Sucking up to the voters

Our empty suit of a president insisted that ‘we’ act ‘boldly and swiftly’ to spend billions upon billions of tax bux – trillions of dollars, as it turns out – and our Clowns of Congress went right along with him. They didn’t read the legislation that committed these incredible sums of money to the ’stimulus’ bill – which became Porkulus Americanus as our Clowns of Congress snuffled at the trough like a collection of Poland Chinas that hadn’t been fed in a week. They spent billions upon billions bailing out scumbags who had snookered We the Taxpayer, and in the process tap-danced and finger-pointed and blamed everyone but themselves for the sweetheart system that dumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into their campaign funds as a reward for setting We the Taxpayers up for a fiscal kill.

‘Boldly and swiftly’? How about ’stupidly and ill-advisedly’?

Then Obama came out with his new bit of fiscal brilliance last week, whereby he laid on some of the most restrictive ‘oversight’ on the banks since the 30’s. Unfortunately, it was all smoke and mirrors; it was all designed to make him look like a Savior of the Common People while ‘fighting’ (he likes to use that term; all of them do) the ‘fat cat’ bankers and other oppressors of the proletariat.

If there was ever an enemy of business in America, it is Barack H. Obama.

Obama can rail against the capitalist swine, but the truth is, it is business, and especially small business, that keeps We the Common People out of the poorhouse. That some small business owners seem to think we have an obligation to shop their places no matter how poorly run they are is another matter; the Darwinian bent of the market will take care of them and they can blame whoever they wish for their failure. But the bottom line is that America’s entrepreneurs and successful small businesses are the mainstay of our economic system. I don’t know why Barack H. Obama doesn’t get that, but he doesn’t.

Obama’s Marxist political and economic theories aren’t going to do anything but drag this recession out, longer and longer and longer.

But now, Obama has announced a partial ’spending freeze’.

That sounds good after all that insane spending he and his socialist accomplices have done this past year.

But when you cut to the chase, all that is really being ’saved’ is a quarter of a billion bux over ten years.

But it sho’ do sound good, coming the day before the State of the Union, doesn’t it? Here’s the truth of the matter:

“President Obama, after spending hundreds of billions his first year, now is seeking a partial three-year federal spending freeze that would reduce budgets by less than 1 percent.”

Once again, Obama is counting on you being as stupid as he thinks you are. And so, I will wager, do Colorado’s Three Obama Stooges, John Salazar, Mike Bennet, and Mark Udall. They have been in lockstep with Obama since before last January 21st. And they will be in lockstep with him on this, as well.

I wonder if Obama’s ’spending freeze’ includes keeping Nancy Pelosi off military aircraft on her idiotic junkets.


Swink Lions thump Las Animas

Go to the Writing Places galleries:

Photo galleries and click on the Lady Lions link under “Sports”.

Meanwhile … ‘thump’ might be a bit of overkill, as the Las Animas Lady Trojans fought the Lady Lions to a fare-thee-well with the final score at 41-40.

Lions varsity did in fact maul the Trojans: 70-51. Click on the Lions varsity link under “Sports”.

It's all Bush's fault

Our empty suit of a president obviously thinks we’re idiots. His comments on Scott Brown’s win in Massachusetts:

“Here’s my assessment of not just the vote in Massachusetts, but the mood around the country: the same thing that swept Scott Brown into office swept me into office…People are angry and they are frustrated. Not just because of what’s happened in the last year or two years, but what’s happened over the last eight years.”

Obama needs to shut off the teleprompter for a few moments and collect his thoughts, then come up with something reasonably rational.

The ‘mood around the country’ is not George Bush’s fault. It may have been, probably was, almost certainly was, the mood during the last quarter of 2008 and even earlier. That’s why Barack H. Obama is in the Orchid Office. It wasn’t that everyone thought he was going to be A Great Leader … it was because most of us were sick of the Republicans (we still are, for that matter).

But now we are sick of the Democrats, too. We’re increasingly sick of Barack H. Obama.

It isn’t George Bush’s fault, Mr. President. It’s yours. And Harry Reid’s, and Nancy Pelosi’s, and the rest of the oxygen thieves we have sucking the lifeblood out of the country, up there on Capitol Hill.

Christians should not avoid the culture

My church was pretty conservative while I was growing up. We preached no movies, no dancing, no smoking, no drinking; the list went on and on, it seemed. I thought our church was really conservative until I attended a private school of an even more conservative denomination. At this school, students were required to sign a contract that said we would not listen to secular music, wear pants (girls), watch movies, etc. The list was longer than my own church’s list.

