Republicans continue to flounder about

The Republican Party continues to flounder about.

First - and this is just since the election fiasco - we had 85 Republicans join the frenzied knee-jerking that followed the AIG bonus revelations by voting Yes to the misuse of the tax code as a punitive and confiscatory tool.

Then, we had another 10, including the House Whip Eric Cantor, vote for the "Pay for Performance" bill. If passed into law that bill will allow the likes of Timothy Geithner to set salaries not only for CEO's, but all employees of any company that takes any funding from the TARP - or whatever else Geithner and the rest of the Obamanians want to define as "Federal funding" for "rescue" purposes. Here's more on that:

Cavuto goes nuclear over pay for performance. Watch the video.

Then we have:

Get Federal help, government decides your executive lineup

Well, the government does such a great job with everything else it does, why not get into screwing up corporate America even more than it is?

Neither of those two votes generate much confidence in the Republican Party.

While all that was going on, we had the newly elected chairman of the RNC making a fool of himself on a regular basis, so much so that there are increasing calls for him to resign.

Here is one article on the most recent of Steele's political faux pas, with a brief rehash of some others:

Steele hammered on 'choice' slip

This one is worse:

It's like listening to a child

and, a Divine Revelation might be in the works:

God might want me to be president (on this one, Steele should probably take some notes on technique from Roland "Tombstone" Burris)

and here is a summation of Steele's first 30 days:

Steele trap? GOP fears grow

The Republican party is rapidly becoming a non-player in the national political scene. The loss of the presidential election, and the loss of both houses of Congress, should have been a heads up for them. All that is happening now is that the Republican party is demonstrating an incoherence, a lack of cohesiveness, a lack of skill and ability.

It's time for a new political party in America. Clearly, the Republican party's skill in 'running' things is akin to the old ditty "when in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout, and hoist the flag: Well Done!"