Obama v. Cheney

So far, Cheney is winning the finger-pointing contest.


Because Obama fails to realize that Cheney, like George Bush, is history. Cheney can go on about whatever he wishes. He can write books. He can go on the lecture tour. Like, whatever, dude.

But everytime he opens his mouth, he gets a response out of the Obamanians. He's keeping them off balance. He has them wasting time and resources to offer counter charges to his charges, and counter counter charges to his counter charges. And so on.

He is also keeping his name in the headlines. That helps sell books. Or lectures. Or whatever.

Cheney's winning the finger-pointing contest.

And Robert "Giggles" Gibbs looks so self-righteously righteous up there. He gets that practiced grim look. His glasses steam up a bit with indignation.

And Cheney wins. Again.

What a bunch of amateurs we have in the White House.

Obama's Eugenics Czar

Michelle Malkin has a pretty good layout of just who is bending the ear of Barack Obama regarding the behind-the-scenes Obamacare machinations:

Science Czar to appear on David Letterman

Note that Obamanian Science Czar John Holdren is a har-core disciple of Harrison Brown, a noted afficianado of eugenics:

Let us suppose that in a given year the birth rate exceeds the death rate by a certain amount, thus resulting in a population increase. During the following year the number of permitted inseminations is decreased, and the number of permitted abortions is increased, in such a way that the birth rate is lowered by the requisite amount. If the death rate exceeds the birth rate, the number of permitted inseminations would be increased while the number of abortions would be decreased. The number of abortions and artificial inseminations permitted in a given year would be determined completely by the difference between the number of deaths and the number of births in the year previous.

- Harrison Brown, "The Challenge of Man's Future"

Couple this kind of thinking with similar thinking by Obamanian medical advisor Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, and the incredibly obfuscatory language of HR3200, the house version of Obamacare ... and tell me we don't have recipe for those Obamanian death panels the left is so busy pooh-poohing.

The other side of the politicized pulpit coin

Phoenix pastor prays for Obama's death

A Phoenix-area pastor has started to draw protesters to his congregation after he delivered a sermon titled, "Why I Hate Barack Obama," and told his parishioners that he prays for President Obama's death.

Pastor Steven Anderson stood by his sermon in an interview with MyFOXPhoenix, which reports that the pastor continues to encourage his parishioners to join him in praying for the president's death.

"I hope that God strikes Barack Obama with brain cancer so he can die like Ted Kennedy and I hope it happens today," he told MyFOXPhoenix on Sunday. He called his message "spiritual warfare" and said he does not condone killing.

Now, I'm just a heathen, mind you. I ask a lot of questions about things theological. I prefer the NRSV to the KJV, too. Well ... I guess that doesn't make me a 'real' heathen, but it apparently does in the minds of a lot of Believers in the Right Kind of Christianity.

I have to tell you, I'm finding it pretty much impossible to reconcile this character's position with anything even remotely connected with Christ's teachings.

OTOH, the First Amendment is the First Amendment ... and unless this pastor starts an active conspiracy to kill the president, he can say what he says. I think I'll pass on attending his services, however.

I wonder if Barack Obama is picking up on the Constitutional lesson?

"All that's wrong with Washington ..."

"We can damn sure outlast the bully threats of Harry Reid ..."

Enough is enough, Harry

That's a good editorial in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, by Sherman Frederick. Frederick is the publisher of the Review-Journal and president of Stephens Media.

Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, is a Democrat from Nevada. He is up for re-election in 2010.

Reid's arrogance has been beyond the pale of late. This is the CongressClown who is going to ram through Obamacare, and he doesn't care what the GOP thinks. More importantly, this is the CongressClown who doesn't care what you or I think. In that respect, he is a Pelosi clone. He is the consummate Obamanian.

He could even be a golfer. He probably is, with that kind of an attitude.

This is what is running the country these days.

And you thought Bush was bad.


"No citizen should expect this kind of behavior from a U.S. senator"

"Such behavior cannot go unchallenged. You could call Reid's remark ugly and be right. It certainly was boorish. Asinine? That goes without saying," he wrote. "But to fully capture the magnitude of Reid's remark (and to stop him from doing the same thing to others) it must be called what it was -- a full-on threat perpetrated by a bully who has forgotten that he was elected to office to protect Nevadans, not sound like he's shaking them down."

In excoriating him, Frederick referenced Reid's upcoming 2010 election -- which a recent poll published by the Review-Journal shows is a tough race for the powerful incumbent senator.

"No citizen should expect this kind of behavior from a U.S. senator. It is certainly not becoming of a man who is the majority leader in the U.S. Senate. And it absolutely is not what anyone would expect from a man who now asks Nevadans to send him back to the Senate for a fifth term," he wrote. "So today, we serve notice on Sen. Reid that this creepy tactic will not be tolerated."

What's that all about?

Well ... Senator Harry Reid, the Pelosian clone who 'runs' the United States Senate, apparently doesn't understand the First Amendment.

Now that some of the mainstream media has remembered their responsibilities as The Fourth Estate, and are beginning to question Obama, we're seeing the Chikaga thug mentality coming out.

We've seen little tidbits here and there, like the 'stare down' in the press room early on.

Now we're seeing more signs of just how the Obama regime understands the Constitution and the First Amendment:

Pimping from the pulpit

Mr President, keep your nose out of my church

Pimpin' the O

The Limbaugh Strategy

Here's the best assessment I've seen yet about what we have in our president:

Obama the post turtle

Well one day an old cowboy was out ridin' fence and he saw a turtle balanced on top of a fence post. When he got back to the bunkhouse he told the other fellas that he saw a "post turtle". They all asked, "What the hell is a 'post Turtle'? And he said it was a turtle settin' on top of a post! He then went on to explain that "you know he didn't get up there by himself, he doesn't belong there, he doesn't know what to do while he's up there and you just wonder what kind of dang fool put him up there to begin with!"

That's Obama.

He likes the trappings of the presidency. He likes the Wagyu steaks and the free beer. He likes tooling around in Air Force One.

He likes campaigning. He hasn't stopped campaigning. He is still campaigning.

When is he going to start leading?

That is, if he knows how to lead ... right now, he appears to be as clueless about that as he does the Constitution he alleges to be defending and protecting.


Payin' for their playin'

Some of our local golfers are starting to come out of the woodwork, after Leece's last commentary on the golf course subsidies.

Their sensibilities are offended. They are somewhat perturbed that We the Taxpayers don't understand that subsidizing their playground is all about 'economic development'.

It has nothing to do at all with political influence and cronyism, you see. They're doing it all for ... us.

Well ... let's look at it a bit.

There's no question that the golf course brings in visitors to The Smile Hi City.

So what?

If the city's Parks and Recs ran the golf course, it would still bring in visitors. We just wouldn't be paying our tax dollars to a private, for-profit business that is completely unaccountable to We the Taxpayer.

In her recent editorial, Leece pointed out the boneheaded stupidity of subsidizing a business that isn't even in the city, as opposed to one that is downtown. The city receives no sales tax revenues from the golf course, because it isn't in the city. Improvements, if any, don't affect the TID, because the golf course isn't in the TID.

It really is a dumb thing to do, all the more so given the fact that no one has a clue about what that business is pulling in or what they are doing with the tax dollars that are paying their way.

Yet every other municipal golf course we have contacted, that uses contracted concessionaires, tells us that those concessionaires pay their own freight - no subsidies - and they also pay a fee or part of their take to the city owning the course.

Why are we paying our 'concessionaire' to run a business, using our tax dollars, our utilities, our real estate and buildings ... and then not only keep everything he makes, but essentially tell us to pound sand when we ask ... what's up with that? That's beyond stupid; it's downright incompetent. Do you run your own business or household like that?

Doesn't it seem odd that an outfit run on tax revenues doesn't have to answer to the people who pay those taxes?

According to our city attorney, once that money gets into the "contractee's" hands, it's theirs to do with as they will, and they don't have to answer for it.

Does anyone remember that they ran a restaurant in the downtown area of The Smile Hi City? Doesn't anyone wonder why that restaurant closed?

