"Can we talk?"

That was the title of a recent article, regarding the reactions of some of the tinpot dictators to Obama's recent "Tour Apologia".

So. Can we?


Obama, having bowed and scraped before the House of Saud, went on to warn North Korea not to launch that rocket. You'd better not. There will be repercussions.

They launched it.

What are the repercussions? When you find them, please let me know. Susan Rice says we need a UN resolution, but she isn't interested in toughening up the sanctions against the Gangster of Pyong Yang. Here is what she says:

"The United States' view is, this is serious, it is a violation, and it merits an appropriately strong United Nations response"

What does that mean? Can we take a hint from the UN's really hard-line response to our underprivileged dissidents in the waters off Somali? Last year the UN passed a really tough anti-piracy resolution that was a 'clear signal to the pirates' according to the French ambassador to that stalwart organization.

Apparently the pirates need new glasses, or perhaps they have not been following CNN. There have been well over 60 pirate attacks this year alone. Meanwhile, we have this:

Despite US policy, nothing stops ransom payment

I don't understand it. That region of the world produces some very fine coffees.

Iran, which has threatened many times to obliterate Israel, has something on the order of 7000 centrifuges to concentrate gaseous uranium. Why would they want to do that? Why, for fuel for power-producing reactors, of course. Or a bomb. Like, whatever. Let's have coffee and talk.

Iran announces technology for better nuke fuel production Note this part, down near the bottom:

Iran has been building the 40-megawatt hard-water reactor in the central town of Arak for the past four years. Hard-water reactors do not need enriched uranium for fuel, and can instead use more easily produced uranium oxide ore, fashioned into pellets.

Then we have this:

China and Russia hack into US power grid. It's also covered in the WSJ, as well as many other sources.

Authorities investigating the intrusions have found software tools left behind that could be used to destroy infrastructure components, the senior intelligence official said. He added, "If we go to war with them, they will try to turn them on."

There's an easy solution to that one. We should get the Chinese to buy another trillion or so of US treasury notes. If they hold a couple of trillion bux worth of financial interest in the US - other than Walmart, of course - would they want to turn off the lights?

And from our British friends across the pond:

Obama seeks extra funds for wars

Obama wants $80-odd billion for ops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Huh.

"Mr Obama opposed special troop funding while a member of Congress under the Bush administration."

Well, Obama doesn't have coffee with Congress critters. He serves them Wagyu steaks and fine wines. The rest of us should be taking our cappuccinos at Loaf and Jug or Quickee's while we still can. I don't think the Chinese drink cappies. Would you like noodles with your McFooYung?