"Shut the F**K up" Part Deux

As we all know, the Democrats are crapping their drawers over Rush Limbaugh. They are trying to gloss it over, but the fact of the matter is that the President himself has implicitly acknowledged Limbaugh's power, and the Democratic Party is now hosting a website taking shots at Limbaugh.

But did you know that the White House, the president himself, is employing a 'senior staffer', paid with your tax dollars, to attack Limbaugh?


We have the President of the United States directly attacking a private individual, because he doesn't like what that individual is saying about him. And he, the president, is using your tax dollars to do it:

According to Martin, an unidentified “senior White House aide” has been given the responsibility of “helping to guide the Limbaugh strategy,” a very scary thing indeed.

A political operative, based inside the White House, employed by the president of the United States and receiving a salary from the American taxpayer, goes to work every day to help direct a strategy against a broadcaster whose opinions are supposed to be covered by every protection the First Amendment can provide. To quote Shakespeare, “Something is rotten.”


For the White House to employ an operative whose responsibility is, fundamentally, to direct a political strategy aimed, not at shaping is response to criticism but to take down a single media figure goes well beyond of the pale of an acceptable response.

The American people have a right to know who this person is, what their duties are and how much they are paid. And the White House press corps has the responsibility to ask the questions that will get us the answers to these questions. This is not a matter of idle curiosity; it is a question of power, and tax dollars, being abused.

It would be one thing if a senior aide with such a job description were employed by a private organization with ties to the White House, like the Democratic National Committee. It is another thing entirely for that person to be an employee of the United States government.

We here at Blogger Central have to wonder if there is anyone in the White House press corps that has the stones to deal with "Giggles" Gibbs on this. Or are they all too busy simpering and drooling over Michelle Obama's buff arms and the president's "glistening pecs?"

Here is the full article:

Why are your tax dollars paying for the White House's "Limbaugh Strategy?"