The thinking behind all of these rules, was that Christians were supposed to be different from the people in the culture at large. We were supposed to be “in the world, but not of the world,” a “peculiar people.” What we ended up being, however, was isolationists. We removed ourselves from the culture (or world) and created our own subculture. Symbolically speaking, the Christian world packed up all its worldly or secular goods, and went to live on a hill called “WWJDland.” In this world, we developed our own books, movies, music. There are even mints and chocolates with a Christian theme. We created our own stationery, cards, gift items, art, key chains, T-shirts, and now jeans, toys, video games and anything else you could want, including John 3:16 golfballs. It’s like we’ve left one culture that we despised for its materialism and created our own with the materialism included.

We would not call ourselves materialistic, however. We would say that by using these things we were witnessing or edifying ourselves for God’s glory.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I suppose, but what happens when I develop a friendship with a person who does not go to church? Actually, would that happen? After all, a lot of us surround ourselves with church activities and people; we can even work at Christian ministries and become more and more isolated, if we want. I know this. I’ve been there, done that, bought the T-shirt, and all the while wondered why the church wasn’t growing. Anyway, when we actually strike up a conversation with “outsiders”, they realize our disconnect with the culture rather quickly. The typical Christian response to this is “Good, they’ll ask me why I’m different and I’ll talk to them about Jesus!” That falls rather flat, and while we might be doing okay with “… the far corners of the earth …” we are not doing so well with ” … Jerusalem …” (Acts 1:8).

Hmmm … seems like if I don’t know what’s going on in my own culture, the outsider might consider me sheltered or even a prude, and could not care less about my Jesus, especially if I have a supercilious attitude. I have encountered this attitude from the body of Christ more than once.

The best interpretation of the verse I mentioned should be “in the world, but not completely sold on the world system.” The difference in interpretation means that I will work on my attitude instead of concentrating on rules. It means that instead of avoiding the culture, I’ll check out popular movies and music, to perhaps find talking points and even carry on a conversation that might lead to more than a superficial relationship. I may not embrace the central themes of a movie, but through this approach I’ll be able to explain why without sounding self-righteous. This interpretation will cause me to regard church as a place to refuel rather than hide. I’ll still have Christian friends, but I’ll also be able to introduce those friends to my non-believing friends. The difference will be that Christ’s spirit will be in the center of my being where ever I am and people will know that I am a Christian by the love I have in my heart for others, rather than a Pharisaic infatuation with rules.

Does this ring true with anyone? Or, are we comfortable living by the rules? It’s a lot easier, but in the gospels, we find that Jesus would not have favored the “rules” approach at all. He was involved with people, whether they believed in him or not.


Pants wetting on Capitol Hill

The Democrats are running around like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off, in a state of near hysteria as Obama’s leftist agenda finally begins to tank.

After months of unbridled, insufferable arrogance on the part of our Democratic CongressClowns … after months of their ridicule of ‘Tea Partyers’ … after months of listening to union/SEIU purple-shirted socialist drivel … after months of listening to CongressClowns not listening …

Obama’s far left socialist/welfare state agenda begins to tank.

Dems ‘Hysterical’ as Obama Retreats on Health

Top Democrats said they would press ahead despite growing doubts among rank-and-file members that they can pass a bill they’ve been laboring over for nearly a year. A host of ideas offered in recent days have lost favor.

One day after losing their filibuster-proof Senate majority in a Massachusetts special election, exhausted Senate Democrats looked downtrodden as they filed into their weekly lunch in a second-floor room at the Capitol. “People are hysterical right now,” said one Senate aide.

Party members clashed openly over what to do next. Sen. Max Baucus, a top Senate Democrat, appeared to throw cold water on a bill that would focus only on stiffer insurance regulations. Rep. Charles Rangel, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, scotched another idea, a complicated parliamentary maneuver to usher a bill quickly to the president’s desk.

Some of them still don’t get it, however. Note that “… top Democrats said they would press ahead … “

Press ahead, you morons. The mid-terms cometh …

And where are the Three Obama Stooges of Colorado? Anyone heard anything other than canned crap in the form of press releases from John Salazar, Mark Udall, and Mike Bennet?

We do have this from Bennet:

“Last night, the voters of Massachusetts didn’t just elect a senator; they sent a message to Washington that I have heard all across Colorado — they want their leaders to listen to them and not the special interests,” Bennet said. “They want us to focus on jobs, on lowering the cost of health care, and holding Wall Street accountable. They expect results, and it’s up to me and the rest of Washington to deliver.”

That’s right, Bennet. And it doesn’t mean pumping trillions of our dollars into stupid, ill-conceived, ill-advised ’stimulus’ plans that haven’t and don’t work; or more bailouts, or a health care bill that can only be described as a legislative abortion.

Go ahead, Bennet. Keep up your track record so far and you will indeed be a one-termer. Along with Udall, and John “Arkansas Valley Watermeister” Salazar.

It's Bush's fault!

