More ACORN complicity

Over the weekend an outfit called Connecticut Working Families sponsored a bus tour for a collection of whackjobs this weekend. What were they touring?

The locations of the homes of AIG executives.

The objective of the tours?

To foment rage at specific individuals.

Connecticut Working Families is a front for ACORN.

That's right. And ACORN receives piles of Federal money, "at least $31 million in direct federal funding from American taxpayers over the past 10 years".

So your money, and mine, is being used to harass and intimidate AIG employees.

First we had the United States House of Representatives, the Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve, and the Obama regime all going after the AIG bonus recipients. That would be fine, except they are using the tax code to do it.

Now we have ACORN, recipient of Federal funds, lurking behind a cover organization, bent on harassing and intimidating private citizens.

Want another bonus?

The Obama regime is using ACORN to run the 2010 census. In a strictly apolitical, non-partisan way, of course.