The Simpletons of Congress

Yep. No more "clowns", unless I forget myself.

They're pretty much "simpletons". Well ... maybe we'll just reserve that term for the Congressional Black Congress, even though we here at Blogger Central will undoubtedly be accused of "racism".

Here is why they are simpletons, above and beyond their complicity in the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac fiascoes, and the ACORN voter registration fraud specialists, and a whole slew of activities which, if they were not perpetrated by black Congresscritters, would be considered flamboyantly racist:

Tuesday afternoon, the Cuban government released a statement that it indicated was Fidel Castro's assessment of a session he had with the lawmakers. In the statement, Castro said that one of the Members of Congress told him that the United States should "apologize" to Cuba. And another lawmaker told the former leader that despite the victory by President Obama, U.S. society is still "racist."

All members of the delegation denied that those two exchanges took place during their time with Fidel Castro.

A delegation of the most simple-minded of the CBC visited Cuba. Here are some of their comments:

Former Cuban President Fidel Castro was "very engaging, very energetic," U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee, a California Democrat, said following a congressional delegation's meeting with the ailing revolutionary.


"For the past 50 years, the United States has been swimming in the Caribbean Sea of delusion," said Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., who described the United States as "the isolated nation" compared to European countries which have diplomatic ties with Havana.


"This is the dawning of a new day," Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Ill., declared. "Fifty years of foolishness is over. It's time for the children to sit in the corner and the adults to take over."

Given those comments, I find it very easy to believe the Cuban government's comments, and I discount the denials of the fools who visited Havana.

For United States Congressmen to treat with a murdering communist dictator in such a groveling, simpering, sniveling manner is on a par with Jane Fonda manning an antiaircraft gun on a North Vietnamese dike.

What's next? They'll all start wearing Che Guevara t-shirts? If so, can we expect them to start murdering dissidents in their respective districts? If so, will they select baseball bats?

Fidel and Raul are living insults to the concepts of human freedom and human rights. Thankfully, the murdering psychopath Guevara is rotting in his grave.

Too bad these idiots didn't do a bit of brushing up on what was once called Isla de Pinos and the prisons there. They would have gotten a real education on real torture and murder under the Castro regime. They would have also gotten some insight as to the regime's views on Gay Rights and freedom of speech.

Here is but one revelation:

Chronicle of an unforgettable agony: Cuba's political prisons

One of but many quotes from Che:

"To send men to the firing squad, judicial proof is unnecessary...These procedures are an archaic bourgeois detail. This is a revolution! And a revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate. We must create the pedagogy of the The Wall! (El Paredón)" --Ernesto 'Che' Guevara

This is the political philosophy these shameful political pimps and panderers in the Congressional Black Caucus are endorsing.

Shame on them. A deep and abiding shame upon them.