"Don't take your guns to town, son ..."

The Brady Bunch and the Violence Policy Center are going after concealed weapon permit holders ... again.

And as usual, they are wrong.

Here is a good commentary by John Lott:

In Debate Over Gun-Carry Laws, Critics Are Quick to Shoot Down the Facts

Some excerpts:

People walking the streets armed with guns must be dangerous, right? A newly revised study by the Brady Campaign and the Violence Policy Center found that even those individuals who have legally obtained permits to carry concealed handguns are extremely dangerous. With millions of Americans already having been issued such permits from the various states, this is an important issue.

The gun control organizations have frequently made these claims in the press, and Dennis Henigan, the vice president of the Brady Campaign, will likely make these claims again when he and I appear on John Stossel’s FoxBusiness show today. But the gun control advocates inaccurately describe many shooting cases, choosing to ignore that the majority of incidents involve people properly defending themselves.


Take Florida, which currently has the most concealed handgun permit holders in the country and is one of the two most populous states with right-to-carry laws. Between Oct. 1, 1987, and May 31 this year, permits had been issued to 1.8 million people. On average, the permits had been held for quite a long time, well over 10 years. For all those individuals across the more than 22 years of legal carry, there were only 167 cases where the permit was revoked for a firearms related violation, or about 0.01 percent of permit holders. While the state doesn't provide a precise breakdown of the reason for those revocations, the vast majority were apparently for people who accidentally carried their concealed handgun into a gun-free zone, such as an airport or school.

Throughout the past 29 months, beginning January 2008, only three additional permit holders have had their permit revoked for a firearms-related violation. With more than 729,000 active permit holders, that is an annual revocation rate of 0.00017 percent.

Anti-gun proponents tend to be quite liberal in their political views. They tend to be Democrats, generally on the 'lefter' side of the party's political spectrum. And like the far left on other matters, such as environmentalism, they tend to bend facts to suit their agenda. Such is the case with gun control, and especially the case when it comes to CCW permit holders. Like the leadership of the Democratic Party, the anti-gunners are seldom if ever confused by fact.

You too can get a concealed weapons permit here in Colorado. We are a 'shall issue' state now. In other words, absent clearly defined disqualifiers, if you apply for a CCW permit, the county sheriff must issue one to you.

Here is more about that:

Concealed Handgun Permit Information Packet