Our empty suit of a president obviously thinks we’re idiots. His comments on Scott Brown’s win in Massachusetts:

“Here’s my assessment of not just the vote in Massachusetts, but the mood around the country: the same thing that swept Scott Brown into office swept me into office…People are angry and they are frustrated. Not just because of what’s happened in the last year or two years, but what’s happened over the last eight years.”

Obama needs to shut off the teleprompter for a few moments and collect his thoughts, then come up with something reasonably rational.

The ‘mood around the country’ is not George Bush’s fault. It may have been, probably was, almost certainly was, the mood during the last quarter of 2008 and even earlier. That’s why Barack H. Obama is in the Orchid Office. It wasn’t that everyone thought he was going to be A Great Leader … it was because most of us were sick of the Republicans (we still are, for that matter).

But now we are sick of the Democrats, too. We’re increasingly sick of Barack H. Obama.

It isn’t George Bush’s fault, Mr. President. It’s yours. And Harry Reid’s, and Nancy Pelosi’s, and the rest of the oxygen thieves we have sucking the lifeblood out of the country, up there on Capitol Hill.


"Ya think?"

Scott Brown’s win in Massachusetts has upset the Obamanians’ applecart.

The Chikaga machine sitting there in the Orchid Office has a monkey wrench in the works. So far, they have ignored all the indications that We the People – a significant majority of us – are not overwhelmed with Obama’s empty rhetoric, posturing, and pandering. Obama and his henchmen have cut deals with the unions and pharmaceutical companies, ridiculed those of us who are fed up with his far left agenda and his attempts to shove it down our throats, and generally played the country like its one of those corrupt Chicago wards where favors can be bought and sold, and screw the people and what they think.

Maybe now some of the more sensible Democrats will stop and think:

Though Democrats have discussed ways to fast-track the legislation so as to send it to President Obama’s desk before Brown gets sworn in, cracks in the Democrats’ resolve started to show Tuesday night.

Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., said it would “only be fair and prudent that we suspend further votes on health care legislation until Brown is seated.”

Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., a fierce advocate for health care reform, also said it might be time to take a time-out on health care reform and focus on jobs

Though I suspect it is more fear of losing their jobs than any sense of right or wrong, or fairness, or anything having to do with listening to their constituents rather than sucking up to Obama and his crew of expensively-suited fish-mongering thugs.

Where do Mike Bennet, Mark Udall, and John Salazar stand in all this?


Christian book-buying

I was born and raised, more or less, into and in the Catholic church. The Roman church.

When I was a kid, my mother decided to take a look at some of the Protestant churches. So we did some church shopping.

I remember we visited a Protestant church in rural Tennessee. It was very … Pentecostal.

I particularly remember going into the church, and having my hand grabbed and shaken and squeezed by a woman who said to me … “Welcome! Welcome to Christianity!”

I remember thinking, “Well … Pope Pius would find that an interesting thing …”. We didn’t stay long in that church. In fact, I think that was the last time we were in that church.

Well … we went back to the Catholic church, more or less, sometimes less, and then later when I could make my own choices, quite a bit less. There is a lot I liked about the Catholic church, and a lot that I did not. But the reason we went back to the Catholic Church is that we found too many – not all by any means, but too many – Protestants to be a judgmental lot, full of self-righteous contempt for others, and sorely lacking in understanding and application of Christ’s new commandment. Which is not to say you won’t find that in the Catholic Church, but at least we were used to their brand of it, and we were not targets of it.

It never crossed my mind that the Catholic church was not and is not a “Christian” Church. Even Luther never thought that; Luther’s beef was not so much with the theology of the Church as it was with some of the corrupted practices of the Church. All those latter day (so to speak) Benny Hinns and Pat Robertsons, you see. Luther, contrary to what quite a few Protestants seem to think, did not advocate a split with the Church. So it is particularly odd that so many Protestants seem to consider Catholics as ‘non-Christians’, or at best, heathen pretenders. You know, like Mormons and JW’s and Christian Scientists and so on.

Despite that it is “widely used” by a number of denominations other than Catholics, I wonder at how many of those “Christians” have ever taken a look at the Apostles’ Creed, a foundational stone in the Catholic Church’s prayer tradition. It’s a beautiful prayer and statement of one's faith, all the more so in Latin.

And if they have taken a look at it, anyone want to wager that it hasn't been changed to cut out that offensive 'catholic'?

So when I find a so-called “Christian” bookstore that refuses to carry items in which Catholics are interested – including books – I have to wonder … do the owners not believe that Catholics are Christians? It seems to be the only logical explanation, especially considering that Roman Catholics comprise the largest denomination in the state - 60% here in the Smile Hi City - and when economic times are difficult.

