Arlington two-steps round the tombstones

Thousands of Arlington graves 'mislabeled'

Why am I not surprised?

Well what the hell, just throw some stimulus money at it.

McCaskill called the growing scandal a matter of "heartbreaking incompetence" and said the military has spent more than $5.5 million over seven years in its unsuccessful attempts to computerize the cemetery's burial records.

$5.5 million is hardly enough for any Federal government project. What were they thinking? Print up another $100 million or so, hire a thousand or so people (jobs creation!), dig 'em all up and do a musical graves routine.

That oughta take care of it, and next year, when Barack H. Obama visits on Memorial Day (like this year, you see), he can point to it as a showcase of the effectiveness of Porkulus Americana.

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs' subcommittee on contracting oversight, chaired by McCaskill, will hold a hearing in Washington on Thursday on its cemetery investigation.

The list of invited witnesses includes former cemetery superintendent John Metzler and deputy superintendent Thurman Higginbotham. Both retired earlier this month after they were forced to resign, and McCaskill said she is not certain if either will show up to the hearing. She declined to say whether the subcommittee would subpoena either man.

$5.5 million? What a pair of pikers, our Higginbotham and Metzler. Tony Hayward spent billions to clean up his mess, and is walking away with $20 million as a 'performance award'.

What did Higginbotham and Metzler get? A nice fat Federal pension? What a pair of pikers.

Go git 'em, Congresscritters. Show us how you're takin' care of bidness ...