The Obama shakedown as seen in Britain

Here's a taste of how the Brits see this. The fellow has a point about the Niger Delta spillage; after all, it's just a bunch of Africans drowning in oil over there:


17.06.10, 6:11pm

Well after the witch hunt against BP conducted by the majority of the American press.

But think perhaps it is time for all those in America venting their anger and poor opinions on the headline from NBC news regarding Oil spills in the Niger Delta over a 50 YEAR PERIOD.

I have attached the web link for those interested.

Oil spill in the Niger Delta

It shows how the BP incident has been blown out of all proportion and those who do take the trouble to pick up the web link will find the villans are Exxon (AMERICAN COMPANY) and Shell.

Nobody seems to give a hoot about the people in the Niger Delta and how their lives have been ruined...oh no..Its all about the poor little Americans!

Get real all you whinging idiots, BP had an accident. Your Federal agencies KNEW EXACTLY what BP were doing and sanctioned it at all levels and now you want to look around for who to blame?

So somebody tell me what is the difference between the 50 YEAR'S worth of spills (and still ongoing) in the Niger Delta and the spill in the Gulf of Mexico?

Don't know the answer??? EASY..the one in the Niger Delta has no effect on Americans!