It’s really an offensive attitude. Contrary to what many pastors seem to think, being a “Christian” is not easy, nor is it simple. For if you are going to accept Christ as savior, then it seems that you would really make an effort to live up to his new commandment. And that’s the difficult part, for ‘loving’ our fellow humans in the sense of Christ’s teachings is a challenge sufficient to make one lose his religion. I will confess to being weak in that area. So I’ll recite an Act of Contrition and try to do better. I probably won’t, but the spirit is willing even if the flesh is weak.

That offensiveness is why I will not shop in such an establishment. I can shop Amazon and BN and find anything I need, and not have to put up with offensive, self-righteous, judgmental condescension from the storekeepers.

Amen, brothers and sisters: "Ite missa est ... the Mass is ended, go in peace to love and serve the Lord."


7th Grade La Junta Lady Cubs trounce Las Animas

7th Grade La Junta girls trounce Las Animas

Controlled burn

There was a controlled burn a half mile or so south of US 50 on CR 17 this evening. We made it out there after all the belching of flame and smoke was done. What we got was this smoky haze hanging over the field:

Pikes Peak through controlled burn haze.

Pike's Peak, seen from Road 17 west of Rocky Ford.

Haze remains over a field cleared by a controlled burn.

Smoky haze over a field cleared by controlled burn


Swink's JV boys squash Crowley Chargers

Swink’s JV Boys squashed the Chargers:

Swink Boys 01.16.2010


Obama's brilliance

This is the latest bit of fiscal brilliance from the Harvard grad:

Yesterday, President Obama announced our proposed Financial Crisis Responsibility Fee on the country’s largest banks:

“My commitment is to recover every single dime the American people are owed. And my determination to achieve this goal is only heightened when I see reports of massive profits and obscene bonuses at some of the very firms who owe their continued existence to the American people…We want our money back, and we’re going to get it.”

What we see here is Barack H. Obama, Harvard grad, Nobel prize winner, wanna-be economist, part-time fiscal expert, and apparently Rocket Scientist Emeritus, is a scam.

C’mon. This is the guy who shoved the bailouts down our throats, along with that crap sandwich known as Porkulus Americanus (aka “the stimulus”), faster than a pelican can digest a finger mullet and squirt out its backside. He called that “acting swiftly and boldly”.

He acted so swiftly, and so “boldly”, that he and his accomplices Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Timothy “Eunuch of the Treasury” Geithner, and the lesser henchmen, didn’t bother to read or consider what was being passed.

Now … having realized that he screwed the pooch many times over … and more importantly, having realized that a good many of We the Taxpayers recognize what a fool he was … he postures and panders, and like a good Democrat, comes up with yet another “fee”. Obama should get together with Bill Ritter on that fee thing. Yep, he’s come up with another fee, and he’s pushing it like he’s an avenging angel, protecting us from the bad guys.

He thinks you and I are too stupid to see that he’s the one that set up the mess to begin with.

“Boldly and swiftly”. Demo-speak for “precipitously and ill-advisedly.” We could also add “stupidly” to that.

All with the aid of John Salazar, Ken Salazar, Mike Bennet, and Mark Udall.

Oh … what’s really cute about this? That italicized section above is copied from a pitch being sent out by the Democrats, under Joe Biden’s name. Yep. It presents that two-fisted standup message from The Obamessiah … and at the bottom of the message is one of those little buttons you can click … to DONATE MORE MONEY TO THESE BUFFOONS!

How stupid do they think we are?

Our political whores

Ben Nelson, Nebraska’s political-whore-in-chief, is now asking his accomplices to dump the Cornhusker Bribe. He is also now claiming that he never wanted special deal for Nebraska:

Nelson’s been arguing ever since that he never wanted a special deal for Nebraska and that he wants all states protected from burdensome new costs.

The man’s apparently a saint.

Unfortunately, Nelson’s plaintive whines push his credibility factor beyond all limits. Nelson has no credibility factor. He’s a self-serving, lying whiner. He doesn’t even have the balls to stand by his original sell-out, and he thinks his constituents are stupid enough to buy this line of bull.

Meanwhile, speaking of Special Deals, the latest ‘accomplishment’ by Barack “The Chikaga Hack” Obama really sounds like something Daley and his ward bosses would come up with:

Democrats hammered over backroom deal with unions

The Democrats, and Barack “Hope and Change” Obama, have cut a deal with the unions, exempting them from that 40% tax on so-called “Cadillac” health plans. Remember, Obama is in the unions’ pocket … SEIU and their purple-shirted thugs are really nothing more than a group of thuggish enforcers for the agenda that Obama is pushing for them. They get the votes for Barack “No Special Interest Groups” Obama, and Obama cuts them … special deals.

What’s the scoop there? If you aren’t in a union but can afford a “Cadillac” health plan, you must be a Republican? So they’ll hit you with the 40% while Obama’s union henchmen are exempted?

