The Arizona Law

An analysis of George Will's comments:

Will says Arizona law merely echoes Federal immigration law

Which is true. But, since the Feds refuse to enforce Federal immigration law, Arizona is taking matters into their own collective hands.

But we keep hearing about how cops can now stop people for no reason other than they are brown. Even Obama is on that bandwagon.

And even Obama is dead wrong about that.

The section that is causing the most furor:


So before any police officer can pursue the issue of illegal presence of a person in the United States, that police officer must have a lawful reason to 'interface' with that person. Just like anywhere else. A police officer cannot 'stop over' a person for no reason in Colorado; a police officer may not 'stop over' a person for no reason in Arizona, and this new Arizona law does not change that.

Further, the law specifically prohibits the sole use of race, color, or national origin as 'reasonable suspicion' that any person is in this country illegally. And, although the possession of a real piece of identification as listed in the statute is presumptive evidence of legal presence, there is no requirement to have 'your papers', or to comply with a 'I vant to zee your papiers, bitte.' Colorado's statutes are full of provisions for 'affirmative defense' or 'presumptive innocence', whatever you want to call it. Arizona's law is neither unique nor otherwise remarkable in this.

So all those people who are whooping and hollering about how this law allows cops to stop people for simply being 'brown', are as full of crap as a Louisiana pelican. And that starts with our President, Barack H. Obama, who is too busy pandering to the Hispanic voters to remember that he is a self-proclaimed "Constitutional scholar". Or perhaps, like our CongressionalClowns, it's another piece of legislation he hasn't bothered to read.

Aftermath redux

Buddies, hometowns honor last two Marines killed in Vietnam War

A blue-eyed Eagle Scout from Iowa and an athletic daredevil from Massachusetts hold a place in history that no one wanted for them.

On April 29, 1975, Lance Cpl. Darwin L. Judge, 19, and Cpl. Charles McMahon, 21, became the last Americans killed in action in the Vietnam War.

High Finances

From Rich Galen's An American Cyber Column this morning:

# The Goldman Sachs/U.S. Senate showdown the other day was distressing. The Goldman Sachs guys obviously don't understand why the American people are so tired of their ignoring basic decency in their business practices, and the U.S. Senators don't understand why we think they are a bunch of ignorant, showboating jerks.

# If you don't think the thugs who run these financial houses need oversight, consider this inside-the-paper story from the Wall Street Journal.

# In 2008, a guy in Chicago, Evan Brent Dooley, had a trading account with the brokerage firm of MF Global Holdings, Ltd. Mr. Dooley traded in wheat futures. Like Wonder Bread wheat.

# Traders in commodity futures bet on whether they believe the price of that commodity will go up (going "long") or it will go down (going "short").

# According to the WSJ, on the night of Feb. 26, 2008 Dooley "allegedly bought and sold 31,964 wheat contracts." Note the number of contracts.

# He began his trading binge "with a negative balance of about $3,000 in his account and, by the next morning, held a short position valued at $872 million."

# The financial system was operating so out of any known realm of reality that a legitimate brokerage house allowed a guy who was three grand in the hole to make so many trades that in one night he was holding nearly a BILLION DOLLARS worth of contracts.

# Nah. They don't need any oversight.

# We dummies whose heavy involvement in financial instruments is limited to making payments on the house, the car, and the college loans can't possibly understand the nuances of the kinds of complex over-under-counter-default-oy-gevault financial instruments that Goldman Sachs and Even Brent "Hang-Down-Your-Head-Tom" Dooley deal with on a regular basis.

# The geniuses who do understand all that let a guy who can't buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks run up a bill of - need we repeat - nearly a BILLION DOLLARS!

# Of course, the price of wheat went up and Dooley went broke very nearly taking the whole firm with him. You'll be pleased to know he has been arrested for, charged with, and indicted on, a number of felonies based upon his one night with the big boys.

# You will not be happy to know that he is being represented by a public defender in Chicago.

A pubic defender? This guy was playing Monopoly with nearly a billion bux, and now he's broke, so he gets a public defender? Where is the Tea Party/Republican outrage? If Juan Valdez had been bagged smuggling in a pound of dope in his burro's 'prison wallet', and had a public defender, you'd see all those righteously self-righteous American 'patriots' going Alpha Sierra over it.

But you won't in this Monopoly money case. The Repubs aren't going to go after one of their own, a real 'businessman'. Who creates 'real jobs'. Nope. Ain't gonna happen.

Watch it all get swept under the rug. A ... deal ... will ... be ... cut. This guy should be nailed to a cross and hung up on Wall Street next to those big US flags our stalwart Wall Street all-American Republican 'patriots' display. But you watch. The worst will be a few months at Club Fed, where he can work on his backstroke and get up a good tan for his Grand Caymans retreat after his Club Fed tour.

What a farce.

Thanks, Congress. You morons.

The Gores buy a new house

Lauren Beale, Los Angeles Times

4:24 PM PDT, April 28, 2010

Former Vice President Al Gore and his wife, Tipper, have added a Montecito-area property to their real estate holdings, reports the Montecito Journal.

The couple spent $8,875,000 on an ocean-view villa on 1.5 acres with a swimming pool, spa and fountains, a real estate source familiar with the deal confirms. The Italian-style house has six fireplaces, five bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

So much for 'carbon footprints', hey wot? Even with fume scrubbers in the fireplaces and a windmill on top, and a gallon-per-flush brick-in-the-tank Home Depot cheapo toilet in every bathroom (you don't really believe that, do you?)that thing sucks up the utes, doncher think?

Notice this was in the Home section.

Not on the front page.

A comment from a source close to the source:

I guess it's not newsworthy to note that the world's leading chicken little environmentalist owns two homes with a combined 25 rooms and 17 bathrooms!!

What happened to "the world is ending if we don't reduce our carbon footprint?"

Do as I say, not as I do. Or, I might as well live large before the end of the world.


Boycotting Arizona


Those who are upset with the new Arizona statute regarding illegal immigrants have organized a boycott of Arizona.

But not Arizona the state.

Arizona the iced tea.

Yep. Indeed they have.

The only problem with that - other than the obvious - is that the company that makes Arizona teas is a New York company, headquartered in Long Island.


Let's not let facts confuse us. And that's not even getting into all the nonsense being put out about the law.

UN gets serious about Women's Rights

UN elects Iran to seat on Women's Rights Commission

Without fanfare, the United Nations this week elected Iran to its Commission on the Status of Women, handing a four-year seat on the influential human rights body to a theocratic state in which stoning is enshrined in law and lashings are required for women judged "immodest."

Just days after Iran abandoned a high-profile bid for a seat on the U.N. Human Rights Council, it began a covert campaign to claim a seat on the Commission on the Status of Women, which is "dedicated exclusively to gender equality and advancement of women," according to its website.

Buried 2,000 words deep in a U.N. press release distributed Wednesday on the filling of "vacancies in subsidiary bodies," was the stark announcement: Iran, along with representatives from 10 other nations, was "elected by acclamation," meaning that no open vote was requested or required by any member states — including the United States.

I gotta wonder ... is this another one of those bills/acts/resolutions that nobody bothered to read before voting on it?


We are moving, calendar-wise, anniversary-wise, into the aftermath days of what was, some forty years ago, one of the greatest fiascoes of the Vietnam War.

Lam Son 719 was supposed to be a demonstration of the success of "Vietnamization", the master plan cooked up by Nixon, Kissinger, the generalissimos, and their henchmen. It was to show that by George, we were ... winning! And soon, thanks to Nixon's PeacePlan with Honor (kind of like Obama's purple Kool-Aid) the Boys Would Be Coming Home.


It didn't work out quite like they planned. Quite a few of the boys came home, in boxes, just like in The Fixin' to Die Rag.

The Vietnamese Army was reduced to a panic-stricken rabble as they fled before the North Vietnamese.

The losses to US Helicopter Forces were 65 helicopter crewmen KIA, 818 WIA, and 42 MIA. 618 US helicopters were damaged, including 106 totally destroyed.

Take a look at this one:

Lam Son 719

which opens with radio transmissions from US helicopters attempting to get into the area around Tchepone, Laos.

And the Vietnam Helicopter History site's nicely done section on Lam Son 719:

Lam Son 719/Dewey Canyon II

I was at OL-27, up in northeastern Thailand at that time, on the Laotian frontier. Along with the sites still remaining in-country, we provided ground-directed bombing - B-52's (ARC LIGHT) and tactical air, in support of the ARVN insertion, and then to try to cover their retreat.

It was a complete fiasco, a military debacle, a rout, and a portent of things to come once the US was out.

Our fictional character, DinkyDau Billy, is based in part on the doings around Tchepone and during Lam Son 719. He is one of those continuing 'casualties of war' who live in our communities, as real as they can be.

How DinkyDau Billy came to town

Psalm 91

Gilbert Alvarado's account of 3 March 1971, from the Commancheros website, which was in part the basis for Billy's experiences during Republicans, wedding dresses, and altar calls.

And Nixon? That lying crook. Here's what he had to say about it:

"... "the most successful military operation of the entire war ...".

And Creighton Abrams went right along with it.

