General "Save Us"

In September 2007, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden ... and Barack H. Obama ...
crucified General David Petraeus over his testimony.

And the rabid moonbat left outfit MoveOn.Org took out that full page ad in that paragon of Fourth Estate virtue, the New York Times. That was the infamous "General Betrayus" ad. Interestingly, since Obama nominated General Petraeus to replace McChrystal, the pinheads at MoveOn.Org has removed any reference to their advertisement from their website.

Oh, how the tides have turned. LtGen Thomas McInerney has a great piece here:

Everyone Must Go, If We Want to Win In Afghanistan

An excerpt:

Mr. President, we are in a violent war against radical Islam and your denial of this fact will ensure our defeat.

You and your administration cannot even define the ideology we are fighting against. John Brennan, your National Security adviser for counterterrorism, thinks "jihad" means "holy struggle" not a war against infidels.

Your Secretary of Defense and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff have accepted these ridiculous new definitions of the threat.

This means you, and your national security leadership team are clueless about how to defeat this violent threat against America.

They must all go and you must change your senseless strategy.

How can we expect General Petraeus to defeat the Taliban when he does not have a leadership team supporting him the way the Bush administration's team did during the surge in Iraq?

That surge worked because we had a president who was intractable in telling the Joint Chiefs and General Casey -- our commander in Iraq -- that he wanted victory not a tie even though they all had resisted the surge. His determined leadership throughout the surge while facing fierce political pressure from the left, the mainstream media and the Democratic Party was the most intense this nation has ever seen. His leadership prevailed.

General McInerney is retired. He could give a fig about Article 88, or Article 89 and its '... truth is no defense ...".

General McInerney speaks the truth. What needs to be defended, if in fact that is possible, is Barack H. Obama's childishly simplistic 'policy' in Afghanistan. If you can even call it a 'policy'.