"On the Internet, no one knows you're a dog."

Here is the first real sign that the honeymoon between the heretofore vapid MainStream Media and the Obama regime is over:

Obama turns to web to bypass news media


Open for questions

The only problem with this, of course is found in Pete Steiner's 1993 New Yorker cartoon:

In other words, with the media, you at least had a reporter, identifiably associated with a known source, asking questions. They may have been softball questions, and the "reporter" nothing more than a gibbering sycophant with thrills shooting up his leg, but at least you knew it was "real".

With this latest propaganda ploy by the Obama regime, all those questions are just as likely to be coming straight out of Rahm "The Fish" Emanuel's office. Yep. The pooch in the seat at the keyboard is Rahmbo, and the little tail-wagger sitting next to him is Dave Axelrod.

Looking at the questions posed, I see that all of them, at least at the time I looked, had to do with free handouts in one way or another. And, Obama will have plenty of time to get the teleprompter set up.

Sorry, sports fans, this one doesn't wash, either.