He does it again

On Mexico and the gun-running:

Obama backs away from assault gun ban

"We are absolutely committed to working in partnership with Mexico to make sure we are dealing with this scourge on both sides of the border," Obama said at a news conference with Calderon outlining their strategy.

"You can't fight this war with just one hand," he said. "You can't have Mexico making an effort and the United States not making an effort."

Our president once again implies that the United States is doing nothing, while the Mexican government is struggling along in spite of we Gringo swine.

I'll grant that the US is not making an effort, but that would be in the way of border control and the control of illegal immigration. Gun control is another matter. Mexico already has in place far more restrictive gun laws than the United States ever thought about having. Their 'effort' in that regard is illustrated in the mayhem being wrought on the Mexican citizenry. Every thieving murdering thug in Mexico has as many guns as he wants, while law-abiding Mexican citizens remain unarmed. Add to that the fact that their officials, as well as ours, continue to cite that bogus "90%" figure regarding guns from the US in Mexico.

Perhaps the Tea Parties are having an effect. Anyone want to have a Reloading Party?