Well ... why would they keep open a restaurant on which they had to pay the overhead ... the rent, the utilities, funds for equipment and supplies ... when they had a freebie out at the golf course? Does anyone else remember the comments to that effect?

Does anyone remember how when they had the business downtown, they were real big on "shoppin' local" and supporting the downtown businesses?

So much for 'loyalty'. It seems that some of our business owners expect ... demand ... it of our residents, but will desert at the first opportunity. Maybe that attitude is part of why we're in the economic state that we are. Certainly, using our tax bux to 'keep dem ice cubes in dem mint juleps fo' da massa on da clubhouse veranda' isn't keeping downtown businesses open.

But the real pisser here is that we're subsidizing the wealthiest part of La Juntan society, the part with the most economic and political clout. We're payin' for their playin', bottom line, while our kids get to pay more to use the pool and to participate in the youth leagues, neither of which activity is run by a private, for-profit business. The golfers can spare us that argument; that it is even presented is an indication of just how stupid the people who run that lashup think we are.

Why are we so cheerfully and so glibly handing a privately owned, for-profit business nearly $150,000, and getting the high hard one from not only them, but also the golfers, when we have the unmitigated effrontery as to ask them "why", and expect something more than a crap sandwich -"the golf course brings in people" - as a reply?

When Leece wrote that first article on this last year, the comments were made: "She doesn't know what she's getting into ...".

Were those threats? Is she not to dare to mess with the great and the near great of La Juntan society if she knows what's good for her? Is that really what it's all about? Call me a cynic, but I think that's exactly what it's all about.

It's about time that city council actually looked at this deal, and looked at what other municipalities are doing, and came up with a deal that better serves the community, rather than a privileged few.


Pimpin' the O

Well, last week we had The Obamessiah putting the arm on the pastors and rabbis to push his agenda.

This week, we have the Obamanians putting the arm on artists to push the O's agenda:

NEA allegedly calls for artists to focus on health care and energy


A 39-year-old Los Angeles film producer is accusing the National Endowment for the Arts of initiating a "call to action" to artists to support President Obama's domestic agenda.

The film producer, Patrick Courrielche, said he was one of roughly 75 artists, musicians, writers, poets and others on an Aug. 10 conference call hosted by the NEA, the White House Office of Public Engagement and United We Serve, a nationwide initiative launched by Obama to increase volunteerism.

Courrielche said officials on the hour-long call -- including NEA Director of Communications Yosi Sergant and Michael Skolnik, political director for hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons -- encouraged the artists on the line to create works of art in their respective fields related to health care, energy and the environment.

Think about it.

It's yet another example of the Federal government ... actually, the White House itself - using your tax bux and mine to lobby their agenda, and to do so by directly influencing areas steeped in the First Amendment.

Corrielche's report is disputed, of course:

Thomas Bates, vice president of civic engagement for Rock the Vote, confirmed to FOXNews.com he was on the call, saying he was invited by officials at United We Serve. He doesn't agree with Courrielche that there was a political undercurrent.

"I don't remember it that way," Bates said. "The call I was on was about engaging artists in ongoing service projects, including on Sept. 11."

Bates said his participation in the call revolved around a proposed service event in Chicago that his organization had considered. He did not elaborate.

Told of Bates' denial that artists were encouraged to produce art in certain areas, Courrielche said [Bates] omitted an "essential, specific aspect" of the conference call.

"The word volunteerism was never used," Courrielche said. "Service was the word being used and it was in specific areas, those being health care, energy and the environment."

Courrielche said the now ubiquitous Obama "Hope" poster by artist Shepard Fairey and musician will.i.am's "Yes We Can" song and music video were offered as "shining examples" of the artist group's clear impact on Obama's landslide election.

The "potential propaganda machine," Courrielche said, is concerning on many levels.

"The issue that troubles me the most is that the NEA was set up to promote the arts," he said. "If you have a meeting where you're trying to set up a machine that does your bidding, a propaganda machine, that's not what the National Endowment for Arts is for."

No, it sure isn't. Nor is the White House, and the President, supposed to be telling pastors what to preach.

But he is.

Yep. Welcome to the Socialist Workers' Paradise.

Over on Shepard Fairey's "OBEY!" website, we have this:


and then we have this:


Cafferty and the Tax Man

According to CNN's Jack Cafferty, heretofore one of Obama's chief apologists, makes this comment:

With a $9 trillion deficit facing this country over the next 10 years, it is almost inevitable that taxes will have to go up at some point. The questions are: When and by how much? The answers are probably soon and a lot.

Should government raise taxes to deal with deficit?

Most of the commenters seem to think that taxes should be raised on "the rich". How else can we pay for all the gimmees?

Cafferty says:

For his part, President Obama is promising to keep taxes low for most people.

Jack is still sucking down the Kool-Aid. He's a true believer. Then he observes:

The president’s plan to raise taxes on only the wealthiest is estimated to raise about $600 billion over the next 10 years – but that’s only a drop in the bucket when you consider a $9 trillion deficit during that same time.

Well. Guess what, Jack. Somebody's got to pay for all those bailouts, for that "Cash for Clunkers" wealth redistribution fiasco, for Obamacare, for Obama's war in Afghanistan, for Obama's deficit.

Tell ya what, Jack ... let's all squat, and strain mightily, and grunt a lot, and squeeze out a pile a munny for The One to redistribute in his best Marxist fashion.

Making Robert "Giggles" Gibbs Look Good

Most Americans may not be aware that The Obamessiah, exhausted by his vacation, is planning to take a vacation from that vacation:

The vacation from the vacation

Bill Jacobson, over on Legal Insurrection, has a couple of salient observations:

Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion: Making Robert Gibbs Look Good

It's the most amazing thing. These guys get challenged on something that's the least bit gamey, and they immediately holler, "But Bush did it!"

And because "Bush did it", it's OK if Obama does it.

Imitation: the sincerest form of flattery.


Senate bill would give president emergency control of the Internet


Is this going to be another one of those bills we have to ram through Right Now?

Fortunately, it's being kicked around. When it first came out, some months ago, it was blasted as a 'dangerous government intrusion'.

"In the original bill they empowered the president to essentially turn off the Internet in the case of a 'cyber-emergency,' which they didn't define," said Larry Clinton, president of the Internet Security Alliance, which represents the telecommunications industry.

So it went back to one of those committee drawing boards, and came out again:

Clinton said the new version of the bill that surfaced this week is improved from its first draft, but troubling language that was removed was replaced by vague language that could still offer the same powers to the president in case of an emergency.

"The current language is so unclear that we can't be confident that the changes have actually been made," he said.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

It's like Obamacare. Few if any of our CongressClowns have read it, quite probably because they can't - like Henry Waxman - understand it.

"The current language is so unclear ..."


Pretty typical of what's coming out of our Democratic Party-controlled Congress these days.

"Trust me. I'm from the government. I'm here to save you."


Check this:

The new legislation allows the president to "declare a cybersecurity emergency" relating to "non-governmental" computer networks and make a plan to respond to the danger, according to an excerpt published online -- a broad license that rights experts worry would give the president "amorphous powers" over private users.

"As soon as you're saying that the federal government is going to be exercising this kind of power over private networks, it's going to be a really big issue," Lee Tien, a senior staff attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, told CNET News.

The Federal government. Our Big Brother and Pal.

"... till the last shot's fired ..."

"... it isn't about the war ... it's about the warrior."

Trace Adkins and the West Point Glee Club:

Galen on Kennedy

Rich Galen has a rather good commentary on Ted Kennedy:

Kennedy: A flawed force

He opens somewhat predictably:

  • I was never a particular fan of Senator Ted Kennedy ...

    but then he MovesOn:

    ... but I did hold a grudging admiration for amount of work he did and the passion he brought to it.

  • We all know all of the personality flaws with which Kennedy was afflicted. We know about Chappaquiddick and the rest. I get all that, but Kennedy was a man who didn't have to do much of anything with his life yet decided he was going to do as much as possible with his life.

  • For that, he deserves a great deal of credit.

    It's a pretty good read, and helps put a lot of the hooh-hah into perspective.
  • 8/27/09

    Birds and churches

    Here are a couple more NC photo galleries:

    Down East churches


    Not very productive ...

