Buffoonery inside the Beltway

So ...

The Orchid Office is denying any connection with the firing of Shirley.

Surely they jest. Who really believes that. Of course, with the Obmanians, all they have to do is say it, decree it, and they think it is so.

Let's float this a bit.

First, we had the NAACP go alpha sierra over the Tea Party. They just had to label the TP as "racist". Never mind they settled on simply calling certain elements within the TP as racist, and never mind that it was true.

It was true? Of course it was true. Just listen to some of the comments at any local TP rally. And then we have the Inconvenient Truth of the Tea Party Express, and the rather purile and rather assinine rant by Mark Williams, which led to the TPE being given the boot by whoever in charge of the TP, whatever the TP really is.

So there are in fact certain elements within the TP that are in fact 'racist'. But now, all people register is that the NAACP has labeled the entire TP movement as racist. Fiction becomes fact.

Then we had the deeply edited video clip of Shirley. Like, wowsers. It sure sounded like a racist rant, and a lot of people went for it, including we here at blogger central. Why not? It fit. It fit with our own experiences with black racists. It fit with the model set by The New Black Panthers.

The problem is not so much we Little People who got suckered in.

The problem is that the NAACP, who are supposed to be providing some of that adult leadership not only to the black community, but to the nation, didn't even wait to be suckered in. They denounced Shirley even before the Orchid Office did. Even before Shirley was ordered to the side of the road to resign via Blackberry.

I think were I in Shirley's place, by then I would have told whoever was on the phone to shove the Blackberry up Obama's ass.

"Let me be perfectly clear about this. Take this Blackberry, and your job, and your pathetic little pandering mindset, and shove it up Obama's ass."

Yep. Just like that. And then I would have lawyered up and sued everyone I could, and subpoenaed the rest.

Then Vilsack the Impaler (aka "The Secretary of Agriculture") insisted that they had done the right thing in firing Shirley.

And then the Obama administration, from The Big O, our Buffoon-in-Chief, on down to Vilsack and his accomplices, was crucified on Brett Baier's "Special Report."

And now Vilsack the Impaler is 'rethinking' the Firing of Shirley, and will conduct a 'full investigation'.

Makes me wonder who is going to take the bullet for the team on this one.

And of course, the NAACP, having since fallen all over its collective self to retract the original Vilification of Shirley, is blaming Foxnews for all of it:

USDA reconsiders ouster

while Shirley is really miffed at the Obama administration:

Sherrod, in a TV interview Tuesday morning, said she lost her job because the Obama administration overreacted to the original story.

"They were not interested in hearing the truth. No one wanted to hear the truth," she said.

I'm wondering when they'll figure out a way to blame Bush. Meanwhile, the Orchid Office is denying any knowledge of it until after the fact, despite that Shirley continues to insist that in all of the calls that were made to her on her cell while she was on the Beltway (or wherever), the ranter told her the order was coming from the White House.

I think at this point, the only one with any credibility is ... Shirley.

Meanwhile, we still have all those NAACP 'chucklers' over the white boy getting screwed.