The market's recovering!

In Bush's 8 years in office, the market rose quite a bit, and then fell, to about the same point as it was when he started, as he left office.

Obama, on the other hand, has seen the market recover ... what ... 600 of the 2000 points it has lost in the 50 days he has been in office.

The Obamessiah (who really doesn't believe all that Malthusian, Chicken Little "sky is falling" nonsense): 50 days, 1400 point loss.

Dubya: 8 years, about even.

Good job, President Obama! Great job!

Yup. He recovered 600 points of the 2000-point loss since he took office. During Bush's 8 years, the market rose quite a bit, and fell to just about the same leves as when he started.

So, Obama - 50 days, 1,400 point loss. Bush - 8 years, about even. Way to go, Barry!