Enemies of the State

Enemies of the State

First, it seems that the Homeland Security report on right-wing extremists was released 'prematurely'. DHS civil rights attorneys didn't like some of the language, though so far, we are not privy to just what it was they didn't like.

Nonetheless, the jack-booted thugs who are running that lash-up released it.

From the article linked above:

Yesterday I spent the better part of the day with would be terrorists under the government’s new guidelines. I sat with my father, a wounded Iwo Jima Marine veteran who spent a year in the hospital after World War II and who went on to become one of the nation’s great lawyers at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Together we witnessed the installation of the new Archbishop of New York — Timothy Dolan — who spoke eloquently from the pulpit about the sanctity of life and the need to protect the unborn.

The United States of America has published an enemies list and it’s likely you might qualify for membership under their warped definitions.

While there I also met a man who lost his job in the financial services industry. Why was I not frightened by their potential for harm to our country? There they were — the new enemies of the state: the Veteran, the Cleric and the out-of-work Banker.

We haven’t had a lot of experiences in this country with pronouncements about how our military experience and religious beliefs qualify us to be harmful to our way of life.

and this:

A lot of Americans, including this one, have urged our Homeland Security chief to apologize for her fanciful and wrongheaded attack on Americans who may believe and worship differently than our Homeland Security Secretary does. Even the ACLU has condemned her for inventing threats without factual basis. This morning on the FOX News Channel she almost acknowledged her wrongdoing, saying she “owed” an apology for the damning of our veterans and pro life advocates. But the simple words “I’m sorry” have yet to be said.

A lot of Americans are still waiting for that apology from a government official who needs to understand that our experiences and beliefs as Americans are the well spring of our freedom and the greatest attribute of our safety and security. The enemies of America are found not in our unemployment lines, our Veterans Hospitals and churches. In those lines and beds and pews we find not the death of America but its constant rebirth.

These characters, these so-called 'leaders' ...this administration ... was supposed to be 'taking back America' from what they described as the crushing civil rights violations of the Bush administration.

So far, the Obama regime is making Bush look like a piker.