Glenn Beck, social justice, and right-wing paranoia

Glenn Beck has discovered a few things that are paying off very nicely for him.

First, he has figured out that old saw, that a good lie is about 90% truth.

Second, he has figured out the truth to the old saw about how you can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but not all of the people all of the time, and is applying that to the 'some of the people' and is making some pretty good money.

Third, he has figured out that a lot of people are a) angry about what the Obamanians are doing to the country; or b) scared witless over what the Obamanians are doing to the country; or c) not overly endowed with the ability to engage in critical thinking and are therefore self-enabled to follow a Pied Piper; or d) all of the above.

And all of it translates into a pretty good paycheck for Glenn Beck.

Understand that this is not a lefty-moonbat rant against Beck. We here at Blogger Central are also quite angry about what Obama and those people in the Congress are doing to us, and to the country. We also recognize that Beck raises some pretty good points.

But so does Ann Coulter, and so do Rachel Maddow, and Chris Matthews, and the rest of the crew at MSNBC. As far as it goes, and for what it might be worth, and all of it quite self-serving.

Beck, Coulter, Maddow, Matthews, et al represent the lunatic fringe of both ends of the political spectrum, and we here at Blogger Central see them all as rather self-serving profiteers; political panderers, if you will.

Beck's latest rant is on the matter of 'social justice'. To hear him go on, it is the Ultimate Evil, a plot by Dark Angels of the Far Left - communists, Marxist-Leninists, socialists of the worst kind - or Dark Angels of the Far Right - fascists ... Nazis. All hell bent on destroying America. Beck calls it a plan or plot for the redistribution of wealth.

In the cultural milieu of the New Millennium, that is not far off the mark as to what 'social justice' means.

When it is applied to governments. When governments engage in 'social justice'.

But churches often engage in 'social justice', and have for a couple of millennium.

In the "church context", 'social justice' is nothing more than the practical application of Christ's New Commandment:

"A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another. "

The difference is that a church uses funding and other resources willingly donated by members or just plain old human beings concerned about the welfare of other human beings, while government-sponsored 'social justice' relies upon funds taken from unwilling 'donors' and redistributed through government programs.

You see the difference, I am sure.

And so does Beck. Beck is not stupid. He understands the difference very well. Like most right-wingers, Beck prides himself on being a 'Christian'. So why does he attack the church by identifying them with totalitarian governments?

Because it sells. And because he makes a lot of money doing it. A lot more than thirty pieces of silver, too.

We talk about drinking the Kool-Aid, drinking Obama's purple Kool-Aid (the 'purple' taking after those t-shirts of Obama's SEIU henchmen) ... but by the same token, we should not be caught out sniffing Glenn Beck's chalk dust. Beck talks about how Obama and the Democrats think we are all stupid; it is clear from what he is pumping out that he shares that view. He's banking on it.

The Great Oil Conspiracy

We were sitting on the guardrail of the bridge overlooking the Arkansas River. Our bikes were parked off the road. We were watching cliff swallows flitting about by the hundreds, eating mosquitoes. The sun was lowering in the sky and it was one of those beautiful early spring evenings.

"That Obamer feller is pretty smart, doncha think?" DinkyDau Billy asked, adjusting his tinfoil hat. His biking helmet tends to wrinkle the tinfoil.

"How do you mean?" Leece replied, tossing some pistachio shells into the water.

"Well, he was under a lot a pressure for local drillin', I mean, you know, in the Gulf and off the Atlantic coasts," Billy observed.

"Yep," Leece agreed, "but then he opened it up, though there's some question as to how effective it would be with all the Alaskan and other tradeoffs he included."

"Yep. But more important, he took even more heat from the far left liberals who think we should be making our own soap from leftover pig lard and puttin' all the kids to work blowin' on the windmill in the yard. That kinda thing," Billy went on.

"Ummmm ... OK ... there's probably some truth to that; I'm sure he took a lot of heat from the Green Crowd, yes. I don't know if they are making their own soap, however," Leece somewhat ruminated.

"But you don't git it. It was all parta a Plan. The Obamessiah needed to hang the driller advocates out to dry and shut them up once and fer all. So ... "...

"You can't be serious!" Leece exclaimed.

"Yeah. Yeah. You gots it! He on the one hand appeared to be puttin' forth a conciliatory hand by opening up local offshore drillin', but ..." ...

"They blew up that oil rig as a 'See how wrong you are' to the local offshore drilling advocates!" Leece exclaimed, "are you serious?"

"Yep. It makes perfect sense. Obammer has his own crew like Nixon had his. If Nixon could pull of all them shenanigans, why can't Obammer?"

He had a point.

So now, we have another Vast Left-wing Conspiracy.


Beware of Greeks wanting gifts ...

While Obama is making his pitch that the economy is improving, events overseas show that he is tooting an empty horn.

Greece is on the ropes financially, and other European countries aren't much better.

"... the events of the last week, with three major European countries suffering credit downgrades and borrowing costs soaring for the smaller nations on Europe's periphery, have made clear the need to act decisively.

"There is a need to act swiftly," IMF managing director Dominique Strauss-Kahn said at a press conference Wednesday. "We have to do this because if we don't fix it in Greece, it may have a lot of consequences on the rest of the European Union."


"The remarkable thing at this point of the global cycle is that global capital markets are ultra-liquid," Tullett Prebon economist Lena Komileva wrote in a note to clients. "Yet, there is a growing tier of sovereigns and banks that are short of capital, raising the risk of another global systemic shock."

Obama is hoping that we are too shortsighted to notice these doings overseas, as though it has nothing to do with us.

'Another global systemic shock' is fiscalese for 'double-dip recession'.

That's where we appear to be heading. Can the Europeans get their act together in time?

I guess we'll have to see. In the meanwhile, G. Gordon Liddy's sales pitch is starting to look a little better.


Bend over America! Here it comes!

Obama’s ‘debt commission’ gets ready to pull your pockets and your wallets inside out.

Former Wyoming Republican Sen. Alan Simpson will join former Clinton Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles to lead the elite18-member debt commission convening Tuesday — a panel appointed by Democrats and Republicans to come up with a plan to save America from its spendthrift ways.

The commission’s charge is to produce a deficit no bigger than $550 billion by 2015, an amount equal to about 3 percent of the total U.S. economy. That would require deficit savings in the range of $250 billion or more.

The deficit for last fiscal year, which ended Sept. 30, was $1.4 trillion. Many projections show the yearly deficit not dipping below 4 percent of the economy over the next decade.

But … but … it’s all Bush’s fault! Obama says so!

But seriously … they aren’t going to stop spending money. No way. Not when they have done so much to redistribute wealth in ways that Karl Marx never even thought of.

Nope. They’re going to tax more. Check that “value added tax”. That’s where they’re going with this.

They’re going to take more of our money, right out of our pockets … no, check that. It’ll never even make it into our pockets.

Meanwhile, the Tea Party has been taken over by the lunatic right -let’s pass out some more of those ‘birther pamphlets’ and bags of Glenn Beck’s chalk dust – and the Republicans are dithering about in their usual disarray.

The Kit Carson Hotel

Beverly Babb has written a very cogent letter to the editor, responding to Mr. Fraker’s letter about the Kit Carson Hotel. You can read that letter here:

Babb responds to Fraker letter

In the first paragraph of her letter, Ms. Babb notes that her property is in a deplorable state of disrepair, and expresses concerns for the safety of pedestrians and vehicles in the area. Am I incorrect in seeing that as a statement of culpability for knowingly allowing a public hazard to exist? Could I augment my retirement by standing around the Kit Carson hoping something heavy but not too heavy falls on me, so I can exercise my retirement augmentation rights?

It seems to me that Ms. Babb is blaming Rick Klein (or the city administration); city council; Urban Renewal; and the Elks for the sorry state of the building. I could be wrong, of course, but that’s how it looks to me.

Urban Renewal uses tax revenues for its projects. I am not sure why we think that other people’s money should be used for for-profit businesses but that seems to be the trend these days. Kind of a localized bail-out, as it were. I wonder … if I were to use my property for a weekly yard sale, could I get some of that free tax money too? My house could use a painting and the sidewalks are looking a bit iffy, and I could stamp the sidewalks with little cowpoke drawings or lizard tracks or something, thereby attracting people. I would be ‘bringing people into La Junta’, and I too would be a ‘local business’ so people would have an obligation to shop in my front yard and I could contribute to the local economy like a good citizen should.

But the fact of the matter is I’m just a leech on the taxpayers myself, so I really don’t know anything about business – otherwise I’d be a Republican – but it seems to me that if there is no funding available from for-profit operations, it’s because they don’t see much of a return on the project. It has something to do with ‘supply and demand’ or something like that.

OTOH, if there is no free tax money available, it’s probably because it is being given away to more deserving people who would benefit more from a redistribution of wealth, which I really don’t understand very well why we’d be doing that as it has been a long time since I studied Keynesian economics – which is probably why I’m not a Democrat.

The clue here is there ain’t no munny available, red or blue, and the thing is just getting worse by the minute, if not hour, or day, or week, or month.

So let’s bulldoze that puppy into a parking lot, and then the Elks can have a membership drive, and all of us new Elks members will have a place to park to go play bingo with all the munny we’re saving from not having to pay for health insurance anymore.

