"I love this guy..."

You all remember Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. He is the president of Brazil.

Back on March 27, Brother Luiz said this of the fiscal 'crisis':

This is a crisis that was caused by white people with blue eyes. And before the crisis, they looked as if they knew everything about economics.

Well. Aside from being blatantly racist, which is apparently OK if you aren't white ... that's an interesting statement, coming from the 'president' of a nation whose government is rife with corruption. Just Google "Brazil corruption" without the quotes.

But that's not the most interesting statement.

That comes from President Barack Obama, our Kowtower-in-Chief:

During a lunch at the Group of 20 summit in London, Obama shook hands with President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and said: “This is my man, right here. I love this guy.”

That was on April 2.

"Lula", who seems to be Brazil's Huey Long, should fit right in with the Chikaga/Beltway crowd.