    John Salazar says that town hall meetings aren't very productive.

    Democrats seem to have a unique definition of 'productive'. To them, it means, "if you agree with me and roll over, ask no questions, have no opinions, and just accept the Emperor's New Clothes".

    That's "productive".

    That's what John Salazar means, too. He doesn't like those town hall meetings where he can just bully and blather his way through, like Barack Obama.

    And here is evidence that rather confirms that view of their definition of "productive":

    Moderate Blue Dog Democrats "just want to cause trouble," said Rep. Pete Stark, D-Calif., who heads the health subcommittee on the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee.

    "They're for the most part, I hate to say brain dead, but they're just looking to raise money from insurance companies and promote a right-wing agenda that is not really very useful in this whole process," Stark told reporters on a conference call.

    "Brain dead"?

    He "hates to say" brain dead, but then goes ahead anyway? And says they are just troublemakers?

    And the great unwashed masses in America, We the Taxpayers, who dare to disagree with Stark and Obama and the Democratic Party ... we're all brain dead too, it would seem.

    Now that's productive. That'll get those Blue Dogs to heel, alright. All they have to do is agree with Stark. That's "productive".

    Makes ya just want to go out and vote for a Democrat, doesn't it?

    Stark is from California. That explains a lot.

    Key Democrat suggests party moderates acting brain dead over health care

    Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion: Remember Dancing On Reagan's Grave

    It would appear that many Democrats are upset over the fact that many of us are not rending our garments in anguish over Ted Kennedy's passing.

    I for one am glad he is out of the Senate. I would have preferred that he be voted out. But the fact of the matter is, the man was a first rate cad, and all the silver-tongued devilry in the world isn't going to change that.

    I don't care about Michael Jackson, either. Same general quality of character, you see.

    Well ... I guess we could follow the liberal lead, a real class act if ever there was one:

    Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion: Remember Dancing On Reagan's Grave

    "Once upon a distant war .."

    Is one of my favorite books about the Vietnam war. It's William Prochnau's tale about the 'tension' between the war correspondents and the media, and the military and the Federal government, during the war.

    It's very good.

    There is much in this article:

    Pentagon acknowledges effort to rate reporters' coverage of war

    that reminds me of some of the passages in the book, particularly when John Kennedy tried to 'manage' the press, as did his military minions of the time.

    I find the current article to be quite believable.

    Waxman waxes 'eloquently' on health care

    Mike Rogers' opening statement on healthcare reform:

    and then we have Henry Waxman, committee chairman, who is clueless about what is in the bill and who requires assistance in finding the 'relevant' passage:

    Can you make heads or tails out what this buffoon is saying?

    Obama's Department of Injustice

    Well ... if you are a New Black Panther, and you wander around with a club, dressed in an intimidating uniform, hurling racial slurs at white voters during the election in which your pal is running for president of the United States ... you're safe. Obama's Department of Injustice will cover your back.

    Now we are having more of the same with Obama's pal Bill Richardson, down in New Mexico.

    Richardson was under investigation for those 'pay-for-play' fiscal two steps, involving one of his major campaign funds donors.

    Now we find that the year-long investigation was killed by 'top officials in the Department of Justice'.

    Obama can set the DoJ and Eric Holder loose on the CIA, but he protects crooked politicians and racist thugs who violate civil rights.

    That's our Hope and Change from Barack Obama.

    Richardson investigation killed

    Meanwhile ...

    The body is still warm, and the cockroaches are coming out of the woodwork:

    Kennedy's death triggers race

    Last night, one of the talking heads went on about Ted Kennedy and the many personal crises that he 'suffered through'.

    Huh. Nice sentiment, considering he caused most of 'em.

    Ted Kennedy's legacy

    Chris Muir has an"Ode to Ted Kennedy's Legacy" up:

    Kennedy's Legacy


    We must do this ...

    Limit all U.S. politicians to two terms:

    One in office and one in prison.

    Call it the "Illinois option".

    The Anchoress on Ted Kennedy

    Very well done:

    Ted Kennedy, Healthcare, and Purgatory

    MovingOn ... as predicted, the Democrats are seeking to cash in on Kennedy's passing:

    Rumor has it that the Obama Administration's final version of the bill will be entitled the Theodore Kennedy Memorial Health Care Reform Act; referred to in shorthand as Chappaquiddicare.

    The political opportunists, even Pelosi, especially Pelosi ... should have seen that one coming.

    Swink budget work session

    The Town of Swink will be holding a Financial Committee Work Session on Monday, August 31, 2009 at 5:30 pm at the Swink Town Hall.


    1. Budget

    2. Anything deemed necessary by the Financial Committee

    This meeting is open to the public and any interested parties are urged to attend.

    Next regular meeting will be on Monday, September 14, 2009 at 7:00 pm.

    More detainee abuse uncovered

    Obama vs the CIA

    Yesterday, the New York Times reported some gruesome abuses on its front page, above the fold: "Excessive physical force was routinely used, resulting in broken bones, shattered teeth, concussions, and dozens of other serious injuries over a period of less than two years, a federal investigation has found. . . . [D]espite rules allowing force only as a last resort. 'Staff at the facilities routinely used uncontrolled, unsafe applications of force, departing from generally accepted standards,' said the report."

    That's some seriously nasty business. Here's more:

    They were committed by officials at four juvenile residential detention centers in New York state. The details came from a Justice Department report that recounted how "workers forced one boy, who had glared at a staff member, into a sitting position and secured his arms behind his back with such force that his collarbone was broken."

    Yep. While Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Eric Holder, et al, are foaming at the mouth at the opportunity to screw some Bushies over 'torture' of Islamic fundamentalist terrorists, juvenile detainees and others 'in the care of the government' are being beaten and abused in far worse manner than any terrorist detainee.

    Where is Pelosi's outrage?

    Boy howdy, I'd sure like to see some sniffing around those Califas detention centers in Pelosi's district.

    But that isn't going to happen.

    Nor is Obama's Department of Injustice, led by Eric Holder, going to do anything about the Phillie voter intimidation case. Nope. Holder's boys and girls have already given that one a wash. Obama's thuggish pals in the New Black Panthers can stand in front of polling places in black fatigues, wielding batons, wearing their jackboots, and using racist epithets against white voters ... and that's OK in Obama's America.

    Waydago, Barack. That's some real Hope and Change.


    Juvenile Mississippi Kite Redux

    Here he is again, this afternoon, same place - 6th and Raton - with better lighting. He is also quite noisy, uttering that kite cry over and over again:

    "Remember Maine!"

    No ... not "Remember the Maine" from back in the Spanish-American war.

    "Remember Maine".

    The State of Maine's government-run healthcare boondoggle.

    Here is a Chieftain editorial that's worth a read:

    "Remember Maine!"

    This amplifies our short post on the Medicare COLA.

    Markey says "no" to HR3200

    Betsy Markey, rep for the Colorado 4th, now says that she will not support HR3200, the House version of Obamacare:

    Markey says "no"

    The Fort Collins legislator said she wants to see Medicare reformed before tackling the national health care issue and that costs must be lowered.

    The stance puts her at odds with Democratic leadership in Congress, which is pushing to enact President Barack Obama's promise of a new health care system that covers everyone. Markey, who represents a conservative Eastern Plains district, said she also wants to see reforms protecting physicians from being sued for malpractice. She said one of the reasons health care in the U.S. is so costly is because doctors have to order "unneeded" tests to protect themselves if they are sued.

    Wow. "No" to Obamacare because it's too expensive as written. Clean up Medicare first. And going for tort reform in almost the same breath.

    Betsy, I think we love ya.

    If she sticks by her guns on it.

    But take a gander at this:

    Don't be distracted by the public option debate

    Markey did not specifically mention the public option as being the cause of her "no" position on HR3200. At least not according to the article. But where does she stand on the rest of it, as we see in that opinion piece?

    As for John Salazar ... he's still mushing around in the hinterlands somewhere.

    The inmates really are running the asylum ...

    Or in this case, the prison:

    Cons cash in on stimulus money

    Not only did the feds send the cash to incarcerated cons, but they failed to respond to state officials who sounded the alarm about the inmate windfall - now the subject of a national probe.

    The state Department of Correction initially withheld stimulus checks mailed to 23 inmates because prison officials believed the convicts were not entitled to the cash, said DOC spokeswoman Diane Wiffin.

    The DOC said it released the funds after the federal government ignored several requests for guidance.

    Obama's Folly

    Now the White House is admitting that they screwed the pooch on the deficit:

    Administration pegs long term deficits at $9 trillion

    But of course they continue to blame George Bush.

    Check this:

    The administration said the figure was reduced in large part because it is providing less aid than expected to Wall Street.

    But this year's projected deficit is still three times more than last year's deficit.

    "Whatever their cause, the administration is very concerned about these out-year deficits, and getting those deficits under control is a top priority of the administration," budget director Peter Orszag said.

    Though the Obama administration was at the forefront of a $787 billion economic stimulus package and is pushing passage of a costly health care reform package, the administration said in a summary that the "failure" of past administrations to follow pay-as-you-go rules is causing much of the fiscal mess.

    Obama shoves an $800 billion fiscal shit sandwich down our throats, and now wants to hand us Obamacare for trillions more ... and it's all Bush's fault?

    I'd like to know what Obama puts in his Kool-Aid.

    Oh ... wait. It's ... 'Hopium'.

    Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion: Detainees Abused With Chainsaws and Cattle Prods

    Over on Legal Insurrection, Bill Jacobson has uncovered documentation of a long pattern of abuse of detainees:

    Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion: Detainees Abused With Chainsaws and Cattle Prods

    We have to agree with Eric Holder. Something needs to be done about this. This is America, and we have values, and we must stand by them, no matter what vile behaviors are uncovered, or where. "Patriotism" must not be used as a shield.

    I am sure that we can expect Attorney General Holder to announce momentarily that he is proceeding apace with the prosecution of the Black Panthers who were involved in voter intimidation in Philadelphia.

    No ... wait. That ain't gonna happen. The voters that were intimidated were white. They don't matter. Not when they are up against Obama's racist thug pals in the Black Panthers.


    Juvenile Mississippi Kite

    This guy was hanging around 6th and Raton today. The light was poor, with a grey sky and a notable lack of contrast ... but here he is:

    Here are some really good shots of juvenile kites down in Texas:

    Juvenile Mississippi Kites

    Why Obamanomics are a pathetic farce

    From Financial Times:

    The risk of a double-dip recession is rising

    This article is well worth a read. The author lists 7 reasons why he anticipates a weak recovery from the recession - and all of the reasons have some basis in Obama's amateurish meddling with the economy - and more reasons why there is good chance we are facing a double-dipping recession.

    Obama's dishonor?

    The Iranian dissidents in Iraq, who have provided the United States with intelligence on Iran's nuclear program, are being savagely treated by the Iraqis.

    And US forces have done nothing to prevent it.

    It isn't the fault of our military people.

    It's a diplomatic thing. It's a Hillary Clinton thing. It's a Barack Obama thing.

    U.S.-led forces had provided security for the group throughout the Iraq war -- until the beginning of this year when Iraqi forces took control.

    But despite assurances the Iranians would not be forced out or harmed, Iraqi forces clashed with those at Camp Ashraf in late July, in a deadly operation that one member affiliated with the group said left 11 dead and more than 500 injured.

    "They violently beat residents who were peacefully resisting the incursion," the member of the affiliated National Council of Resistance of Iran, who has been in constant contact with the residents, told FOX News in an e-mail. "The next day they brutally chased and ran over residents with Humvee armored vehicles and loaders. They also used live rounds of ammunition against the unarmed people of Ashraf."

    During the raid on the 3,500 members of the group, U.S. forces stood by and watched.

    For whatever reason, the residents of the Iranian refugee camp got stirred up like a hornets' nest:

    And officials said the Iraqi operation began as a legitimate one, with the government trying to establish a police station in the community -- something it has tried to do for months.

    The Iraqis apparently tried to negotiate with the residents. But a State Department official said they were "met by significant and fierce resistance." The Camp Ashraf residents allegedly started throwing rocks and using knives against the Iraqi forces, triggering the violent clash.

    But U.S. officials said the response by the Iraqis was heavy-handed.

    "We would have handled it differently. It resulted in a heavy use of force," the State Department official said, adding that U.S. diplomats have lobbied for an investigation.

    Whether this is the result of distrust brewed from decades, if not centuries, of enmity between the Iraqis and the Iranians - remember that bloody and vicious war between the two nations, not that long ago - or something else, the United States cannot stand by and watch those who helped us being beaten and murdered:

    "Despite handing over the protection of Ashraf to the Iraqi government, the United States has the responsibility to monitor and if the Iraqi government does not protect them ... the United States government has to take back responsibility for the protection of the residents of Ashraf," he said. "Obviously the Iraqi government has not honored its commitment."

    The other group member who provided details to FOX News said the raid was ordered after Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki bended to pressure from the Iranian regime to destroy it or force the residents out.

    "...destroy [the camp] or force the residents out ...". And what about those in the camp while it was being destroyed? What about those who were to be forced out?

    We left the Kurds twisting in the wind. We left the Iraqi people twisting in the wind after the Gulf War. Now are we going to leave these people in the same condition?

    Where is our Secretary of State in all this? Too busy getting snotty with African undergrads?

    Obama: La Cosa Nostra

    Obama's favorite flicks: The Godfather, parts I and II:

    “My favorite movie scene?” Obama told Katie Couric, “The opening of the first Godfather where the caretaker comes in and Marlon Brando is sitting there and he’s saying “You disrespected me. You know and now you want a favor.” It sets the tone for the whole movie. There’s this combination of old world gentility and ritual with this savagery underneath.”

    Not surprising. It fits. It's the Chikaga Way.

    Here's an interesting column by Mike Goodwin. It's a two-pager, with a second page link near the bottom of the page:

    The Obama Family Wages War: On healthcare Prez tries to make us an offer we can't refuse


    We could call it doubling down on a mistake. Or drawing a partisan line in the sand. But this is Barack Obama and his favorite movie is - I'm not making this up - "The Godfather," so let's stick with the mob theme.

    The Obama Family is going to the mattresses.

    With his charge that critics of his health care overhaul are "bearing false witness," the holy roller president has declared war on the GOP. It's another sign his White House can't shoot straight because Obama is unloading on the wrong target.

    Republicans don't have the votes in Congress to block anything, so they can't possibly be the sticking point. Democrats have huge majorities in both houses, but it is centrists and conservative Dems blocking the health bills.

    Yep. Obama has made a serious political mistake with Obamacare. First he tried to shove it down our throats with his Chicken Little "The sky is falling" variation on the 'everything is a crisis' approach. Then he and the Pelosians branded everyone who had the audacity, the temerity, to Just Say No to his legislative abortion as "anti-American, unpatriotic, terrorists, Nazis ..." and them's just our good points.

    Then, they decided to blame the Republicans. But that's nonsense. It isn't the Republicans, Mr. President; the Republicans simply don't have the juice. The votes. The muscle. Remember "... it's the economy, stupid ..."?

    Well how about this, Mr. President:

    "It's We the People, stupid."

    It's your bag now, Obama

    We're still hearing the Democrats whining about how they got handed a huge deficit. We're still hearing how the wars are Bush's wars.

    No, they aren't. The wars are Obama's. Obama is the one sending more troops to Afghanistan. What happened to all that rabid "get out now" oratory from the Democrats? And the deficit is certainly now Obama's.

    Obama and his henchmen in the Congress shoved that legislative abortion, Porkulus Americanus, down our throats without even bothering to read it. They generated that Chicken Little panic, and rammed home The Big Fiscal Banana. Having borrowed a huge pile of money to pay for that - contributing to a huge deficit expansion - we are now seeing that this country is one of the very last of the developed nations coming out of the recession:

    US has biggest stimulus, slowest recovery

    Now we are hearing that Obama has underestimated his deficit by 2 trillion bux. That's $2,000,000,000,000 an unimaginable sum to most of us. Where did we get that figure? From the Congressional Budget Office:

    Preliminary analysis of the president's budget.