We can talk about that Value-Added tax thingie some other time.

It’s really a win-win if you think about it.

¿tenemos un reparto?

That’s for Senor El Presidente Felipe Calderón, who is, as Rich Galen says:

“… whining about the way we are treating immigrants in the U.S. because they may be asked to produce documents proving they are here legally, while immigrants in his very own country are being kidnapped, robbed, raped, and murdered by the tens of thousands, according to the report.”

“The report” referenced is one produced by Amnesty International.

For Galen’s entire article, please go to:

An American Cybercolumn and look for:

Let’s Make a Deal, Sr. Presidente Calderón

ObamaCare and Dr. Strangelove

As we sat there contemplating The Congressmen Barney Frank and John Salazar Regularity Regulation Act of 2010, DinkyDau Billy interrupted our reverie: “Well, so I was belly down on that hill lookin’ over the crest, and who do ya think I saw?”
He was back in the deserts of Australia, watching a fleet of very large transport aircraft bringing in huge amounts of supplies, for the construction (apparently) of a fleet of arks, ala the flick “2012″.
“I don’t know, Billy, I can’t begin to guess,” Leece told him. She and Tookie were munching chocklit covered espresso beans. That boded ill for both regularity and our ability to carry on reasoned discourse. Such as it was.
“I could swear it was John Salazar and Rahm Emanuel.They was lookin’ at some big blueprints. It was really dusty, like in them scenes with Indiana Jones in the desert in Raiders a the Lost Ark, but I could swear it was them. And I think … I’m sure … Barack H. Obama was there, too.”
“Obama? Are you serious?” I had to ask that.
“Yep. It was about the time a that last secret trip he made to Afghanistan. I guess they stopped there on the way to Australia. You know. A cover story.”
That made as much sense as anything else the government has been doing.
“So what’s your assessment of all this?” Leece asked.
“Well … you know we been havin’ a lot a earthquakes and volcanoes and tsunamis and so on, right?” Billy asked.
We all allowed as how this seemed to be the case.
“So it all ties inta them Mayans and how their calendar ends in 2012. This is all part a the … you know … the precursors.”
“So what are you getting at, Billy?” Leece asked. We were all wondering.
“Well … they sure did try ta push through all them big spendin’ bills, Porkulus Americanus, and ObamaCare, and them bailouts, and all the rest, without anyone takin’ time to figger out the whys and wherefores, right?”
He was batting a thousand on that.
“And ObamaCare ‘benefits’ don’t kick in for awhile, mostly till after … 2012 … right?”
“That seems to be the case, yes,” Tookie agreed.
“But the taxes and suchlike, they start sooner, right?”
Tookie concurred.
“So … ObamaCare is really nothin’ more than a scheme to get the munny they need to build them arks, so they can save The Elite. Kinda like in Dr. Strangelove, when they was talkin’ about fallin’ behind in The MindShaft Race!”
Billy was getting excited. Agitated.
“I think it was ‘mineshaft’, not ‘MindShaft’, Billy,” Leece corrected him.
“Whatever. In our case, it’s a MindShaft,” he argued.
He had a point.
“And they was talkin’ about wimmin, too. They’s gonna get all the Victoria’s Secret models and the wimmin from Maxim and the SwimSuit Edition and invite them along. You know. For the benefit of keepin’ the species goin’. Also like in Strangelove.”
“What about Barney Frank and those gay Republican Congressman of High Moral Values?” I asked.
“I think they’s lookin’ at some guys from the NFL or maybe one a the cellblocks in Lewiston, I dunno,” Billy offered.
“If the arks are mostly constructed, Billy, what were the airplanes bringing in?” Leece asked.
“Oh, I saw some cartons labeled ‘Beluga’ and ‘Wagyu’,” he said, “and a buncha other stuff that seemed to be high end comestibles.”
Well, that fit. We all know about Obama’s penchant for Wagyu steaks.
“So you’re telling us all of these Hope and Change spending bills have been so they can cook the books and hide the cash and build the boats? Leaving the rest of us to sink or swim?” Tookie was incensed.
“Hey. Hey. When the ship’s sinking, the rats are the first to jump ship, right?”
Billy’s logic was hard to refute.
“But what about the Republicans?” I asked, “Surely they aren’t going along with this and they couldn’t be that much in the dark?”
“Well, given where they have their heads stuck these days, yeah, they could be,” Billy countered, “but here’s the thing. There’s a buncha Republican Congresscritters there with ‘em!”
“What!?” That from Tookie, who was putting away chocklit covered espresso beans at an alarming rate.
“Yeah! Yeah! All that bidness about trying to stop the Democrats? It’s just a cover! They’s all in it together!”
“Billy, I’m finding this hard to believe. How could they keep such a thing a secret? It would require more co-conspirators than even the birthers are suggesting,” Leece argued.
“Hah! How hard is it?! Look at how easy it was to hide the Pinon Canyon Cattleman’s Association nuclear power plant from Cowboy Wes McKinley!”
Like, wowsers! He had a point there.
We sat there, contemplating the whichness of what and the thisness of that, trying to get our minds around the mind-boggling bogglery of it all.


Regulating Regularity

DinkyDau Billy returned from his vist to the 'facilities' in the Holy Land Quickee's.

As he plunked his butt down, he said, "That reminds me. I gots ta tell ya about the Obamessiah's plan to regulate regularity."

"What about ObamaCare and the arks in Australia?" Tookie asked. She had just pedaled up and was plunking her own butt down.

"Innaminnit," Billy cautioned, "inamminnit."

We waited. Breathlessly. Expectantly. Expectatiously.

"Well, you know how them Democrats is always goin' on about goin' Green, right?" he asked.

We knew.

"And how they thinks among other things that flatulence from beef cows is partly responsible for global warming?"

"Climate change is the preferred term now, Billy, but don't let that stop you from going on," Tookie told him.

"Yeah. Yeah. Well, based on that cow flatulence study, they figures in Washington if they can keep people from poopin', that'll help make things Greener," he told us, his voice lowered as he pulled his AFDB more tightly around his ears. You can't have your brain power leaking out around your ears.

"How are they going to do that?" Tookie asked, incredulously.

"Have they lost their minds?" Leece asked, more to the point.

"Well, no, they haven't lost their minds," Billy explained, "as it is completely in keeping with not only what Congress and The Obamessiah have been been doing, but Bill Ritter as well. In fack, I think maybe this one came right from Dear Bill Ritter, 136 State Capitol, Denver, CO, that's what I think, but what do I know?"

"How are they going to do this?" Leece asked, her eyebrow raised so high it was hidden under her rather delightful bangs.

"Well, under the Barney Fwank Plan, you'll be allowed 1 poop per day. You'll be given a booklet with tickets, or coupons, in it, one for each day of the month," Billy explained.

"How are they going to track The Citizens Doing Their Business?" Tookie queried.

"Good question. This is where jobs creation comes in. This is part of The Obamessiah's Echonomic Recovery Plan," Billy went on, "What they's gonna do is put a ticket reader on each toilet. Every toilet in the country is gonna require one a them ticket readers on it. They ain't gonna even let you lift the lid without puttin' a ticke innem."

We sat there, marveling at the technological marvelousness of it all.

"How are they going to make sure these toilets are in compliance with the Barney Fwank Regularity Regulation Act of 2010?" Leece asked.

"Well, I hear John Salazar's a co-sponsor, but more to your question, they's gonna create a whole new gummint agency that will employ tens a thousands a people," Billy explained, "and they's gonna have an installation branch, and a calibration branch, an all that, you see."

"An installation branch?" I asked.

"Yeah. Yeah. It's gotta be union work. SEIU is gonna do all the installations. They's thinkin' a fee of $200 per toilet, which might seem kinda high but we'll be able to avoid them PERA kinda bailouts," Billy detailed.

"And a fee for tickets going over more than month's worth of poopery?" Tookie asked.

"Yeah. Yeah. A buck a shot," Billy told us, "Though it might be tied into income tax bracket. It might be more if you make more than $250,000 a year. Kinda like that no taxes thing The One has promised."

"I think for $200 we'd be better off gettin' a Class III Firearms License," claimed Tookie, "and giving a few Congresscritters a proctological exam through a .308 tube."

"Now, now, Tookie, don't let the Tea Party mindset go to your head," Leece cautioned, "Let's do this through the vote. But that does remind me ... we have to renew our NRA memberships."

"Well, what about if you're like, you know, suffering some kind of gastric distress?" Tookie went on, unhindered by Leece's viewpoint.

"No problemo," DinkyDau Billy confided, "because all you need is a key card from your doctor. You'll be able to get 'em in 24 hour, 48 hour, and 72 hour varieties, and they will allow unlimited use of any

toilet. They'll unlock any toilet lid, you see. A course, you'll have to pay an ObamaCare co-pay for them, cause they'll be like, you know, prescriptions."

It was good to know that Our Government was looking out for the less fortunate among us.

"Speaking of the less fortunate among us," Tookie said, "what about those unfortunate souls who for whatever reason have undergone a colostomy, and have, you know, like, one of those bags hanging on? Peristalsis is like Time and Tide, you know, waiting for no man."

