The high tech Obama administration

Federal CIO on leave following FBI raid


The U.S. Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra, appointed by President Obama last week, has been placed on leave, following an FBI raid yesterday at the District of Columbia’s IT offices.

Kundra, who was previously the District’s Chief Technology Officer and worked in the offices, has not been linked to the raid, which stemmed from a bribery investigation involving employees and technology vendors.

Kundra, who was delivering a speech at a government technology conference during the raid, will be on leave until further details of the case become known, a White House source told the Associated Press. Washington’s WTOP, a local news outlet, has a lot of the juicy details involving the sting operation.

So how is it that we seem to have another one on his way out the door?

Here are some things to consider.

Obama's vetters, his "team", is/are accustomed to doing things the Chikaga Way. That is, they are unaccustomed to integrity checking.

As we have continually seen with Obama appointments, political acceptability is valued more, much more, than is competence. Political acceptability is not necessarily linked to ethical conduct in the world of the Obama Oval...oops...Orchid Office.

Lastly, we're looking at a CIO, a Chief Information Officer. He was in charge. Was he that clueless as to what was going on? A CIO should be, must be, first and foremost highly competent in security. This guy is not. Even if it develops that he is not a thieving, lying crook, and even if he really did pay all of his taxes...do we really want this character as Chief Information Officer of the United States?