    USA Today also carried that story:

    $1 trillion deficits for each of next ten years

    That's so far beyond the Bush deficit that Dubya looks like a miserly penny-pincher in comparison. Yet the Democrats continue to blame Bush. How about the Democrats wake up and pull their heads out, and quit treating you and me like we are idiots?

    What kind of a moron throws that kind of money around like it is meaningless?

    A socialist Democrat, who has never managed a budget of any consequence in his life.

    Meanwhile, as Democratic party CongressClowns hide from their constituents, and people like John Salazar tell us that meeting with us is 'unproductive', Obama is playing, enjoying his fun in the sun up on Martha's Vineyard. Well, at least our president is stimulating someone's economy.

    Obama the Great Leader

    The Obamessiah is still missing more than half of his senior administrators. From the New York Times:

    Obama has fewer than half of his top players

    As President Obama tries to turn around a summer of setbacks, he finds himself still without most of his own team. Seven months into his presidency, fewer than half of his top appointees are in place advancing his agenda.

    Of more than 500 senior policymaking positions requiring Senate confirmation, just 43 percent have been filled — a reflection of a White House that grew more cautious after several nominations blew up last spring, a Senate that is intensively investigating nominees and a legislative agenda that has consumed both…

    …Measuring the progress in appointments depends on what positions are counted and who is doing the counting. The White House Transition Project counts 543 policymaking jobs requiring Senate confirmation in four top executive ranks. As of last week, Mr. Obama had announced his selections for 319 of those positions, and the Senate had confirmed 236, or 43 percent of the top echelon of government. Other scholars have slightly different but similar tallies.

    The White House prefers to include ambassadors, United States attorneys, marshals and judges, who are also subject to Senate votes but are not counted by the scholars. By that count, Mr. Obama has won confirmation of 304 nominees, compared with 301 for Mr. Bush, 253 for Bill Clinton and 212 for the first President George Bush at this point in their administrations.

    If lower-ranking senior executive service officials and political appointees who do not require Senate approval are counted, the White House said it had installed 1,830 people, at least 50 percent more than any of the last three presidents had at this stage.

    No matter how the counting is done, though, hundreds of senior positions remain empty with 15 percent of Mr. Obama’s term over.

    "... a reflection of a White House that grew more cautious ..."

    Yah, you betcha (wink). Obama got burned several times with his losers and lobbyist clones, people like Timmy "Eunuch of the Treasury" Geithner, who can't even figure out how to use the same tax program many of the hoi polloi use. Or people like Tom Daschle, who had more fiscal two-steps than a Chikaga mobster:

    Culture of corruption: Daschle edition

    Yeah, you betcha Obama is being cautious. He looks like an idiot every time he nominates some sticky-fingered buffoon whose best out is "I'm really too stupid to figure this out, you know ...". A real confidence builder, our president.

    Somebody's gotta pay for Obamacare ...

    WASHINGTON (AP) - Millions of older people face shrinking Social Security checks next year, the first time in a generation that payments would not rise. The trustees who oversee Social Security are projecting there won't be a cost of living adjustment (COLA) for the next two years. That hasn't happened since automatic increases were adopted in 1975.

    By law, Social Security benefits cannot go down. Nevertheless, monthly payments would drop for millions of people in the Medicare prescription drug program because the premiums, which often are deducted from Social Security payments, are scheduled to go up slightly.


    Where is John Salazar?

    Well ... a couple of days ago, he apparently was up in Craig to talk about Obamacare.

    Here's his scoop, according to the Craig Daily Press:

    Those stances include support of the “public option” and his argument that health care re­­form is critical but cannot add to the national deficit. He described the “town hall meetings” being held by other representatives and senators on the issue as unproductive.

    Salazar is allegedly one of the Blue Dogs. You could fool me on that one.

    I'll bet he thinks town hall meetings are unproductive. That's the Democratic way (as opposed to the democratic way) ... someone hands you your head over your asinine legislative behavior, then "it's unproductive".

    He's for the public option. That means he is for a government-run health care system. But he claims health care reform must not add to the deficit. Obamacare is going to blow the deficit right off the calculator. That's straight from the CBO, not some comment pulled out of la-la land. So is he against Obamacare or not?

    The whole world wonders, as we also wonder where he is.

    Oh ... note that the Craig fishwrapper observes that Salazar represents Northwestern Colorado and much of the Western Slope. He also has some legislative responsibilities down these parts, too, though you'd never know it of late.

    "S'cuse me fer livin ..."

    The Veterans' Administration is pimping a government pamphlet entitled "Your Life, Your Choices", which is coming under some serious fire from one of the Obamacare supporters.

    Arlen Specter, the Pennsylvania senator who was among the first CongressClowns who was booed and hissed at town meetings, has called for hearings on this pamphlet.

    Specter calls for hearings on end of life care guide for veterans

    The guide, called "Your Life, Your Choices," was suspended under the Bush administration but has been revived under the current Department of Veterans Affairs.

    Jim Towey, former director of the White House Office of Faith-Based Initiatives, told "FOX News Sunday" that the pamphlet makes injured veterans feel like a burden, encourages the severely injured to die and should be tossed out.

    Obama denies that Obmacare has anything like 'death panels'.

    But it does. And this is a perfect example of it.

    The pamphlet seems to be a simple advisory document on how to set up a living will. But the message is pretty clear - if you are a burden on the system, hurry up and die, and make it as legally clean as you can to save the rest of us the time, money, and energy of arguing about it.

    It's one thing for a church or an advocacy group of some kind to publish a pamphlet like this. But when the government does it, it takes on new weight.

    Especially if government officials tend toward that 'hurry up and die' attitude anyway, as we know some of Obama's advisors certainly do. Two of the most senior are the chief science advisor John Holdren and the brother of Rahm "Dead Fish" Emanuel, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel.

    Holdren is two-stepping around his previous writing and speeches, but they have the nasty quality of persistence these days. Ezekiel Emanuel makes no bones about his position.

    Combine this kind of thinking with a government-run health care board making decisions about who gets what treatments, and you have the constructive equivalent of 'death panels'.

    And now, Obama is organizing churchmen to pimp his programs.

    If you believe in God you must believe in Obama

    After all, in the minds of many of his followers, they are one and the same. Kind of like the Holy Trinity, with an associate member.

    Obama plays the God card

    With support for his mission rapidly fleeting, President Obama is now the one with open arms asserting that if you believe in God you should believe in his policies.


    It's been said that when people are experiencing trials and tribulations, they often seek a higher power. Apparently, the president is one of them.

    Yesterday, in perhaps the most overtly religious move of his tenure thus far, the selectively faithful Obama preached his health care message to more than 1,000 leaders of different faiths in two conference calls, hoping they will see the light with regard to his overhaul. -- No word if Reverend Wright was on the line.


    I suppose grassroots organizing isn't so bad when you have the guy upstairs on your side. Take that town hall evil doers!

    "We are God's partners in matters of life and death," Obama said during the call with Jewish leaders, according to Washington Rabbi Jack Moline via Twitter.

    Translation: Seeee America?? It's just you and the man upstairs. No death panels!

    Further, Pastor Obama said that many were "bearing false witness" and took a shot at his opposition calling the pushback to date: "fabrications that have been put out there in order to discourage people from meeting what I consider to be a core ethical and moral obligation: that is that we look out for one another, that I am my brother's keeper, I am my sister's keeper. In the wealthiest nation on earth right now, we are neglecting to live up to that call.


    But what exactly are Obama's morals? Defend the weakest or reward the dumbest? Obama paints a picture of an indigenous mass of nomads but the Congressional Budget Office projects that among the uninsured in 2009, 17 percent will have family income above 300 percent of the poverty level (about $65,000 for a family of four); 18 percent will be eligible for (but not enrolled) in Medicaid; and 30 percent will be offered (but will decline) coverage from an employer.

    Isn't it their moral duty to get coverage, rather than have others foot the bill for those who make bad decisions? And isn't our moral duty to try and cover them first before strapping future generations into massive debt? Can I get an amen for personal responsibility?

    Not long ago Obama criticized those who "cling" to their religion. With support for his mission rapidly fleeting, he's now the one with open arms asserting that if you believe in God you should believe in his policies. I guess in times of adversity, it's acceptable to use a Hail Mary to get us to cling to him.

