More Obamanian right wing extremist nonsense

DHS secretary Janet Napolitano 'apologizes' to veterans:

Napolitano apologizes

Yeah, right. The rest of we 'radicalized' Americans, however, are still considered a seething hotbed of extremism.

Napolitano needs to watch MSNBC, where the talking heads spent most of yesterday ridiculing mainstream Americans who had the audacity to protest the government's behavior. And if that were not enough, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow tittered among themselves like middle schoolers having discovered they can fart on command, filling the airwaves with cheap sexual innuendo over 'teabagging'.

What's sexual about 'teabagging'?

Well ... it's a form of oral sex. It's when one's sexual partner, presumably male or female, or possibly both, depending on one's state of 'enlightenment' about such things, dips one's testicles (presuming one has testicles) into his/her/their mouth(s). This is what occupied MSNBC for most of yesterday.

And of course, the liberal elitists over on Huffington Post continue to refer to the Tea Parties as "fringetastic anti-tax Renaissance Faires".

Rachel Maddow

Butthead and Beavis are alive and well in Obamaville. And this is what they think of people like you and me, and the things we value.

Meanwhile, one of today's best TeaParty shots: