Diary of a Mad Black Woman

That would be Shirley Sherrod, and she is madder than blue blazes.

It seems that Shirley, the de-frocked USDA official who got the NAACP members to yukking over the white farmer who she screwed - figuratively, not literally - some time back ... now it seems she is claiming that it's she who has been screwed. Figuratively, if not literally.

You see, she claims she was merely illustrating how she came to be ... not-racist. She claims that the story she told, to the amusement of the racists in the NAACP audience, was an illustration of her racial maturing.

She also claims to have received three calls on her cell phone whilst driving along the highway, encouraging her to resign and finally firing her. In all three calls, she maintains, she was told that the vapor-locking was straight from the White House.

So here's the thing.

Maybe she was in fact simply telling how she moved from being a racist to a non-racist. I'm sure we can all see how this could be so. After all, in the decades since the civil rights dustups of the 50's and 60's, a lot of attitudes have changed. It seems reasonable that Sherrod could be part of that. Maybe.

But we still have the racists in the NAACP audience laughing over the idea of a white farmer standing, hat in hand, before a black woman, asking for a form of salvation.

And what if Sherrod is not a racist? What if, like she says, all this happened back in the 80's when she didn't even work for the government, but was working for a non-profit? What if it's like she says it was: she was using a past incident as an example of how she used to think and how she changed. People do change. Her interview sure sounds credible.

But wait! There's even more! It seems the wife of the white farmer she says she screwed is still around, and ...

The wife of the farmer who was the subject of Sherrod's story told FoxNews.com on Tuesday that the administration should not have forced out Sherrod, who actually helped the couple save their farm.

"She'll always be my friend," Eloise Spooner said. She said the incident Sherrod was referring to happened more than two decades ago and that she and her husband Roger worked together closely to keep the farm out of foreclosure.

Huh. Shirley surely doesn't seem like she's in the same boat as King Samir Shabazz, does she?

Obama had Sherrod canned without due process. Even if she is as racist in her own way as the Grand Dragon of the KKK is in his, what about her right to due process?

It would seem that the Tea Party has Obama and his henchmen wetting their pants, figuratively if not literally, and doing even stupider things than they usually do.

I like the idea of those people wetting their pants, even figuratively. It means that We the People still have some influence.

Yep. I like that.

I wonder if Shirley will get her job back.

Obama doesn't really seem to be all that 'post-racist', does he.

And we still have all those NAACP member yukking it up over a white man coming to a black woman to save his buns.