    Pimping from the pulpit

    Now the Obamessiah wants preachers and rabbis to pimp Obamacare from the pulpit:

    Thousands of religious leaders got a call from on high Wednesday when Obama reached out to Jewish and Christian clergy, urging them to push health care reform from the pulpit.

    Army of the Lord seeks Obamacare

    Remember when the Democrats were throwing hissyfits over preachers using the pulpit to urge their congregations to vote for McCain? Remember when the IRS started nosing around those tax exemptions enjoyed by the churches?

    Now Obama is actually enjoining preachers, priests, and rabbis to engage in political lobbying for his political agenda.

    It's OK, I guess, because the Republicans did it?

    Did they?

    Doesn't matter. It's OK now because Obama wants it.


    Cherry pits on Road 24

    So there we were, out on Road 24, on the way back from Mary's, out on the highway west of The Holy Land.

    We had gotten - among other things - some Queen Anne cherries.

    Boy howdy, but they were good. Just on this side of being too far gone, they popped when bitten. Yep. They popped, and oozed juice. And they were cold, too.

    Boy howdy, but they were good.

    So Leece was driving, being that she's a much better driver than me, and better looking, too.

    I was feeding her the cherries, and she was spitting the pits out the window in decidedly unladylike fashion. If only Tookie could have seen that ...

    It was a hot day, after a pleasantly cool morning. The odor of tasseled corn wafted in through the open car windows.

    Leece spit another pit, and I gave her another cherry.

    Life in Smallville has its perks, a certain informality being high up on that list.

    Hoist by their own petard

    It turns out the White House contracted with a spammer to ... well, spam ... America.

    They denied it, of course, and continue to deny it, even though they've been outed:

    White House spammer outed

    Macon Phillips, the White House's media director, has been two-stepping all over the place to avoid stepping in the e-poo. He hasn't done very well. You'd think all these hipster youngsters that Obama has running around would have their wits about them, but when it comes down to it, they don't.

    And when bagged, they blame the Republicans:

    The White House said it hired Govdelivery based on its performance with those agencies. The company was hired after Jan. 1 but before Obama took office on Jan. 20, the White House said.

    The White House notes that Govdelivery also handles mass e-mails for Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, both Republicans.

    See? "The Republicans do it, so it's OK if we do it, too."

    That's some of that "Hope and Change" gobbledegook that comes out of the White House on a regular and routine basis. So ... the White House is following the Republican lead. Cool. Hope and Change! Hope and Change!

    Then we have:

    The White House insists that Govdelivery aggregates nothing and plays no role in the formation of its e-mail list; it is merely an end-product e-mail distributor.

    Sorry, kids, it doesn't work that way:

    Chris Hansen, a staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union told FOX News that if the White House used the private firm, it's the same as if it had sent the e-mails.

    Yep. That's the way it is. Now, Obama and his henchmen can ignore contract law with GM and AIG, but they're going to have a much harder time weaseling out of that one.


    The leader of the band

    Or rather ... the leader of the Orchestrated Obama Grand Theater ...

    The Obamessiah was at it again the other day in Grand Junction, as we see from this editorial in the Pueblo Chieftain:

    Health debate dissent is now 'un-American'

    You'll recall that the Denver Post and local news reported that Obama received a warm welcome in the generally Republican area of Colorado.

    There is an explanation, as we see from this excerpt from the Chieftain editorial:

    The Denver Post story described the event as one “marked by civility and a loudly applauding crowd,” in which Obama’s message “struck a chord in a conservative, mostly Republican area of western Colorado.” If this is puzzling, here’s the explanation, as reported to me by jilted Grand Junction Republicans: they weren’t allowed in. Even those with tickets were denied admittance while busloads of Democrat activists bused in from the Front Range passed them by. The White House advance crew and local Democrat operatives were as proficient in stacking this audience with fawning Obama supporters as they were in Portsmouth, N.H., a few days earlier.

    You think that's an editorial 'up yours' to the Obamanians?

    Check this:

    During the eight years of George W. Bush’s presidency, his raging critics repeatedly cited Thomas Jefferson’s putative pronouncement that “dissent is the highest form of patriotism.” (In fact, Jefferson never said this. Those were actually the words of Howard Zinn, a radical left-winger who’s made criticism of our nation’s history his life’s work.) Liberals were conspicuously uncritical of gate-crashers at Bush events, militant anti-war demonstrators and hysterical cranks like Cindy Sheehan, ill-mannered MoveOn.org protestors, leftist college students shouting down conservative guest speakers, ACORN rabble-rousers, labor union thugs, etc. In 2003, then-Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton declared: “I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with (the Bush) administration somehow you’re not patriotic. We should stand up and say we are Americans and we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration.”

    Now that the Democrats are in power, dissent has suddenly and conveniently become unpatriotic. Disenchanted citizens who speak up at town-hall meetings have been ridiculed because of the way they dress, preferring Brooks Brothers to Birkenstocks. Nancy Pelosi has branded them as “un-American” and falsely accused them of brandishing Nazi swastikas. Rep. Brian Baird of Washington complains of “Brown Shirt” tactics. Sen. Barbara Boxer has even claimed they’re guilty of “organizing.” (Wasn’t Obama a community organizer?)

    Yep, the Obamessiah was in fact one of those 'community organizers', and he, like the rest of his cronies, sycophants, and far left whackjobs, was complaining about how opposition to his Obamacare plan for socialized medicine was being attacked by a well-orchestrated, organized cadre.

    They just cannot accept that We the People are not buying his nonsense. In fact, they are so blind, so oblivious to this, that the Democrats are now working on passing their legislative abortion unilaterally. They don't care what We the People think. Remember Obama's famous comment over the objections to shoving Porkulus Americanus down our throats? "Well ... I won ...". So much for 'bilateral' or deliberative democracy.

    But wait! There's more!

    "Facing rancorous constituents and hostile local editorial writers, the Democrats' willingness to engage in in-person debates with the public seems to have lessened."

    That one is from Foxnews:

    Democrats shy traditional town hall meetings

    Gutless wonders, that's what they are. Harry Reid thinks meeting with constituents who are tired of his BS is a 'waste of time'.

    What has proven to be a 'waste of time' is any attempt at all to participate in deliberative democracy with these people. And that is just one reason why people are so angry.

    Obama's "Hope and Change" is nothing more than more of the same, with a measure of Chikaga-style hoodlum politics thrown in.

    Obama team flip-flops

    Obama team flip-flops are showing

    Ruben Navarrette Jr hits another nail on the head with today's commentary.

    Some excerpts:

    In the latest sign of trouble, Democratic leaders in Congress are now working on a legislative strategy to get the most controversial parts of health care reform through both the House and Senate without Republican votes.

    Brilliant. You know who'd really love that idea? Republicans. They see Obama-care as toxic with voters, and they don't want their fingerprints on it. Republicans would like nothing better than to have Democrats go it alone.

    But who cares what Republicans want? The Obama-adoring media is all-to-eager to blame the current stalemate on Republican opposition. Whatever. The GOP's paltry share of congressional seats makes it irrelevant to this debate and, probably, to most others.

    Yah, you betcha. That's why Michael Steele came out of the woodwork and double-dog dared the Democrats to do it alone. Of course, what Steele fails to realize is that not many people really care what he thinks, since he, as GOP chairman, is as irrelevant as is the GOP. Yep. We here at Blogger Central have been saying that all along. Nice to hear a noteworthy columnist say the same thing.

    And GMTA again:

    The sticking point is the so-called public option which would provide a government-funded alternative to private health insurance. That scares the daylights out of a lot of people who don't have a lot of confidence in government efficiency and who worry that private companies can't compete with Uncle Sam so employees will be pushed by their employers into the public option whether they want to go there or not.

    So what does President Obama do? He makes matters worse. He tries to argue that private companies can in fact compete with the government, and he winds up needing a special operation to remove his foot from his mouth.

    "I mean, if you think about it," Obama told a town hall audience, "UPS and FedEx are doing just fine, right? No, they are. It's the Post Office that's always having problems."

