The blithering idiot at the Treasury Department

We aren't going to refer to Timothy Geithner as "The Eunuch of the Treasury" any longer.

We are going to refer to him as "The Blithering Idiot of the Treasury".

Yep. That's our Timmy Geithner.

Geither wants the power to seize corporations:

Geither seeks power to seize imperiled corporations

Corporations are property. Private property. Geithner seems to think the Congress has the power to grant him that authority. They do not.

That was the reasoning behind CongressCritter Michele Bachmann's questions to The Blithering Idiot earlier today. She asked Geithner repeatedly to state where in the Constitution the authority existed for Treasury to be taking the actions it has since March 2008.

Geithner kept going on about how the Congress, the House, had given him that authority.

Congress doesn't have the juice to do that.

Have any of these buffoons ever read the Constitution?

Last week they were using the tax code after the fact to punish and confiscate property legally obtained by United States citizens.

This week the Obama regime (note that we no longer refer to it as 'the Obama administration') is tap-dancing all over the place as it has finally dawned on them that it doesn't work that way.

Unless, of course, the Obama regime intends to trash the Constitution, which so far, they seem to be on course for doing.

Where is the outrage from the Left? From the MainStream Media? They lost their minds during the Bush years, screaming about how the Bushians were trashing our rights, our privacy.

Where is the outrage now? Do they really think the Obama regime has the legal authority to just take private property because The Blithering Idiot of the Treasury thinks a corporation is 'imperiled'?