As we all now know, SEAL snipers eliminated three of the four pirates with head shots. This was some great shooting. Though the pirated lifeboat was only about 25 meters from Bainbridge, and that may seem like a short distance (it is) consider that the shooters' platform (Bainbridge) and the targets' platform (the lifeboat) were both pitching up and down at least a couple of feet. Add some of the other movements associated with boats/ships afloat, and the fact that it was night ... and they all got head shots ... it was great shooting.

We have to give this one to The One. He had the brains - or those advising him did - to issue orders that didn't hamstring the local commander yet gave him the authority to do what circumstances required, and then he stepped back and didn't micromanage it.

Well done, Mr. President.

However ... there is always a 'however' ... we now wait to see what you are going to do about the rest of the pirates.

Update 04/18/09: The rest of the story is leaking out. We'll rescind that "well done". Should have known better.