    Bingo. Just what we want. A healthcare program run by the same outfit that runs the Postal Service and AMTRAK. Yah, you betcha.

    Navarrette closes with observations regarding Sebelius' "misspeaking" and Obama's Happy Times Are Here Again two-step on the public option. Is it on the table or off? Who knows. Certainly our Secretary of Health and Human Services doesn't know, and neither, apparently, does Obama.

    Liberal whackjobs and guns

    The liberal media is going nuts over William Kostric.

    Kostric is the New Hampshirian who openly carried a handgun during a protest against The Obamessiah. Kostric was carrying the gat legally, and had permission to carry the firearm on the property on which the protest took place - which property, BTW, was on church grounds.

    Now the whackjobs are going on about how Kostric was/is a threat to the president; how it was an example of right wingnuts presenting yet another threat to the president.

    On the "CBS Evening News," Katie Couric asked: "Are we really still debating health care when a man brings a handgun to a church where the president is speaking?" Kostric did bring a gun to the church, but Couric was plainly wrong about where the president was speaking. He spoke at the town hall at the high school down the street. She somehow linked Kostric's gun to the "fear and frankly ignorance drown[ing] out the serious debate that needs to take place about an issue that effects the lives of millions of people."

    Yet, the most amazing thing about the news coverage was how much the media missed. Far from being a hot head, Kostric and a friend had been roughed up by a union member. The union member had spit on and kicked the person who was with Kostric. But Kostric didn't threaten the union member, and didn't respond physically in any way. Kostric and his friend notified the police of the incident, but the police officer shrugged and went away. Kostric's gun did however defuse the volatile situation with the union member -- once the union member saw Kostric's gun in its holster he backed up and moved away.

    Also the coverage missed that Kostric regularly carries his gun for protection. He did not bring the gun as part of his protest against President Obama's policies.

    Katie Couric. A study in media vapidity.

    The article doesn't tell us if the 'union member' was one of Obama's SEIU 'purpleshirts', the modern equivalent of the SD brownshirts of yore. But the violence and intimidation presented by Obama's SEIU thugs is much better documented than any similar thuggery on the part of those protesting against Obamacare. The difference is that the likes of Couric, Matthews, Obermyer, and the rest of the mainstream media propagandists are ignoring it. It doesn't fit their 'message'.

    Then MSNBC hit a new low, even for them, with the 'Phoenix Incident':

    MSNBC probably went the farthest on all this with some truly remarkable claims on Tuesday, August 18. Showing the clip of the anonymous black man carrying the "assault rifle," but editing it so that one was not able to see the man's race, Contessa Brewer said: "But also there are questions whether this has a racial overtone. I mean here you have a man of color in the presidency and white people showing up with guns strapped to their waists." Another person on the same show noted the"anger about a black person being president" and about "the black man becoming president. You know we see these hate groups rising up."

    The guy carrying the AR-15 was in fact black. Just like Obama. But MSNBC certainly can't let anyone know that, can they. It wouldn't fit their agenda.

    Don't believe it was a black man? Go check the video interview at ABC15-Phoenix' website.

    Michael Steele wakes up

    A little bit, anyway. We haven't been hearing much from the Republicans despite the hoohah over Obamacare. Oh, they've been there, but whatever tripe they've managed to present has been kind of an afterthought in comparison to the heat being generated by We the People on our own.

    So Michael Steele has now cast down the gauntlet:

    GOP Chief Steele Dares Democrats to Pass Health Overhaul On Their Own

    Welcome to the party, dude.


    Shoving it down our throats

    The Democrats have apparently come to realize that they stand little chance of bipartisan acceptance of Obamacare as it now stands.

    So, they are threatening to shove it down our throats nonetheless:

    Democrats prepare to push Obamacare without GOP

    They think they can do it. I have my doubts. Remember ... the Republican Party has had little to do with opposition to Obamacare, despite what Obama and his cronies say. The opposition to Obamacare is not an organized Republican effort. As we here at Blogger Central have said before, the Republicans couldn't organize themselves out of a wet paper sack. That's why they lost the last elections. That's why they are not in the White House now.

    The opposition to Obamacare comes primarily from people like you and me. Yep, some of us are 'organized'. But it isn't a vast right-wing conspiracy.

    But I have my doubts that the Democrats can push Obamacare through, and those doubts come not because of Repubs. Remember, it was the Blue Dog Democrats who dug in their heels and put the skids to this legislative abortion.

    The Blue Dogs are the kinds of Democrats for whom I used to vote, and for whom I would vote, if we had any in Colorado. But we don't. What we have is a collection of Pelosian clones, or self-servers like the Salazars.

    Now, we have Harry Reid - another Pelosian clone, albeit in the Senate - talking about ramming through a split bill:

    New Rx for Health Plan: Split Bill

    The White House and Senate Democratic leaders, seeing little chance of bipartisan support for their health-care overhaul, are considering a strategy shift that would break the legislation into two parts and pass the most expensive provisions solely with Democratic votes.

    The idea is the latest effort by Democrats to escape the morass caused by delays in Congress, as well as voter discontent crystallized in angry town-hall meetings. Polls suggest the overhaul plans are losing public support, giving Republicans less incentive to go along.

    Being that this split bill will push the most expensive provisions, it's entirely likely the Blue Dogs won't go along, either. One can only pray. I'd say 'hope', but that word has been thoroughly bastardized by Obama.

    Meanwhile, Bill Jacobson has an interesting read on this, over on Legal Insurrection:

    Splitting the bill proves our point

    An excerpt:

    Splitting the bill may seem like the way forward for the Democrats to get nationalized health care, but in fact it will focus the public on the fact that we don't need to go there. Without popular health insurance reforms tied to the unpopular mandate, tax and spending provisions, the latter have little chance of success.

    That's not to say Harry Reid can't push through the unpopular provisions, but he will not have the cover of the popular insurance reforms to justify the unpopular provisions. The wrath of the public in 2010 will be even greater once people realize they could have received most of what they wanted in health care reform without health care mandates, higher taxes, enormous budget deficits, rationing, and all the bureaucratic bungling which accompanies government-run anything.

    Goin' postal

    Chris Muir has another good one up:

    Goin' postal

    It's a great commentary on Obama's continual use of the post office as a fine example of government efficiency and effectiveness, and his attitude toward We the People who dare to openly state "But ... but ... the emperor ain't wearin' no clothes!"

    Hope and change my Aunt Fannie Mae's ass. Speaking of which ... that so-called 'hope and change' nonsense ...

    Dave Axelrod's old company is pimping Obamacare. Yep. Obama's regime and the Democratic Party are paying millions to Axelrod's old company.

    Consulting firm tied to White House given millions for health care ad campaign

    The opening paragraph:

    A media consulting firm with ties to White House senior strategist David Axelrod has been hired to produce a multi-million dollar ad campaign touting the Obama administration's health care overhaul.

    They say it's OK because Axelrod got out of the company when he went to work for The One.

    But Cheney did the same thing with Halliburton. He got out of that when he went to work for the gummint.

    But that's ... different, you see.

    Hope and change. If it weren't so pathetic and Chikaga crooked, it would be laughable.


    More on the Milk Carton CongressionalClowns

    This one is from Mark Hillman.

    Markey snubs eastern plains

    an excerpt:

    And Congresswomen Markey cares even less for those of us in the 14 counties south and east of Interstate 76 because she’s not scheduling a single event in Baca, Bent, Cheyenne, Crowley, Kiowa, Kit Carson, Lincoln, Logan, Otero, Phillips, Prowers, Sedgwick, Washington or Yuma counties — effectively ignoring nearly 100,000 residents of the Fourth Congressional District.

    If only she could get the IRS to ignore us next April. Absent that, perhaps taxpayers will return the favor by ignoring Betsy Markey come November 2010.

    You betcha. I'm certainly going to ignore John Salazar, another Milk Carton CongressClown, who is so much in lockstep with the Obamanians that I doubt he has had an original thought pass between his ears since the election. And probably before that.