"Akshully, they's the lucky ones," Billy confided, "cuz they can keep those bags in the freezer when they fills up, and dump several on one ticket. They'll be OK."

"What's to stop some free spirit from crapping in a bucket and then dumping that in a field or park, out there with all the dog turds?" Tookie wanted to know. So did I, for that matter.

"Oh, not to worry. The Supreme Court will end up legislating a whole new body a law from the bench. Besides, we already gots laws against illegal dumping."

"And what about people who are on high fiber diets because they're concerned about health?" asked Leece, "they'll be penalized for trying to remain healthy."

"Not to worry there, either. Barney and John have thought of everything. They're creating another government agency that will monitor stool content. If you can show that you have a consistently high fiber content, you'll get a discount on your coupons. It brings a whole new meanin' to "Consistency"," Billy explained.

"How can we get one of these new jobs?" asked Leece.

"You can't," Billy replied, "Unless you re-register as a Democrat and join SEIU. It's a closed shop kinda thing, the Federal Civil Service," Billy went on. "though I think if you pay 'em the union dues, you can get a waiver."

We sat there contemplating the new Federal government's regulation of regularity, and all that it implied.

What a country! America! The Land of the Fee!

Big Doings over the weekend

First, we have:

Ethan’s Squeaker Soccer, or, the La Junta Youth Soccer League.

then we have:

Swinkian Squeaker Soccer, or, the Swink Youth Soccer League.

And then we have The Visitation of Pastor Earl Pike, of the Punkin Center First Church of the Nazarene:

Pastor Earl Pike, with his artisan-crafted concert guitar, presenting a medley of popular church music and Elvis songs.


Mark Bradford comes to La Junta

Noted singer and songwriter Mark Bradford is performing at the La Junta First Church of the Nazarene this Sunday evening.

Here is Bradford's bio:

Mark Bradford Bio

Showtime is 6:00 PM. Bradford will be accompanied by a surprise guest artist.

La Junta First Church of the Nazarene is at 10th and Topeka, La Junta. There is a map on the church's website:

La Junta First Church of the Nazarene


So we were sitting in The Holy Land Quickee’s, having a celebratory crappaccino in celebration of DinkyDau Billy’s return from abroad. As previously noted, Billy had hopped a tramp steamer to Cam Ranh Bay, from whence he had taken a ride on his LiteSpeed down the formerly notorious “Street Without Joy”. Billy had taken a side trip to Tchepone, Laos in an effort to exorcise Ghosts of Wars Past. He had returned by way of the Great Australian Deserts and yet another tramp steamer.

He was going to tell us of the Nefarious Conspiracy Behind ObamaCare. As he began, he fitted a brand new tinfoil hat over his dreadlocks …

“Well … I was about four days into the first leg of the trip acrost them deserts, when I noticed some big, really big, airplanes off in the distance. Out on the horizon. They was really well camerflogged so they was hard ta see, but I seen ‘em anyway.”

Billy has pretty good eyesight, all things considered.

“So I started peddlin’ off that way, cuz the desert down them parts is hard packed and my Niota dint have no prollems on the hard pack,” he went on.

“I gots ta some low-lyin’ hills and crawled up low and peered over the crest. They was landin’ there and disappearin’ into a ramp that went into the ground. Under ground. Like them opal mines only bigger,” he continued to go on.

“I pedaled around ta where I seen some activity further out in the desert.” DinkyDau Billy paused, adjusted his tinfoil hat, and took a sip of diet Dr. Pepper. He stared out the window at the Quickee’s parking lot.

“Yeah? And then what happened?” Leece asked.

“I thunk you weren’t gonna axe me about that,” Billy grinned, somewhat devilishly.

“They was ships out there. Big ones. Like in that movie ’bout the end a the world as we know it.”

“You mean ‘2012′?” she asked.

“Yeah. Yeah. “Cept they wasn’t in the Chinee mountains. They’s in the Australian desert. Think about it. It makes perfect sense,” he advised.

“It does?”

“Yeah. Yeah. You guys done saw the flick, right?”

We allowed as how we had.

“Well, when the big tsunamis come sweepin’ up them mountain valleys, they about bust up them boats, even with them holder-downers they gots, right?”

This was true. That was how it was. In the movie.

“Well, out on the ‘Straylyun desert, the worter’ll just come surgin’ in, and lift them boats gently outa them holder-downers at the right time, and they don’t have ta worry ’bout gettin’ slammed inta Everest or the Dali Lama’s house or whatever,” he explained.

He was right. It made perfect sense.

“I gots ta got to the bathroom,” he observed, and got up to go to that very place.

(to be continued)


"Right-wing extremists" redux

So last night on FoxNews, on O’Reilly, ‘they’ were going on about Bill Clinton’s rather self-serving and opportunistic comments about ‘right-wing extremists’ and the mike-rattlers of the Tea Party and the Repubs.

“Where was Bill Clinton when the liberal left was sliming George Bush?” they ask.

It’s a good question but one that is also irrelevant.

Did anyone really expect Bill Clinton to come to the rescue of George Bush when the whackos of the left took their cheap, nasty shots? That’s childishly naive, don’t you think? It would be atypical of any politician to stand up for what’s right, merely because it’s right.

Besides … while many of us completely disagreed with the methodology of the whackjobs of the left, there was that niggling little fact that the Repubs were not behaving like Repubs … we were dealing with that ‘pseudo-Conservatism’ that marked The Dubya Years.

Remember … most pundits correctly state that it wasn’t Hope and Change that got Obama elected … it was that failing pseudo-conservatism and increasing disgust with the Republicans that got Obama elected.

So all Bill Clinton has to do is continue to feed that. He speaks out against demonizing political opponents, but in the same breath, does exactly that. And the Tea Party, and the Republicans, walk right into it.

As we watch Michael Steele lead the Republican Party down the primrose path; as we watch the local Republican Party not only refuse to acknowledge that they have an organizational ‘issue’ but attack those who suggest that there really is a problem … Bill Clinton just works on reinforcing that. If you don’t think a lot of ‘conservatives’ are fed up with the Republicans, take a look at Michelle Malkin’s commentaries, where she regularly bashes the Republican Party. Browse around her site and look for the upside down elephant icons; those are the articles where she takes the Repubs to task. These days, however, Malkin is becoming increasingly strident and is all over the map commentary-wise. Is she even worth reading? Probably no more than our modern-day “Tailgunner Joe” McCarthy – Glenn Beck.

The Republicans are once again urinating away any political capital they may have thought they had. Unfortunately, the mid-terms are not going to fall into their laps, and even more unfortunately, they fail to see that. The Tea Party is generally made up of pretty intelligent, responsible citizens who are rightfully fed up and disgusted with the Obama Administration and the agenda of the Democratic Party. Unfortunately, the Tea Party microphones seem to be increasingly in the hands of the more irrational ‘activists’, or at least the ones who are unable to present a reasoned argument against the Democrats. Merely shrieking political slogans or snippets of the Constitution – or making statements totally at odds with the Constitution – ain’t gonna cut it, no matter how satisfying it may be.

We don’t want whackjobs from either end of the spectrum in the Congress or the Oval Office. Frankly, if I had my choice of political poison, I’d rather have a spendthrift socialist in the Oval Office than a neo-fascist member of the religious right.

Right-wing Extremists

That’s what Bill Clinton is calling the Tea Party.

Former President Clinton on Sunday broadened his warning that Tea Party protesters could feed violence reminiscent of the Oklahoma City bombing, suggesting “right-wing media” and the blogosphere could be culpable for any future politically fueled extremism as well.


“We shouldn’t demonize the government or its public employees or its elected officials,” Clinton said. “We can disagree with them, we can harshly criticize them. But when we turn them into an object of demonization, we increase the number of threats.”

The debate over and passage of the health care overhaul this year has coincided with an increase in threats against lawmakers. According to a recent report, lawmakers reported 42 security incidents from January through March — lawmakers reported only 15 cases in the first three months of 2009. A middle-aged software engineer fueled by his hatred of the Internal Revenue Service also crashed his small plane into an Austin, Texas, building that housed IRS offices in February.

He actually does have something of a point, but does it really apply to the vast majority of Tea Party ‘activists’?

I don’t think so.

But it doesn’t matter, since the right wing conspiracy theorists and other ‘out there’ types seem to be hogging the Tea Party microphones. At least the TP mikes work … sorry … couldn’t help myself.

When you have Republican Party officials making statements under color of Party authority that if the Democrats remain in power ” … there will be no more elections …” … that sure adds some credence to the comments of Clinton and others.

It also tends to drive away from the TP and the Republican Party those Independents who are not impressed with such inflammatory or downright stupid rhetoric … especially when it is presented as the official Republican Party line.

If the Republicans can afford to throw away potential votes, if the Republicans intend to alienate those of us who have been vehemently opposed to the Obama agenda from the beginning, they could not think of a better way to do it.

The Truth is Out There ...

We pedaled into the parking lot of The Holy Land Quickee’s. We were finishing up our first early morning ride of the season. Birds were chirping, the air was refreshingly cool, and we felt good from the stress-relieving exercise.

Imagine our surprise when we saw a familiar LiteSpeed Niota Ti parked by the door to the venerable establishment. DinkyDau Billy was apparently back. We had not seen him or heard from him for months.