The Democrats, and Barack H. Obama, are not even trying to hide their corrupt, behind-the-scenes political whoring.

And where do John Salazar, Mike Bennet, and Mark Udall stand in all this? Up to their necks in the political cesspool? Is Mike Bennet going to tell us again how virtuous he is?

It’s enough to make a goat puke …


We agree! We agree!

For once, Obama’s objectionably snarky Press Secretary Robert “Giggles” Gibbs and I agree!

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va.— A White House spokesman on Thursday slammed evangelist broadcaster Pat Robertson’s remark that Haiti has been cursed.

A devastating magnitude-7 earthquake hit the small island nation Tuesday.

“It never ceases to amaze me that in times of amazing human suffering somebody says something that can be so utterly stupid,” White HouseRobert Gibbs said. spokesman

The day after the earthquake, Robertson said Haiti has been “cursed” because of what he called a “pact with the devil” in its history. His spokesman said the comments were based on Voodoo rituals carried out before a slave rebellion against French colonists in 1791.

Spokesman Chris Roslan says Robertson never said the earthquake was God’s wrath.

Earlier, senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett said on ABC’s “Good Morning America” that Roberston’s statement left her speechless. She called it “a pretty stunning comment to make” and said it doesn’t express the spirit of the American people or the president.

Beware of scammers

As millions of people worldwide look for ways to contribute to rescue and relief actions in Haiti, the scammers are circling like buzzards.

Here is an article that gives some good advice on how to avoid being scammed:

As World Looks to Help Haiti, Scammers Sit Poised

Be especially leery of ‘text to donate’ services.

An excerpt from the article:

Two that are trustworthy are:

-- Texting HAITI to 90999: The U.S. Department of State's Web site suggests texting "HAITI" to "90999" to donate $10 to the Red Cross to help with relief efforts. The $10 will be charged to your cell phone bill. Or you can go online to organizations like the Red Cross and Mercy Corps to contribute to the disaster relief efforts.

-- Texting YELE to 501501: On Twitter, musician Wyclef Jean, a native of Haiti, notes, "Haiti needs your help text YELE to 501501 and 5 dollars will go toward earthquake relief." Yele Haiti is a grassroots movement Jean has set up to inspire change in Haiti through programs in education, sports, the arts and environment.

According to the Internet Storm Center, both of these "text to" options are legitimate services: "Both short codes in use right now, 501501 and 90999, are tracing back to registered twitter accounts and I consider them authentic at this point," says the Center's Johannes B. Ullrich. But other text-to-donate services may arise, and not all of them will be trustworthy.

"Reports of Haitian 'text to donate' scams rising. Only give to orgs you recognize, have researched yourself or are referred by trusted source," noted All Headline News in a post to Twitter.

Pat Robertson: The Devil's Advocate

Pat Robertson is at it again.

The earthquake down in Haiti is God's work. Yep. The people of Haiti brought it on themselves.

Robertson is milking the old myth about the people of Haiti having made a pact with Satan:

Robertson says: "The debbil made God do it"

In the flick, "Devil's Advocate", Al Pacino plays a very good Satan, while Keanu Reeves - a young lawyer - falls for Pacino's promises of wealth and power. The flick is based on Andrew Neiderman's novel of the same name. I thought Neiderman had done a bang up job in selecting lawyers to portray Satan's bought-off minions. It all fit so well.

But Neiderman missed a sure thing by not portraying those satanic bought-off minions as televangelists and other "men of God".

With people like Robertson "spreading Christ's love" like this, the devil's work is pretty much done:


Haiti relief donations

As most of us already know, people in Haiti are suffering most grievously and need a great deal of help.

The Nazarene church’s Nazarene Compassionate Ministries are taking donations for relief work in Haiti. Donations may be made here:

Haiti relief donations

Other churches have relief efforts under way as well:

Baptist global response

United Methodist Committee on Relief

Presbyterian Church (USA) Ministry and Mission

Catholic Relief Services

Here is the Salvation Army’s donation page:

Salvation Army online donations

Here are some other ways to donate:

How to help the Haiti earthquake victims

See also:


Direct Relief

Yele Haiti

Partners in Health

Red Cross

World Food Program

Mercy Corps (1-888-256-1900)

Save the Children

Lambi Fund

Doctors Without Borders

The International Rescue Committee


"The sound of China breaking"

That's the title of Rich Galen's post over on his American Cybercolumn:


And take a look at his article, "The sound of China breaking".

If it isn't on the front page, scroll down to the bottom to the "Recent issues of Mullings" section. There is a hot link there.


Harry the racist

So Harry Reid was outed this weekend when "Game Change" was released.

As most of us know, Reid was outed for his racist comments about Obama - that Obama is 'light-skinned' and that he has 'no Negro dialect' ... unless he wants one.