    The Representative View

    Chris Muir on how We the People are seen by our elected 'leaders':

    Racist, un-American, Mob, Terrorists


    "No wonder voters are angry"

    Remember that Arlen Specter town hall meeting where he was booed and hissed at? If not, here's a refresher:

    Boos and hisses

    Now ... take a look at this 'toon by Michael Ramirez:

    Take a number

    Now ... take a look at this article:

    Town hall anger

    An excerpt:

    Still, what surprised me the most was not the attitude that area residents displayed toward Specter. It was, rather, the attitude he displayed toward them.

    I've been to many political events over the years -- from rallies in Pennsylvania to town halls in Texas. But I've never been to one where a politician addressed people by a number and not their name. And yet that is exactly what Specter did. People had to take a number if they wanted to ask a question. When their turn was up, he called out the number instead of recognizing them by name.

    At a time when many Americans are concerned that the federal government is going to take over the nation's health care system and turn it into one big DMV where people have to stand in line to see a doctor, Specter unwittingly played right into their fears ...


    Health Care Tax Insanity Chronicles, Part 3 (IRS To Decide Amount of Taxation)

    You think Obamacare is full of whackjob nonsense?

    Take a look at this:

    Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion: Health Care Tax Insanity Chronicles, Part 3 (IRS To Decide Amount of Taxation)

    That article by Bill Jacobson contains an excerpt from the Senate bill:

    Rather, the Senate gives the Secretary of the Treasury (who is in charge of the IRS) the power to come up with whatever amount of taxation (euphemistically called a "shared responsibility payment") he or she deems necessary to achieve compliance with the health care mandate. The bill provides for a new section 59B of the Internal Revenue Code (starting at page 103 of the bill; emphasis mine):


    (a) PAYMENT.—

    (1) IN GENERAL.—In the case of any individual who did not have in effect qualifying coverage (as defined in section 3116 of the Public Health Service Act) for any month during the taxable year, there is hereby imposed for the taxable year, in addition to any other amount imposed by this subtitle, an amount equal to the amount established under paragraph (2).


    (A) REQUIREMENT TO ESTABLISH.—Not later than June 30 of each calendar year, the Secretary [of the Treasury], in consultation with the Secretary of Health and Human Services and with the States, shall establish an amount for purposes of paragraph (1).

    (B) EFFECTIVE DATE.—The amount established under subparagraph (A) shall be effective with respect to the taxable year following the date on which the amount under subparagraph (A) is established.

    (C) REQUIRED CONSIDERATION.—In establishing the amount under subparagraph (A), the Secretary shall seek to establish the minimum practicable amount that can accomplish the goal of enhancing participation in qualifying coverage (as so defined).

    Jacobson then notes:

    This is taxation unrelated to the federal budget needs or any rational cost of providing a federal government service. It is unprecedented taxation as law enforcement tool, and a complete abdication of Congressional accountability and responsibility.

    Yep. But what can you expect from a bunch of spineless sleazebags who don't have the balls to face their constituents?

    Obama's buffoons

    Now they're backtracking. I guess they 'misspoke' again. Even The Obamessiah.

    'Nothing has changed' about White House support for public option

    Blowing hot and cold, out of both sides of The Joker's mouth. I'm having trouble figuring this out. Are they now for the public option after they were against it but before they were for it?

    Nancy Pelosi yanked The Joker's strings ... again ... and he's back to dancing her tune.

    It's Amateur Hour again in the Obama Orchid Office.

    Speaking of The Joker ... the state's attorney is preparing to hit the poster hanger with felony charges.

    Hey, that's fine with me. Not because of the content of the poster, but because the little dweeb pasted the things up on public and private property. Allegedly pasted.

    But ... when Shepard Fairey was plastering his crap all over the place, he walked away with 3 misdemeanors and dismissals on eleven others. Yeah, yeah, different states ... but how about a little consistency on this? Shepard Fairey ... 39 years old going on 12, skates, more or less, while a college student with his head up and locked is looking at felony charges. Perhaps if the college kid had been more suckingly worshipful, like Fairey, he too could skate.

    Milk carton CongressClowns

    That's what we're calling CongressClowns who can't be found, or who are limiting themselves to 'take a number' stacked deck 'town meetings' that are really pimping sessions for themselves and Obamacare.

    Betsy Markey is a Milk Carton CongressClown. She isn't listed yet, but I've sent her name in.

    Has your lawmaker absconded today?

    John Salazar is also a Milk Carton CongressClown ... back on August 15 he had this to say to Channel 11 News:

    Congressman John Salazar tells 11 News he plans to hold health care town meetings during the August recess.

    When asked about the issue, the third term Democrat had this to say:

    "We are having town hall meetings which are teleconference meetings throughout the district. The district is very, very big. I think this is one of my highlights because we were able to get the President to actually come and tell people here in Grand Junction how he really feels about health care reform."

    Specific dates and times for the teleconferences have not yet been scheduled. 11 News will provide that information when it becomes available.

    Well, it ain't available yet, and if you go to his website, you'll find nada, nuttin' , zip, about town hall meetings.

    Dianna DeGette is another Milk Carton CongressClown:

    DeGette will host only one town hall meeting, by phone

    Perlmutter is yet another absconder.

    Jared Polis of the Colorado 2nd, however, has a number of meetings scheduled. Polis, a Democrat, has 9 more meetings set up in his district, according to his website.

    Obama's disconnect from reality

    The Obamessiah really ought to take advantage of his own propaganda machine, "RealityCheck.com" ... or at least do a genuine reality check.

    Here is a good article on the bovine excrement that has been gushing from the presidential lips over Obamacare:

    Obama's healthcare whoppers

    The statements contained within this article are not figments of a fevered right wingnut's imagination. The article cites the findings of the Congressional Budget Office, those findings in many cases being the direct opposite, or at least in conflict with, El Ungido's increasingly surreal commentary.

    An excerpt:

    At his town hall meeting on health care on Saturday in Colorado, President Obama told the audience:

    "I just want to be completely clear about this; I keep on saying this but somehow folks aren't listening -- if you like your health care plan, you keep your health care plan."

    That is, unless your health care plan is Medicare Advantage -- the private insurance options that almost one-fourth of seniors have chosen for their coverage under Medicare. Republicans enacted this choice for seniors, and many, many seniors have chosen one of these private insurance options because they get better benefits from it than from standard Medicare.

    President Obama's health plan targets these Medicare Advantage private plans for $177 billion in cuts in what he misleadingly calls "subsidies"and "sweetheart deals for insurance companies that don't make anybody any healthier."At a minimum, these cuts will force these plans to cut back on the benefits they provide to seniors. Or the Medicare Advantage plans may just go out of business altogether, dumping all the seniors who have made that choice because they think they are getting a better deal from those plans.

    In these town halls, President Obama has repeatedly denied that his health overhaul scheme includes any cuts in Medicare. But besides slashing Medicare Advantage, the Congressional bills cut over $300 billion more from the program, which the Congressional Budget Office has scored. When arguing that his health overhaul is paid for, he wants credit for these cuts. But when challenged, he wants to deny before the whole country -- in broad daylight -- that he is doing it. I can't recall any precedent for such a presidential disconnect from reality.

    One to watch

    If you own a netbook, you may find this interesting:


    It's a new operating system designed for netbooks. It's still in alpha testing stages.

    Obama's Orchid Office: A study in 'end-running'

    As you know, a while back Obama's regime published a "rat squad" email address, whereby Good Citizens of the Rodina ... ooooops ... that's from the Soyuz Sovetskikh Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik ... sorry ... how about "Patriotic Americans" ... could rat off their relatives, neighbors, and erstwhile friends for daring to speak out against General Secretary... oooops ... president Obama's ... Obamacare.

    The Orchid Office now reports that this email address has been terminated.

    Wow! Citizens speaking out has an effect! Wow!

    But wait ... there's more.

    If you send an email to the now-defunct eddress, you will receive a bounce message. That message refers you to the White House's 'RealityCheck' website, where you can still rat off your relatives, neighbors, and erstwhile friends.

    The website asks that you "please refrain from submitting any individual's personal information, including their e-mail address, without their permission."

    Uh huh. Yah, you betcha. Wink wink nudge nudge.

    A rose by any other name is still a rose ... and so is a rat.

    White House makes changes