Our stalwart was sitting at his usual table, a pile of books in front of him, and his little Aspire netbook plugged into someone’s unsecured home wireless network.

There was also a large roll of industrial aluminum foil on the table by the books.

“Hi Billy!” Leece shouted, “long time no see! Where have you been, Billy Boy, Billy Boy?”

DinkyDau Billy looked up from his task, which seemed to be the fashioning of an AFDB (Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie), otherwise known as a ‘tinfoil hat’.

“Hey! Hey! Howyadoon?” he replied, quite cheerfully. Billy appeared to be quite relaxed. He had picked up a pretty good tan somewhere, and even though he’s always been a stringy piece of work, he had lost even more weight.

“We haven’t seen you in months, man. Where ya bin?” I asked, as Leece went over to the crappacino machine. Billy was drinking a diet Dr. Pepper.

“I bin down the Street Without Joy,” he replied, “and over to Tchepone, all on my bike.”

Like … wowsers. Tchepone, Laos, was a focal point for the fiasco known as “LamSon 719” back during the war. Billy was there, as a gunner on a Huey. “The Street Without Joy” was … is … the stretch of coastal highway that runs through the northern part of what used to be South Vietnam. It was named so by the French. Bernard Fall’s excellent book, “The Street Without Joy” describes it well.

“I went over on a tramp freighter,” he continued, “to Cam Ranh Bay. Woodja bleeve there’s a big port there?”

“Uh … yeah,” I replied, “I would. I seem to remember we built it, way back when.”

“Well the Vietnamese gots our munny’s worth,” Billy noted.

“Tell us about this Street Without Joy thing,” Leece said, sitting down with our crappies.

“Well one day last year I got the dark thinks agin,” Billy revealed, “and it came to me that I needed to go back and git ridda some ghosts in my head. Otherwise I’d never git anywhere with it.”

“So you went back to Vietnam and pedaled down the Street Without Joy, and then over to Tchepone in Laos, and now you’re here? How’d all that go?”

“Well, it went good. Things has reely changed Over There. Except for a crazy ol’ NVA vet on the border by Tchepone, people was nice ta me,” he shared.

“A crazy ol’ vet,” Leece mused, “imagine that.”

DinkyDau Billy gave her a dirty look. It didn’t bother her at all.

“How was Tchepone?” I asked.

“Lotsa craters still there from where you guys dropped all them loads from B-52’s back during LamSon 719,” he told me, “but they’s healin’ up.”

I knew what he meant. In the woods around Kaiserslautern the ground is still rippled with craters from B-17 strikes from World War II. And over in Verdun, you can still see the craters from the artillery of World War I. But it was all healing up, covered mostly with grass and forest. So Laos is the same way.

“How about you?” Leece asked.

“I’m healin’ up too,” he shared, “I needed that trip.”

“How’d you get along with the crazy ol’ NVA vet?” Leece asked.

“Oh, he screamed insults at me and I screamed some back at him, and it was really bad for a bit, cuz we hated each other from back then. And then almost at the same time it seems, it came to us we didn’t really hate each other, not really, not personally. So we drank a buncha Ba Muoi Ba and hashed out ol’ times.”

“Oh. He spoke English?”


“Oh. You speak Vietnamese? I didn’t know that,” Leece said.

“I don’t.”

“Then how did you ‘hash it out’?”

“We just did.”

“Oh.” Leece was puzzled.

“But hey! hey! I come back through Australia! I hopped a Qantas and then pedaled from Broome to Melbourne by the central deserts a Australia.”

We were dumbfounded. The Australian Deserts are … tough. But then, so is Billy.

“An I foun’ the trooth behind ObamaCare!” he said, rather excitedly.

“You did?”

“Yeah! Yeah! It all ties in wit that Mayan Calendar thing and the End of the World As We Know It! And all the earthquakes! And the volcanoes!”


“Yeah! Yeah! Obamacare gots nuttin ta do with health care or health insurance!”

“Well, tell us about it … ” Leece told him.

“Well … it’s like this …”

(to be continued)


Interesting sermon

Pastor M.J. Romano of La Junta’s First Presbyterian is delivering a sermon this Sunday, entitled:

“Why Glenn Beck is wrong about social justice”.

I have found Pastor Romano’s opinions to be of significant value and worthy of serious consideration.

I have found Glenn Beck’s opinions to be … well, Glenn Beck’s opinions. About on a par with Rachel Maddow’s opinions.

But here is what Brother Glenn has to say about ’social justice’:

Backers of the concept of Christian “social justice,” however, were not so lucky. Beck compared it to communism and Nazism — and at least one religious leader is calling for Christians to stop watching the conservative broadcaster, radio host and best-selling author.

On his radio and television shows, Beck suggested any church promoting “social justice” or “economic justice” merely was using code words for Nazism and communism.

“I beg you look for the words social justice or economic justice on your church Web site,” he said. “If you find it, run as fast as you can. Social justice and economic justice, they are code words. … Am I advising people to leave their church? Yes! If they’re going to Jeremiah Wright’s church, yes!

“If you have a priest that is pushing social justice, go find another parish,” he said. “Go alert your bishop and tell them, ‘Excuse me, are you down with this whole social justice thing?’ If it’s my church, I’m alerting the church authorities: ‘Excuse me, what’s this social justice thing?’ And if they say, ‘Yeah, we’re all in on this social justice thing,’ I am in the wrong place.”

Later, Beck held up a picture of a swastika and one of a hammer and sickle, declaring again that “social justice” has the same philosophy as the Nazis and communists and that the phrase is a code word for both.

Really. I’m sure the Mennonite Church is pleased to be lumped in with Nazis by Brother Beck.

Or any of the Wesleyan churches.

And who watches Glenn Beck? Who seems to be mesmerized by Glenn Beck?

Republicans. Tea Partiers. Good “Christians” all.

No Representation without Taxation!

As we all know, our local Republicans and Tea Partiers pride themselves on being, if not Constitutional scholars, then at least well-versed in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers, the writings of John Locke, etc etc etc.

So much so, that they give all manner of free advice on Constitutional values, though they seem to have a somewhat skewed concept of freedom of speech (hint: it isn’t the Requirement To Be The Republicans’ PR Agents).

And they seem to consider themselves well-versed on taxes. Income taxes. And who should and who should not be allowed to vote based on … who pays taxes.

In this photo from last week’s Tea Party:

Only Taxpayers should be allowed to vote

we see how it really plays out.

They like Freedom of Speech so long as they get to say what they want, and if you disagree with them, they’ll call up your boss and try to get you fired. That’s the Republican Way. It’s kind of like The Chikaga Way that we enjoy with The Obamessiah and Rahm “The Fish” Emanuel.

They like the idea of no taxation without representation … as do I … but as we see in that photo, they take it even further. No Representation without Taxation!.


Never mind that pesky Constitution.

From the Twenty-Sixth Amendment:

Section 1. The right of citizens of the United States, who are eighteen years of age or older, to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of age.

It doesn’t say anything about being a taxpayer.

But then there is the Twenty-Fourth Amendment:

“The right of citizens of the United States to vote in any primary or other election for President or Vice President, for electors for President or Vice President, or for Senator or Representative in Congress, shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State by reason of failure to pay any poll tax or other tax.”

and that one, Brothahs and Sistahs, is very, very specific about denying any citizen of these United States the right to vote by reason of failure to pay poll tax or ANY OTHER TAX.

Huh. And then there’s the 14th, that pesky, irritating little thing with its Equal Protection Clause, and the 15th and 19th Amendments.

What about the single mother who works out at FulCircle, with three kids at home, and who doesn’t make enough to pay taxes? The Tea Partiers want to deny her the vote?

What about the young soldier or Marine, serving in Afghanistan, who doesn’t make enough to pay taxes? The Tea Partiers want to deny him the vote?

What about the disabled veteran, whose pension is tax exempt. Shall we deny her the right to vote as well?

Never mind we all pay sales tax, gas tax, and a bunch of other taxes. All of us.

Yeah, that’s our Flag-wavin’, Pledge-recitin’, Good Christian Folk Tea Party Movement.

How … patriotic. How … American!

Abraham Lincoln and the Republicans

As we all know, Abraham Lincoln was a Republican.

It’s a good thing Abe didn’t have a microphone malfunction during the Gettysburg address. Think of what we would have missed had that happened!



An AH-64 Apache visited the airport today on an evaluation and maintenance check flight. The Apaches will be more frequent visitors and will be refueling at the airport.

This one is from the 1st Attack Recon Battalion of the 2nd Regiment, the “Gunfighters”, also known as “America’s Attack Battalion”.

Scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page, under “Events” and you’ll find a link to the flash gallery.

Mike and Leece’s Images

"I had a dreeeeem!"


I had a dream last night, where Chairwoman Judy Reyher and Treasurer Ed Hunnicutt were leading a charge at the steps of the Otero County Courthouse, to take back the county government after the Democrats had vacated the Constitution and banned elections.

Reyher was waving a Betsy Ross flag and Hunnicutt a Gadsden. Both were wearing tinfoil helmets fashioned in the style of Lady Columbia hats.

Well … OK.