Reid, of course, tripped over his robe in his haste to apologize profusely to The One ... and The One, of course, graciously accepted the apology.

One can only wonder if the 'graciousness' has more to do with Obama being Reid's puppet master than anything else. It's nice to have a tame majority leader in the senate.

But here's the thing ... anyone who has been around very many flagpoles understands this race thing very well.

Picture whitemeat Harry Reid, privileged member of the ruling class, a Mormon from Nevada ... a Mormon, mind you ... and you'd have to be blind, deaf, and dumb not to understand how the Mormon church views non-whites ... talking about Obama being 'light-skinned'. The implication there is that at least Obama isn't some deep black geechie Gullah; that at least he is socially acceptable, even to the leftie elitists, if they're willing to stretch a point. It may not seem rabidly racist, but unless you've grown up with your head in the racial sand, you know what a mean, nasty, condescending, racist little attitude it reveals.

The Mormon church has a long history of institutionalized racism. The only reason the Mormon church started barely tolerating blacks as members has to do with money, not any sense of Christian love and brotherhood. In the late seventies the IRS started cracking down on the Mormon church, threatening to revoke their tax-exempt status, because of that institutionalized racism. And college teams were refusing to play in Utah. Groups were boycotting Mormon businesses. People were boycotting Utah as a tourism destination. That's some big bux there.

So what happened? The Mormons had another one of those Revelations from God ... yep. They did. on June 6, 1978, God told 'em it would be OK to allow blacks in the church. Praise God! Praise Jesus! Apparently the Pearl of Great Price was ...wrong? One of God's Holy Books was ... wrong? Or God just changed his mind? Ka-ching! Ka-ching! Listen! a Celestial cash register chiming out heavenly hymns ...

Harry Reid ...another closet racist.

Oh ... lest you think Harry's attitude is unique among the annointed elitists of the left:

Clinton's 'coffee' remark disturbing

Same attitude.

Swink basketball rocks gym Friday night

We have more photos of Friday evening's BB games up on the T-D website:

Swink basketball rocks gym Friday night


Swink takes the Patriots in double overtime

Swink Lions took the Patriots in JV, girls and Varsity, with varsity going into a screamfest of a double overtime game:

It was a tough game ...

and some people were a bit tense ...

See the TD website galleries on Monday for a lot more photos. We got some good ones.


"... the most transparent Congress ever ..."

That asinine statement is from Nancy Pelosi.

Here is Michael Ramirez' take on that:

Most transparent Congress ever

The most transparent Congress ever is holding secret meetings behind locked doors. Actually, it's the Gang of Three: Pelosi, Reid, and Obama - that are holding the secret meetings while their puppets, the eunuchs of Congress, are allowing them to get away with it. Our Colorado Senators don't have the balls to call them out on it. They are lock-stepped in with The Gang of Three.

Here's more on The Gang of Three and their secret meetings:

Most transparent administration ever to hold secret closed door meetings on health care

They are also bypassing the conference committees:

Dems agree that House will take up Senate healthcare bill

Barack H. Obama: Liar-in-Chief.

Nelson throws Obama under the bus

Yep … Nebraska’s political-whore-in-chief Ben Nelson, he who cut the so-called “Cornhusker Deal”, is bleating like a sheep and pointing fingers everywhere, though right now that finger-pointing is mostly at Mr. Transparency, Barack H. Obama.

Sen. Ben Nelson, the Nebraska Democrat who played a pivotal role in helping the Senate pass its version of health care reform right before Christmas, said this week that the Obama administration should have delayed taking up the issue to spend more time tackling economic problems.

“I think it was a mistake to take health care on as opposed to continuing to spend the time on the economy,” Nelson told the Fremont Tribune.

Ya think? Can it be that a Democrat from the US Senate has actually engaged his brain instead of lock-stepping in with Obama’s puppet masters?

Then we have:

Ever since Nelson provided Democrats with the crucial 60th vote to advance the Senate bill toward passage last month, he has been trying to explain his actions to his constituents — a move that underscores the challenge Nelson faces in maintaining public support in a conservative state.

The deal Nelson cut with Senate Democratic leaders to gain his critical vote would exempt Nebraska from having to pay for the coverage of new enrollees into its Medicaid program and leave the tab with the federal government — a move expected to cost Uncle Sam $100 million over the next 10 years

It also leaves the tab for Nebraska with you and me and everyone from all the other states – except, of course, Louisiana, whose political-whore-in-chief Mary Landrieu sold her vote for $300 million.

Colorado’s Mike Bennet made a big deal over chastising Nelson and calling Nelson’s vote-selling more or less unethical. He was pretty self-righteous about that position. However, Bennet misses the point completely. If he and his other sycophantic brethren are so outraged over Nelson’s Cornhusker Deal, why did they go ahead and vote for the thing anyway? Why didn’t someone have the balls to say “No … I’m not going to have my constituents paying for Nelson’s constituent’s Medicaid.”

