"... like a trembling goatherd ..."

Like a trembling goatherd

That's how Chicago columnist John Kass describes the subservient, sniveling, spineless bowing and scraping by our American President before the House of Saud:

President Barack Obama bowing obsequiously, like some trembling goatherd, before King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

A video of the incident showing Obama bending like Gumby before King Abdullah is coursing through the Internet, forcing the White House to deny it all. And the Republicans are turgid with joy, whipped on by conservative commentators.

A Washington Times editorial called it "a shocking display of fealty to a foreign potentate," adding, "The bow was an extraordinary protocol violation." The Weekly Standard huffed that "American presidents do not bow before foreign dignitaries, whether they are princes, kings or emperors."

Because the Obama White House is really The Chicago Way House, the inclination was to deny, deny, deny.

"It wasn't a bow," an Obama aide was quoted as saying in Ben Smith's blog in The Politico. "He grasped [the king's] hand with two hands, and he's taller than King Abdullah."

How absurd. There isn't enough Hopium on all the Happy Chia Obama heads in all the world to make anyone believe that whopper.

On the video, Obama doesn't merely nod his head. He bends from the waist, eyes on the floor. It was such a long bow that King Abdullah could have set a cup of tea on the back of our president's neck while nibbling on a cucumber sandwich at the economic summit in London.

It was a bow. Lying only makes it worse. But these so-called Obama critics don't realize that he has a great excuse for bowing before the king.

Our president is from Chicago.

And in Chicago, bowing before our wrought-iron-fisted local monarch is what politicians do. Republicans bow even lower than the Democrats. Almost everybody here fights to kiss Mayor Daley's ring of power.

That sums it up very well, the denials of the Obama regime in general and "Giggles" Gibbs, the Obamanian puppet-master of the Fourth Estate - such as it is these days - in particular.