At least this morning I found the cars were intact and no flag-wrapped bricks had come through the windows. Always a possibility when dealing with right wing conspiracy theorists …

And Mark Hillman, having no comment about the Reyher Conspiracy Theory, thereby approving it tacitly, no longer wishes to communicate. Well, not on Reyher’s mailing list, anyway.


Ah well. The Tea Party is coming to town. Let’s see how far off center their bubble is.

A reader writes

This one came in the morning mailbag. I almost missed it, as not being in my spam filters, was in the spam box.

But think about it … what do you think the likes of Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, et al could/will do with that official position of the Otero County Republican Party:

However, if the Democrats stay in power, that will no longer be a choice because there will be no more elections.

Ron Davis will be swamped with manufacturers of tinfoil hats wanting to move their factories to the La Junta Industrial Park.

And since no one from the Republican Party, not even Committeeman Mark Hillman, sees anything wrong with the Official Position of the Otero County Republican Party … it will all be fully justified.

Judy, Judy, Judy‏
From: Toa Dumphuc (toa.dumphuc@gmail.com)
Medium riskYou may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as junk
Sent: Wed 4/14/10 8:39 PM
To: judykay1218@hotmail.com
Cc: mike_steeves@hotmail.com
No, Cary Grant is not resurrected…

Dear Ms. Reyher, I am a lifelong Republican and, unlike many of the Democrats I know, I haven’t had a drink of the Kool-Aid and believe with all my heart that Republicans are fully capable of incredible acts of corruption and stupidity. Anyone who doubts this has only to read your e-mail to Mike Steeves.

Being from Illinois, I can claim some knowledge of corrupt, idiotic politicians from both sides of the aisle. I stumbled across “the Catlover’s” blog some time back. Actually, a friend sent me the link and started following it. Lots of pretty good wordsmithing goes on there but I half to admit that you make it too easy.

It’s a shame you didn’t send him a video it would make it that much easier to make this little exposition of yours (exposing your lack of intelligence) go viral. Oh well, we’ll see what we can do with just the text. I imagine that CNN and MSNBC will lap this up and use it to further vilify the Republican party while showing us just how wonderful the Democrats are

The links:

Should serve to really whet their appetites. All I need now is a catchy subject line to grab their attention. Any suggestions? Hint: “Dumber than a sack of hammers” has already been taken.

As a Republican, I really hate to do it but, what the hell? Most people won’t buy into your crap and figure it to be just more of that asinine, panic-stricken hyperbole those Liberal broadcasters trade in. Unfortunately for you – and fortunately for the Republican Party – perhaps a knee jerk reaction from the powers that be in the Republican Party will take care of THEIR little problem: You!

Adios and happy trails. Don’t let the voting booth hit you in the a** on the way out!

From: judykay1218@hotmail.com
To: mike_steeves@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: Otero County Republicans: The Otero County Republican Party
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 09:21:10 -0600

Dear Mr. Steeves:

I have no idea what on earth I personally have ever done to you or your reporter. If there was backlash, I think that is something a reporter worth their salt should expect. The article in question had absolutely nothing to do with what went on at our Assembly on Sunday. It was a very personal attack and nothing less. You neglected to mention the delay was the microphone misfunction. The 1:30 p.m. start time was for credentialing, not the beginning of the Assembly. The Sunday date was picked solely because candidates needed to be able to make more than one Assembly. Several were held on Saturday, several on Sunday including Huerfano County.

Being a Republican or a Democrat is your choice. You are free to vote for your candidate. However, if the Democrats stay in power, that will no longer be a choice because there will be no more elections. I remain a very proud Republican and am absolutely not ashamed or apologetic about what happened or did not happen at the County Assembly.

Judy K. Reyher
Otero County Republican Party



Hitting a nerve?

So I sent links to the Party of American Values post, and the ones on the political assemblies,to the Otero County Republican Party Chairperson.

Here’s what I received in response:
From: judykay1218@hotmail.com
To: mike_steeves@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: Otero County Republicans: The Otero County Republican Party
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 09:21:10 -0600

Dear Mr. Steeves:
I have no idea what on earth I personally have ever done to you or your reporter. If there was backlash, I think that is something a reporter worth their salt should expect. The article in question had absolutely nothing to do with what went on at our Assembly on Sunday. It was a very personal attack and nothing less. You neglected to mention the delay was the microphone misfunction. The 1:30 p.m. start time was for credentialing, not the beginning of the Assembly. The Sunday date was picked solely because candidates needed to be able to make more than one Assembly. Several were held on Saturday, several on Sunday including Huerfano County.
Being a Republican or a Democrat is your choice. You are free to vote for your candidate. However, if the Democrats stay in power, that will no longer be a choice because there will be no more elections. I remain a very proud Republican and am absolutely not ashamed or apologetic about what happened or did not happen at the County Assembly.
Judy K. Reyher
Otero County Republican Party

Aside from the fact that making sure the equipment works is part of competent preparation…

I gotta ask. I just cannot stand not asking:

Is this really the official position of the Otero County Republican Party? I assume that it is, being sent over the chairperson’s official signature.

More important – do the Otero County Republicans really believe this statement?

You are free to vote for your candidate. However, if the Democrats stay in power, that will no longer be a choice because there will be no more elections.

The way I read that, they believe the Democrats are going to throw off all Constitutional restraint, assume dictatorial power at all levels of government, and rule by …what? Force? Martial law? Is that really the official position of the Otero County Republican Party? It must be, since the statement is made over the signature of the chairperson of the Otero County Republican Party. Do they seriously believe that? Are we that far gone in Otero County?

I am sure that all Otero County Republicans are familiar with this part of the Declaration of Independence:

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

How do they intend to execute that duty? Armed insurrection? Are they organizing a company of volunteers? A local militia to arrest Jim Sandoval and Keith Goodwin once they have subdued Kevin Karney and taken control of the local government? What are they going to do with them once they have re-taken the county government? Hang them? Exile them to Mexico or perhaps Venezuela? Throw them into the county jail? Is Sheriff Johnson going to command the local militia? Will we have military tribunals? Will Democrats be rounded up and sent to Gitmo? Or will they simply be forced to sit through endless reruns of “Red Dawn” as part of a political re-education process?  Perhaps they will be forced, at gunpoint, to listen to David Barton speeches, per the exhortations of that paragon of Republican virtues, Mike Huckabee? Will vast portions of Otero County be converted to a kind of gulag to handle Democrats from other parts of the country? If so, is this being coordinated with Ron Davis of Economic Development?

And I thought Nancy Pelosi was way out in left field …

OK … seriously now:

We can judge a political party’s membership by its leadership. I certainly do that regarding the Democratic National and State Parties. But, given what I am seeing of the Otero County Republican leadership, I do not believe that the Otero County Republicans are worthy of holding any elected position within the county, and therefore intend to devote my political efforts, such as they are, to helping Democrats get elected. At this point I can honestly say I would rather see Nancy Pelosi on the board of county commissioners rather than any Otero County Republican … and if you have read my scribblings on what I think of that woman, you understand how deeply it pains me to write that. However, I see no difference between Pelosi and Reyher other than they are at opposite ends of the political spectrum and operate at different levels. Otherwise, I see the same thought processes in place.

And hey … if we can beat up on Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein … we can beat up on Judy Reyher too. When you’re a honcho in a political party, you gotta expect a little backlash.

Otero County Republicans 

Political assemblies: Democrats

Political assemblies: Republicans

Political assemblies and U.S. flags

Party of American values

Hitting a nerve

I had a dreeeem!

A reader writes

Abraham Lincoln and Republicans

The party of American values

The Republicans tout themselves as – among other things – the party of “American values”. I am not sure that this is an official Republican motto, but we certainly hear Sarah Palin, John McCain, Tom Tancredo, and a host of others going on about “American values”.
I am not sure what they mean by that.
I think it means they stand behind the Constitution and the great institutions that make this country a free nation, of free people.
But why is it that when a reporter writes a factual account in the local paper of the confused state of affairs of the local Republican party, we have threats of economic sanction levied? You would think a real supporter of “American values” would write a reasoned letter to the editor or something. You know. Exercise those Constitutional rights. Make that lapel flag pin stand for something other than a colorful but otherwise meaningless decoration.
Perhaps some of our local Republicans would do well to pay some attention to what at least some of the party’s candidates are saying. Unless, of course, it’s just more of that political rhetoric and dogma, and when it comes right down to it, there is not a whit of difference between the way Rahm Emanuel and the Chikaga Machine do business, and the way the Republicans do business.
Perhaps some of our local Republicans should be more interested in fixing the confused and disorganized state of the local party, rather than killing the messenger. Why, if they were to do that, they might have a real chance of taking that county commissioner’s seat the Democrats have held for the last 45 years.
But for the moment, all they have done is move our support from the Republicans to the Democrats, at least locally ... which took some doing, Leece being a registered Republican these past twenty years.

The pain test

Nebraska’s governor just signed into law a new, restrictive abortion law.

Abortion rights activists are pinging off the walls over it. They argue, among other things, that the law changes the standard for late term abortions. The law prohibits abortions at or beyond the 20th week of pregnancy. The basis for this?