Thanks, Mike. You’re a real ethical gem. So is your compadre, Mark Udall.

Meanwhile, over in California, RINO ‘Ahnold’ Schwarzenegger gave his State of the State speech yesterday. In that speech he said:

And now Congress is about to pile billions more onto California with the new health care bill. Now, as you know, while I enthusiastically supported health care reform, it is not reform to push more costs onto states that are already struggling while other states are getting sweetheart deals. Health care reform, which started as noble and needed legislation, has become a trough of bribes, deals and loopholes. Yet you’ve heard of the bridge to nowhere. Well, this is health care to nowhere.

California’s congressional delegation should either vote against this bill that is a disaster for California or get in there and fight for the same sweetheart deal that Senator Nelson of Nebraska got for the Cornhusker State. (Applause) Because that senator got for the Cornhusker State the corn and we got the husk. (Laughter)

“Nebraska got the corn and we got the husk.”


“Healthcare to nowhere.”


“Healthcare reform … a trough of bribes, deals, and loopholes …”.


Meanwhile, Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid are behind closed doors – Congress isn’t even in session – cutting deals and deciding what the puppets of the House and Senate are going to vote on. Three people and a collection of political eunuchs are going to shove this crap sandwich down our throats …

And right at the top of that list of political sycophants and eunuchs you will find our Congressional delegation from Colorado:

Mark Udall
Mike Bennet
John Salazar

Obama’s puppets.


Obama's lies about "transparency"

Obama on "transparency":

Lied, didn't he. Through his teeth ... typical Chikaga political hack.

"Giggles" Gibbs dodges the Question - as usual:

Ritter checks out ...

… well … not quite yet.

As most of us now know, Governor Bill Ritter has announced that he will not seek re-election.

So far as most of us are concerned, Ritter is most famous for being the reason behind the ‘Taxorado’ signs, as well as our referring to Colorado under Ritter as “The Land of the Fee”.

Of course, the state ledge has their fingers deep into that pie, too.

But Ritter has done some good things. He vetoed Ed Casso’s firefighters’ labor bill, and he vetoed that bill that would have let union workers more easily suck at the public tit if they managed to get themselves locked out on strike. We here at BloggerCentral are not big on unions, organizations that these days seem perfectly willing to screw over the country so long as they have their benefits. Check out Ron Gettlefinger’s host of whiners and leeches over in the United Auto Workers, who are arguably behind much of the auto industry’s woes in recent times. I see no reason why someone with a perfectly good job should have an easier time of getting taxpayer funded benefits as the result of a worker strike. We are on the same page as Ritter on that one. And he vetoed that bill that would have made it easier to organize unions.

Note that the so-called ‘firefighter’s labor bill’ would have allowed firefighters to form collective bargaining units in Colorado communities where the voters had already voted against such a provision. What Ritter did was refuse to allow the state to overrule local rule:

Ritter said he vetoed Senate Bill 180 because firefighters in a handful of cities already have the right to collective bargaining but the bill would thwart local voters who have opted against it. Ritter also said he would order members of his administration to work with local governments and firefighters to develop a statewide fire safety program.

Ritter’s reasoning for vetoing the Public Tit bill:

Then, as he later signed Senate Bill 247, which increases the number of Coloradans who qualify for unemployment insurance and will bring in some $200 million in federal money, someone yelled: “Where was your support for the grocery workers when you vetoed House Bill 1170, governor?”

Ritter replied: “I’m going to sign these bills, and then we’ll talk.”

After he finished, the governor rose to the microphone and first told the crowd how many of the new laws will help workers affected by the recession. He then explained that signing HB 1170 would have been akin to the government implementing new playing rules for negotiations between the UFCW and the three grocery chains that have been underway since April 9.

But Casso, who seems to be a Colorado version of ol’ Gus Hall but without the brains, had this to say:

“Let me blindly be the first statehouse Democrat to endorse any Democrat who wins our nomination, as they again give us real hope of retaining this office.”

“As with most of his decisions in the last four years, the governor is a day late, a dollar short, and without regard except for his own well being and interests,” Casso said.

Waydago, Casso. Continue on with that blind Democratic leadership. I’d say Casso certainly understands the concept of ‘his own well-being and interests’. Note that Casso is really not against all the fees and other albatrosses the Democrats are hanging around our necks … he’s hot because Ritter won’t join him in singing the Colorado version of L’Internationale.

Meanwhile, another Republican has announced a run against Casso.


