Top Schumer consultant arrested for fraud

A tip of the hat to Legal Insurrection for this one.

Charles Schumer (D-NY), one of Charles Rangel's NooYawk homies, is the fellow who disparagingly discounted concerns about pork in the OBAMA porkfest, the so-called 'economic stimulus bill', aka 'Porculus Americanus', aka 'Generational Theft Act of 2009'.

"The American people really don't care" about pork, he said. Actually, you can see it exactly as he said it, right here:

"The chattering class"?

Schumer, you arrogant horse's ass, how about the Dodd Amendment? Do you think we don't care about that?

Maybe if you had actually read the bill, maybe if Senators Mike Bennet and Mark Udall, maybe if CongressClown Betsey Malarkey, had actually read the bill, you wouldn't be having it jammed up your backsides as we speak.

But that's just the lead-in.

Schumer has always been a self-righteous arrogant horse's ass. He's one of those New Yorkers that just can't help dripping disdain for we "chattering classes".

Now we find that one of his top consultants, Hank Morris, has been arrested and charged with 123 counts of enterprise corruption and other assorted felonies.

Two charged in alleged state pension fraud

This is the guy from whom Charles Schumer, who sneers at We the American People as "the chattering classes", gets his financial advice.

Tell me, Chuck, what's in your wallet?