Set to take effect in October, it is based on the claim that fetuses can feel pain at 20 weeks. The current standard in abortion restrictions is viability, or when a fetus is able to survive outside the womb — generally at 22 to 24 weeks.

Opponents to the law are up in arms, maintaining there is no basis for the claim that fetuses can feel pain:

“The Nebraska Legislature has taken a bold step which should ratchet up the abortion debate across the nation,” Nebraska Right to Life director Julie Schmit-Albin said. “What we didn’t know in 1973 in Roe versus Wade … we know now.”

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, however, says it knows of no legitimate evidence that fetuses experience pain at that stage.

“There is certainly no solid scientific evidence establishing that a fetus can perceive pain at these earlier stages, so any court decisions to uphold such broader laws could only do so by disregarding the importance of good scientific evidence,” said Caitlin Borgmann, a law professor at The City University of New York.


Is there a political, or ideological, link between groups who oppose the new Nebraska law and those who oppose torture of Al Qaeda and other terrorists? Isn’t the basis for opposition to torture at least in part because of the pain? That it is ‘cruel and unusual’?

Who is going to ask the fetus that is having its brains sucked out: “Do you feel pain?”

It seems that someone should. I would think that a fetus is due the same consideration as a terrorist.


Political assemblies and US flags

I wouldn’t mention this tidbit as a Big Deal, other than the fact that it involves US flags and politics. We all know that US flags are a really emotional flashpoint for a lot of people. Red-blooded Americans have been known to beat the crap out of other Americans who would rather not recite the pledge of allegiance, for example. Other red-blooded Americans want to make laws to throw other Americans in jail for the simple act of burning US flags in protest. Never mind that hundreds of thousands of veterans have died and millions more have been maimed, and even more millions have simply served, to protect, defend, and sustain the Constitutional values that guarantee, among other things, free ’speech’ in all its forms.

So US flags are a Big Deal.

When Leece and I are working as ‘members of the press’ (or ‘media maggots’, as I sometimes say, as a holdover from cop days) we really try not to take sides or interject ourselves into the doings at hand. Unless it’s an editorial piece, which is what this is.

Yet at the Otero County Republican assembly I could not help myself. On Saturday, the Dems had a state flag and a US flag properly displayed near the lectern. As I took the Dem’s pictures, the US flag was directly behind them. It adds a nice touch, I think. Very patriotic. They didn’t plan it that way; they had the flags displayed in the proper manner on either side of the lectern; it just turned out that the US flag was behind the candidates from point from which I was shooting the shots.

On Sunday, however, as I was setting up to take pictures, I noticed the Repubs had no flags near the lectern. They didn’t even have ‘em on the stage. Oh, there was a bit of bunting and those little flags mounted on quarter-inch dowel, the kind the McCain-Palin campaign snagged from the trash bags at the Pepsi Center after the DNC (I have one of the McCain-Palin flags, right there in my office, the stick wedged behind the frame of a rather nicely presented litho of Joe Rosenthal’s photo from Mount Suribachi). But there were no ‘proper’ flags.

I mentioned that to one of the candidates, who blew it off.

I mentioned it to the county chairwoman, who got one of those ‘deer in the headlights’ looks, and who then said “OH CRAP! WE DON”T HAVE ANY FLAGS!” They didn’t have any working microphones, either, as they were about to discover, but that’s another story.

I thought that was an interesting oversight for the Party of American Patriotic Values, Family Values, and High Moral Standards.

They got the flags. I asked Ed Hunnicutt to move them in a bit closer to the lectern, which he did. And so the Repub candidates have a US flag in the pix, same as the Dems. But the Dems did not have to be reminded of this. It came natural to them. Not bad for a party of left-wing moonbats, liberal socialists, One-Worlders, etc etc etc.

Why is that?

Political assemblies: Democrats

We attended the Democrats’ assembly in Rocky Ford on Saturday. On Sunday, we attended the Republican assembly in La Junta.

The Democrats appeared to be well-organized. They started their meeting on time, and it proceeded smoothly. They chose to hold their assembly in the 4H building, which was roomy and well-lit. They had the state and US flags next to the lectern. Because of the position of the US flag, it showed nicely in the pictures I took. It wasn’t planned that way, but that’s the way it turned out.

For the most part, they presented some good candidates. Their voting process was quick and efficient – and most important, it was accurate. It was out in the open, a public vote. The state and national candidates were not present, of course, so they had people speak for those candidates. It is hard to argue that Andrew Romanov is not a good candidate, especially when contrasted against Mike Bennet. The comments supporting Romanov were concise and accurate. And enthusiastic, though one woman started a wandering, meandering speech that was more against Bennet than in support of Romanov. When she focused on Bennet having worked ‘for the richest man in Colorado’ as though being the richest man in Colorado were akin to having horns and cloven hooves, I thought she would do well with the state and national Democrats. When she started ragging on Bennet for working for a rich guy, I thought … “How typically Democrat”. What the hey, they could always figure out a way to tax him some more. But that was the exception.

It is sometimes difficult for me to reconcile the difference between the locals and the state and national level Democrats. It is difficult for me to lump people like Keith Goodwin, Jake Klein, Jim Sandoval, and Sharon Sisnenroy in with the left-wing tax-and-spend-at-insane-levels buffoons we see with the state and national Democrats. Goodwin and Klein are not candidates but they were there.

I noticed that Dave Hestand is now the chair of the local party. I do not know Hestand well, but I think he will do better than his predecessor. He at least makes more sense and did not spew that far left whackjobbery that drives me up the wall. Not at the meeting, anyway. I could be wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time.

Political assemblies: Republicans

The Republicans, on the other hand, were a disorganized lot. That’s the kindest thing I can say. First, their press release had them starting at 1:30, though the meeting was really scheduled to start at 2. And then they didn’t start till 45 minutes past that time. They were over an hour late from the time they announced in their press release. They were late because of poor planning and poor coordination. They chose the high school auditorium for their assembly. As most of us know, the high school auditorium is painted a kind of flat black, and without access to the stage lighting booth, whatever goes on up on the stage is poorly lit. That was the case with this meeting.

The vice chairman of the state Republican Party, Leondray Gholston, gave a short speech. It was a good one. Yep. It was. He hit all the right buttons with that speech, and he had a great delivery. Being a professional political activist, that isn’t surprising.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe the Republican Party has those buttons lined up with the right buttonholes. The Otero County Republicans certainly do not. Their assembly can best be described as … well … let me speak plainly. It was a circle jerk. There’s a more colorful phrase that comes to mind, but that one is more for when one is sitting around swilling a few beers with a few pals.

Gholston was introduced as ‘Goldstein’? It sounded like ‘Andre Goldstein’ but I wasn’t sure of the first name. I thought I just heard it wrong at first, but as it turns out, I wasn’t the only one who heard it that way, or wrote it down that way. Imagine my surprise when Gholston was not wearing a yarmulke.

Their voting methodology stank. They had secret ballots. Why? They were confused and needed recounts. Why the confusion and the subsequent need for recount? Cannot the Republican delegates follow the simplest of instructions?

As with the Democrats, some people spoke for state and national level candidates. The fellow who spoke for McInnis obviously was not enthused about the candidate. Why the lukewarm, somewhat resentful intro of McInnis? Were there no Republicans who could at least fake some enthusiasm? It is, after all, a political event, so a little falseness is perfectly acceptable. Perhaps I should be commending the speaker for his honesty?

The Democrats were well-organized, started on time, kept it moving, and got their voting done efficiently and correctly. There was no running around looking for rosters or other paperwork. And they correctly noted that they have been focused on ‘real issues’ – albeit through the wrong end of the zoom telephoto lens – while the Republicans have been obsessed with abortion and gay rights and religion. While I am generally a pro-lifer, I do not see abortion rights or lack thereof as a Federal issue, nor do I see it as a driving, pre-eminent national issue. I don’t care one way or the other about ‘gay rights’ but I cannot accept the Christian Right’s animosity toward gays. And so long as the Republicans are driven by the Christian Right, the Republican candidates who bring their religion into the political arena will never have my vote. Religion has no place as a political objective.

They have some good candidates at the county level, such as Chris Johnson, Dennis Smith, and Ken Hood. I could vote for all three. I’ll vote for Chris Johnson over his Democratic opponent. Johnson has done right as our sheriff. The Smile Hi Cops and the sheriff’s office are working well together, better than they ever have in the past. That’s due to Johnson and Chief Todd Quick. They worked well together on the installation of the new 911 system. They’ve worked well together on the new radio communications. They have their respective departments working well together in the field. At the recent river bottom fire, we saw the sheriff’s office, a couple of police departments, several fire departments, and the State Patrol all working well together for the public’s safety. Yeah, I’ll vote for Chris Johnson.

But what about other candidates? The Democrats are presenting Jim Sandoval for District 3. Sandoval is reasonably honest and he is reasonably competent, and he even smiles at people sometimes. The Republicans are presenting a couple of guys who invoke no level of confidence whatsorver so far as I am concerned. Especially Ralph Rogers. During his nomination acceptance speech, at least twice he told us to ask others present in the audience about certain ‘issues’. Why would I do that? If at a political rally a candidate can only refer me to someone else … why is that candidate even up there? I assure you that if I want a sour, angry “Christian” in the office who can’t give coherent answers to my questions and concerns, why, I’ll be sure to vote for Mr. Rogers. In any case, as was noted during the assembly, the Democrats have held that seat for 45 years. Given the Republican position as of yesterday, I can see no reason why they will not hold it another four.

