life, the "USSR" on Soviet (Russian) spacecraft and other military hardware was always "CCCP", the Cyrillic characters for the acronym for the Soviet Union. In most circles, that is seen as something of a clue. Russian uses a different alphabet. But of course, when you are a Clintonista, you aren't deterred by mere fact. You make your own. Like ... snipers in Bosnia. Serbia. Wherever. Whatever.

But then, we get to the really good stuff. Reines sent out an email explaining it all. The problem is, Reines turns out to be another illiterate inside-the-beltway moronic sycophant. The man simply can't spell, and is apparently too stupid to use a spell-checker. Note that we aren't talking about a little typo or the usual sort of thing that gets missed from time-to-time. Look at this:

“Ultimotely [sic], this was my soul [sic] risponsibility [sic], nobody else's in or out of the building. While the Russians laughed off the error and accepted the gift in the spirit of cooperation that it was meant, I've been sic [sic] about the mistake since, especially that I let down the Secretary and the fine professionals at the State Department,” he e-mailed.

This was supposed to be a "joking" response. Perhaps Reines and "Giggles" Gibbs should get together and compare professional techniques for "handling" the press.

Reines, who worked for Clinton through most of her Senate career, was a controversial figure inside Clinton’s world. As Senate staffer, he was kept out of the campaign by her senior political aides, who dislike him intensely. He was nearly fired, two senior aides said, for a key early mistake – telling Maureen Dowd, on background, that McCain’s alliance with the White House left the Republican “looking similar to the way he did on those captive tapes from Hanoi.” Clinton was forced to promptly apologize.

Yep. Reines and "Giggles" should definitely get together.

Meanwhile, Hillary and Phillipe are off to Mexico. One can only hope they don't step in the mierda down there, too.

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