"... way past tea party time ..."

Here is a good commentary by Andrew Cline, about taxation in modern America:

It's way past tea party time

The Democrats, of course, are ridiculing the whole concept of the Tea Party movement. They're calling it a 'fad'.

Maybe. We'll see.

Meanwhile, the economy seems to be in the beginnings of an upturn. Whether it is or not also remains to be seen ... but if it is ... what's going to happen when that monumental mountain of debt, Porculus Americanus, starts coming due?

Further meanwhile, if I hear one more government official in the Smile Hi City use the phrase "free Federal money" in connection with that so-called "stimulus package", I think I will puke on his shoes right then and there.

It ain't "free Federal money", sports fans. It came out of my pocket ... and yours, too. What is so hard to understand about that?