I am sick to death of the Democratic Party, especially at the state and national levels. Politically, I am slightly right of center. I’m kind of like most Americans in that respect. I remain an Independent as I cannot stomach dogma. We find too much of that in politics and religion. It seems that both parties have been bitten by rabid dogmas.

But I cannot stand the Republican Party either. Look at the straw vote from the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. Mitt Romney by one vote over Ron Paul? Good God in heaven, is that the best the Republican Party can do?

To challenge John Salazar the Republicans are offering … who? Bob McConnell and Scott Tipton? And two years ago Wayne Wolf? Where does the party get these guys? They might be able to mouth the right propaganda … but none of them strike me as having the brains, political skills, or general acumen to mount any kind of a serious challenge. The only hope they have is the fact that people like me are so disgusted with people like Salazar that we might vote for anyone who can walk and chew gum at the same time.

And then there is Michael Steele … so long as that man is in the chair, I cannot believe the Republican Party is serious about winning anything other than a door prize for “Best Buffoons at the Convention”.

Now I realize that this is not a well-reasoned bit of discourse, and recognize that it is more of a minor rant. The only excuse I can offer at this point is … well … I am beside myself with hostility and anger toward both parties. Have you ever watched “Gettysburg”? Where Gen’rul Issac Trimble asks Lee for a reassignment after Trimble’s confrontation with Ewell? I can understand Trimble very well.The Republicans are as Ewell’s Second Corps, at the foot of Culp’s Hill, overlooking Gettysburg … and they are pulling a Ewell. And we all know what happened thereafter to the Confederates at Gettysburg.


Obama Motors, Inc

So ...

Between the time GM came out of bankruptcy - July of 2009 - and the end of 2009, GM has managed to lose well over $4 billion. Yep. $4.3 billion. Yep.

That's with a new management team handpicked by Obama's crew of economic experts.

But wait! There's more!

GM is committed, obligated, to make contributions to those unionized worker retirement funds of almost $15 billion. Of that, GM is directly responsible for $12.3 billion. Whew! Ain't that a relief!

But ... who owns 61% of GM?

Why, you and I do! Yep.

So guess who is responsible for that big chunk of change that has to go to those unionized auto workers' pensions?

Why, you and I are! Yep.

Were you planning on retiring any time soon? Are you a unionized auto worker? Or PERA employee for that matter ... but that's another albeit similar story.

You and I are screwed. Again.

Thank you, President Obama. Thank you, John Salazar. Thank you, Mike Bennet and Mark Udall.
Threats against the CongressClowns have tripled, primarily over the passage of ObamaCare.

I have to admit being somewhat ambivalent over this.

One the one hand, we are not a banana republic where if we don't like the regime, we just put a few people up against the wall and shoot them.

On the other, I can really understand the frustration caused by a Congress and a president that refuse to listen to the people. And, not only refuse to listen, but ridicule those who dare to speak out against their insane spending, taxing ... and now, talk of a value-added tax, a national sales tax, that 'they' think would fall in the 15%-20% range. On top of state and Federal income taxes and on top of state and local sales taxes.

Yep. I can sure understand it. And since the CongressClowns pretty much brought it on themselves, I don't much care if they are wetting their pants over it.

OTOH, I do hope the FBI and other LE works these threats as closely as they should. We are not a banana republic, though the Obamessiah seems to be leading us that way.

By the way ... Bart Stupak, that paragon of character, moral virtue, and principle - the same Stupak who sold his vote - he ain't running next term. Good riddance.

Now if John Salazar will only join him.

Interesting sidebar: CNN, an Obamessiah PR firm, isn't reporting Stupak's decision. Their big story over on the US edition is the Navy's decision to ban smoking on submarines. Now that's something on which the fate of the nation hangs. Good job, CNN. Maybe you should get Anderson Cooper in there as a 'embed' to report in depth. Snerk. 'In depth'. Submarines. Heh heh heh ... sometimes I outdo myself.


A dull bit of Steele

It’s time for Michael Steele to go.

He has displayed none of the leadership qualities required to bring the Republican Party out of the loser state in which it finds itself.

Can anyone take the GOP seriously these days? What is Steele doing about it? What has he done about it? Does anyone really believe the Republican Party in its current condition is a serious political contender? I don’t.

Nor, apparently, does the head of the North Carolina GOP:

RNC member calls on Steele to quit

Steele said earlier in the week he would not resign and defended his stewardship of party affairs. He dismissed criticism — some of it centered on spending on flights, limousines and high-dollar hotels — as griping by GOP figures uncomfortable with his “streetwise” managerial style.

Responding to Fetzer’s letter, RNC spokesman LeRoy Coleman said Steele “has maintained broad support from RNC committee members, who have been pleased with the proactive measures put in place for greater accountability. There’s also that little detail of picking up the tab for the stripper club bill.

The problem, of course, is in finding someone to replace Steele. There doesn’t seem to be anyone who can do that, or at least do it any better than Steele.

The Republicans are talking a lot of smack about the mid-terms. So far, it’s just a lot of smack. Where’s the beef, I ask. Where is the political substance? Where is the leadership?

A CNN switcheroo

CNN has always been anti-Tea Party. They have lost no opportunity to ridicule the Tea Party movement. The only network who has been worse is MSNBC.

Yet CNN is now pushing a story about the virtues of the Tea Party movement:

Tea Party Rallies

Some excerpts:

When it comes to the Tea Party movement, the stereotypes don’t tell the whole story.

Here’s what you often see in the coverage of Tea Party rallies: offensive posters blasting President Obama and Democratic leaders; racist rhetoric spewed from what seems to be a largely white, male audience; and angry protesters rallying around the Constitution.

Yes. That’s right. You can confirm this most easily by simply browsing the CNN website.

Remember this:

CNN’s ratings are in the toilet. They must be getting desperate.

Another diplomatic accomplishment

Yep. Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu is backing out of Obama’s nuclear love fest with Putin.

Go figure. After being slapped around politically by the Obamessiah, is it any wonder the Israelis would want to go be dealt more of the same?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceled his trip to Washington next week for President Obama’s global nuclear summit in the wake of escalating tensions between the two nations over Israel’s planned housing expansion in East Jerusalem, Fox News has confirmed.

The official reason is that there are concerns that other Middle Eastern countries might turn the event into an anti-Israel demonstration.

I don’t know why that should be surprising, since Obama has already shown a great talent for anti-Israel behavior.


The mainstream media whores are still at it ...

The jobs report is in.

Most of the mainstream media (MSM) is reporting those numbers thusly:

From the New York Times:

Signaling Jobs Recovery, Payrolls Surged in March

But not really, as we see from the factoid buried deep in the paper:

The March report may have been inflated, though, by a rebound from February when many people could not work because of snowstorms. Additionally, nearly a third of the hiring in March was temporary work on the 2010 census.

“May have been inflated”?

How about this:

March jobs figures not enough to dispel Dem fears

According to this article, The Obama administration had anticipated for weeks that the March jobs figures would mark a turning point politically. That’s true. We’ve seen indications of that in other news sources. And Obama, who claims that jobs are his number one priority, has been off playing the dilettante in global nuclear politics. His lack of interest in jobs may have been due to a misplaced optimism in the coming jobs numbers. If so, he was sorely disappointed:

Senior White House officials last month had collected Wall Street forecasts that anticipated total job growth between 250,000 and 300,000. They said they weren’t expecting the numbers to be that high, but at that time, were anticipating at least 200,000. Instead, the March figures showed the economy added about 162,000 jobs.

And as the NY Times reports, nearly a third of those jobs were temporary government jobs. Temporary government jobs paid for by tax dollars, tax dollars raked out of the pockets of an already overstressed middle class.

There is more fawning and butt-smooching going on. The AP reports:

162,000 jobs added in March, most in 3 years No mention of the temp Census jobs there, though they mention everything else in an attempt to gloss over the poor numbers and poorer permanent jobs position. In fact, how’s this for grasping at straws:

The average work week increased to 34 hours from 33.9, a positive sign. A tenth of an hour increase in work time per week! We’ve turned the corner! All hail the Obamessiah! All Hail to the Chief! All hail the One! All praise to Obama!

Yah, you betcha (wink).

and ABC:

U.S. Economy Adds 162,000 Jobs

This one does mention the 42,000 temp jobs for the Census but it tries to gloss over with this:

The U.S. economy added 162,000 jobs last month while the unemployment rate remained steady at 9.7 percent, the U.S. Labor Department reported this morning, adding evidence that the recovery from the tailspin set off by the economic crisis is well under way.

Let me see. We add 162,000 jobs, which is well under what the gummint was ‘hoping’ for … and considerably under what Obama’s Chikaga Team in the Orchid Office was looking for … and a third of those jobs are temp government jobs … and the unemployment rate remains steady … yet this all indicates that the “… recovery … is well under way.”

It makes me want to go shout from the street corners “Hope and Change! Hope and Change!