The Secrets of Harry Reid

By now most of us are aware that the Democrats are planning to deliberately exclude the Republicans from negotiations on the HarryCare/PelosiCare/ObamaCare final workups. From an article in The New Republic:

According to a pair of senior Capitol Hill staffers, one from each chamber, House and Senate Democrats are “almost certain” to negotiate informally rather than convene a formal conference committee. Doing so would allow Democrats to avoid a series of procedural steps--not least among them, a series of special motions in the Senate, each requiring a vote with full debate--that Republicans could use to stall deliberations, just as they did in November and December.

Well ... some might see the Republican recalcitrance as 'stalling' the deliberations, or 'gumming up the works' ... but that's one of the unfortunate byproducts of a deliberative democratic process. While Harry and Nancy and Barack Obama might see that debate as 'stalling', others of us see it as putting the brakes on a runaway train. We have already seen the destructive influence of Obama's 'acting boldly and swiftly'. All that means is that Obama gets to shove another crap sandwich down our throats. Another bill, unread, rife with legalistic mumb0-jumbo, swollen with pork, loaded with hidden pitfalls and traps. Look at Porculus Americanus, the bailouts, and pretty much everything else the Democrats have done under the guise of acting 'boldly and swiftly'. I see it as 'ill-advisedly and precipitously', but then I am an Enemy of the State so what do I know.

The Secrets of Harry Reid are not setting well with CSPAN, however. CSPAN is calling Obama out on this one.

Remember this?

"That's what I will do in bringing all parties together, not negotiating behind closed doors, but bringing all parties together, and broadcasting those negotiations on C-SPAN so that the American people can see what the choices are."

That was Barack Obama on 31 January 2008, in Los Angeles, 'debating' Hillary Clinton. Obama touted that as part of his 'transparency', which was also part of that 'Hope and Change'.

From the Foxnews article cited above:

C-SPAN CEO Brian Lamb wrote to leaders in the House and Senate Dec. 30 urging them to open "all important negotiations, including any conference committee meetings," to televised coverage on his network.

"The C-SPAN networks will commit the necessary resources to covering all of the sessions LIVE and in their entirety," he wrote.

Congressional leaders, however, reportedly are expected to bypass the traditional conference committee process, in which lawmakers from both parties and chambers meet to reconcile differences between the House and Senate versions of a bill. Instead, The Associated Press reports that top Democrats at the House, Senate and White House will figure out the final product in three-way talks before sending it back to both chambers for a final vote.

This format would seem ideal for closed-door meetings, which congressional Democrats have used many times to figure out sensitive provisions in the health care bill -- though President Obama pledged during the campaign to open up health care talks to C-SPAN's cameras.

CNN also has a mainpage article up:

Partisan health care

"It's sign of the unhealthy quality of our politics that a bill this significant in our social history is passing with only one party in favor," [Gergen] said.


Nickels, who spent several years as a congressional staff aide, pointed to the 1980s for an example of the risks of acting on legislation without public support.

Congress passed the Catastrophic Coverage Act in 1988. The legislation was intended to expand Medicare to protect seniors against catastrophic medical expenses. To pay for it, enrollees saw higher monthly premiums and a surtax. Senior citizens became livid when they fully understood its impact, Nickels said.

Democratic Rep. Dan Rostenkowski of Illinois championed the legislation, which was enacted with the help of the AARP. Nickels recalled that angry voters booed the congressman and pelted his car with eggs. The law was repealed in 1989.

"In the battle of the spin wars to come on the health care bill, no one should underestimate the public's reaction once the impact of the bill's provisions become clearer and, if enacted, actually felt," Nickels said.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi has chimed in with a statement that is pretty much incoherent:

'There has never been a more open process for any legislation in anyone who’s served here’s experience'.
If anyone can explain to me what that means I would be eternally grateful. I am wondering if she has been at the medical marijuana, or if she is simply tippling from a flask hidden in her reference copy of the Congressional Record. She has obviously forgotten that back when Harry Reid was in his secret sessions with annointed Democrats, John McCain complained that only the Democratic leadership knew what was going on. Then Dickie Durbin came back with: 'I would say to the senator from Arizona that I am in the dark almost as much as he is and I am in the leadership.'

Nancy's staff should open that copy of the Record beyond the little cutout where the flask is hidden; both McCain's and Durbin's statements are right there.

Hope. Change. Transparency.

All Obamanian lies. Our president is not only an empty suit, he is a lying Chikaga political hack.

The Secrets of Harry Reid do not mesh well with Obama's campaign promises. Of course ... what campaign promises has our empty suit of a president lived up to ... and why should we expect anything different now?

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C-130H3's from Peterson AFB's 302nd Airlift Wing overfly La Junta City Park


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Nonetheless, Cunningham was a legendary fighter pilot, and his fight against the North Vietnamese MiGs in Showtime 100 was one of history’s greatest. It is covered in some detail in The History Channel’s “Dogfights: The Greatest Air Battles”.