Pimping the Pope

That's what Harry Knox did last month in a gay newspaper. He was having a hissy fit because the Pope and the bishops opposed same-sex marriage.

Knox told the Bay Area Reporter that the Knights of Columbus, the Catholic fraternal service organization, were "foot soldiers of a discredited army of oppression" for their role in the campaign, saying the group "followed discredited leaders," including bishops and Pope Benedict.


William Donahue, president of the Catholic League, said the appointment of Knox further undermines a faith-based program that has been watered down by Obama.

"People are right to criticize the Catholic Church for anything," Donahue told FOXNews.com. "But Harry Knox is not just a critic. He's insulting. He used disdainful, disparaging terms to talk about the pope and the Catholic hierarchy. If someone were appointed using that language about homosexuals, he would be thrown out."

Yup. That's a fairly accurate statement, there. Here's another:

Who is Harry Knox? Obama just appointed him to his Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

Knox is taking the Pope to task over his comments about condoms and AIDS. Do condoms 'prevent' AIDS, as Knox would have us believe? Or do they 'reduce the risk'? The answer seems to depend on which side of the closet door on which you find yourself.

The more rational sources indicate that condoms help reduce the risk, but not prevent. I see where Benedict is coming from, and if there were any rational minds on the gay side of the fence, they would see it too. Handing out condoms to a populace with a very high infection rate and telling them that the 'devices' will keep them safe is in fact an irresponsible act. The Pope says condoms will make things worse. Well...consider that in a population with a high rate of infection, the promise of safe sex through the use of condoms could reasonably lead to a higher level of sexual activity. "What, me worry?"

Here is one study, admittedly dated, that a quick search turns up:

Condoms and HIV I guess the validity of this argument today would depend on improvements in rubber-manufacturing technology.

The Pope is not the idiot these people would have us all believe.