"Doing the right thing" redux

The call for AIG execs, AIG bonus recipients, to do "the right thing", is getting some serious air time.

They don't have to do it in the traditional manner. They don't have to use tanto knives. There are some other options.

For example, we could have the monacled graduates of Heidelberg, dressed in Wermacht field gray, pay a visit and leave a Walther with a single cartridge on the AIG executive's desk. Costly though, and probably not the first choice, what with the Democrats' position on gun control.

There is, however, a cheap, though equally messy, way.

They can jump. From about the fifteenth floor would do nicely.

Meanwhile, it appears to be finally soaking into the thick skulls of our elected officials that not everyone has drunk the Democrats' Kool-Aid:

Lawmakers turn on Obama

It's about time for Timmy "The Eunuch of the Treasury" Geithner to do the right thing, too, but of course he will not.

So just resign, Timmy. Clear out your desk and go find a job in Clodkicker Bank and Trust in Howling Winds, Montana, where you can help little old ladies screw up their checkbooks.

I wonder if Robert "Giggles" Gibbs is going to start ridiculing Eric Cantor and Bob Shelby? Even Dodd is getting into the act. He would. Gotta get that face time, lookin' good.

Meanwhile, AIG officials have expressed "disappointment" with Chuck Grassley's call for them to do "the right thing". Guess it ain't gonna happen.