I too must be a 'racist'

Most of us are aware of the current Department of Justice fiasco. No, not the lawsuit against Arizona. No, not the rather scathing letter just sent by Lindsey Graham to Eric Holder about the bumbling incompetence Holder is displaying over the Trial of the MasterMind up in New York City. No, not the fact that Holder is ignoring the blatant illegality of the so-called 'sanctuary' cities.

We're looking at the voter intimidation fiasco, from the 2008 elections, up in Phillie.

The one that Holder's boys and girls in the civil rights division torpedoed.

All kinds of leftie talking heads have been on various talk shows, wide-eyed with innocence, stating that they really don't see this as a big deal. They claim they really don't see it as real voter intimidation.

To refresh your memory, here it is again:

The other guy? Why, he was an official poll-monitor. I guess that's normal garb for poll-monitors up in Phillie. I guess official poll-monitors don't mind thugs shaking batons - billy clubs - at voters. I guess that's a normal thing for the left, for the Democrats.

And here is the racist, hate-filled rant by the guy who was carrying the baton:

But here's the thing. Look at the white boy who flounces up to the thug. He allows the thug to keep him from going in. He 'confronts' the thug, asks some milktoast questions, and he just walks away. Ever since we've been hearing about how the polling place and the ballot box are sacrosanct, here in The Republic.

Back in mid-February 1965, the Reverend C.T. Vivian confronted Sheriff Jim Clark on the steps of the courthouse in Selma, Alabama. Vivian meant to 'have the vote'. He intended for black Americans to register, to have that vote. Clark, standing there in his sheriff suit, wearing that surplus US Army helmet, punched Vivian in the face and knocked him down the steps.

Vivian stood up to voter intimidation. He had the guts to do so. And he has the vote.

Why didn't that white boy, up there in Phillie, stand up to King Samir Shabazz? Why did he just walk away from it? Are the polling place and the ballot box sacrosanct or not? Are they worth defending or not? Are they worth standing up to thuggery or not? Certainly, we can't depend on the Federal government to stand up for us; we see that in this case and we see it with illegal immigration.

So, we have the United States Department of Justice refusing to prosecute voter intimidation cases. And we have racist, hate-mongering thugs like King Samir Shabazz getting pathetically weak slaps on the wrist. This, from the same Federal government that comes out of the box like Tony the Tiger, wielding 1983 actions left and right, up and down, when people of color are subjected to civil rights violations.

It is the right thing for the Federal government to do, when civil rights are violated. But why not in the Phillie case?

Meanwhile, the NAACP, that bastion of civil rights protectors and protections, has declared the Tea Party be possessed of racist, bigoted elements. Well ... that's true. Sorry, but it is. There are indeed racists in the Tea Party. Note that they do not say that the Tea Party itself is a racist organization. That too is true. It isn't; it isn't even an "organization" in the same sense as is the NAACP. The "Tea Party" is a loose conglomeration, a mishmash of affiliates, some of which are strongly libertarian in outlook, some of which are so far to the right they make General Ed Walker look like a running mate for Hillary Clinton. Some are whackjobs by any standard. Some, most, I think, are ordinary people badly frightened and angry about what Obama and the Democrats have done and continue to do to this country.

But where is the NAACP's condemnation of The New Black Panthers? Where is Jesse Jackson's or Al Sharpton's outrage over this King Samir Shabazz' hate-filled, racist rants?

Good luck in finding it.

It isn't about racism. It's about politics, and right now, the Tea Party movement has the NAACP and the Democrats wetting their pants. If the Tea Party can keep the whackjobs within its ranks from making the whole outfit seem like a tinfoil hat lovefest, they'll have the Democrats crapping their drawers.

That's not a bad thing. If the Republicans, pathetic as they are, could take the House in November, then perhaps we could at least achieve a stagnant state where that collection of incompetents in the Congress and the White House could do minimal damage.

And where are the Republicans? Are they still eating their own young? As in the Arizona 3rd, where they have ten ... count 'em, ten ... candidates in the primary for that one district? You gotta love a political party that really has it together, don't you?

I think our President is an incompetent amateur, in way over his head, and I think our Department of Justice is playing 'racial payback'. And while I think the Tea Party has entirely too many whackjobs in their visible spectrum, I generally agree with what they stand for.

I guess I too am a racist.