Kroger screws the pooch

Sent to Kroger's corporate HQ:

Good morning, gentlemen,

I draw your attention to this article on FoxNews this morning:

Tennessee businesses face backlash for banning conservative newspaper's 'hate rhetoric'

I read an example of what Mr. Mijares - and apparently corporate Kroger's - considers 'offensive'. In case you can't find it, here it is:

"While I respect the works of moderate Muslims such as Irshad Manji ('Faith Without Fear') and Tarek Fatah ('Chasing A Mirage'), I wholeheartedly, unfortunately, must assert that the U.S. must halt all future Muslim immigration, until Muslims acquiesce to living within the legal structures of their host nations rather than striving to restructure nations under an evil, de-humanizing, backward and defiling 12th century ideology, even should this take the next 50 years," guest columnist Justin O. Smith wrote in the April 8-14 issue.

That example was not 'offensive' in my view. I do not agree with the author's opinion that all Muslim immigration should be stopped, but I agree with the rest of it.

Am I to presume that you accept beheadings, chopping off of hands, beatings, stonings, and other forms of medieval punishments as 'not offensive'? These are typical behaviors in Muslim nations guided by Islamic law. Since you find Mr. Smith's commentary 'offensive', logic tells me that you find Sharia law 'not offensive'.

Rather than rolling over for Mr. Mijares, I think you would have been better advised to tell him that if he disagreed with, or did not like the author's comments, then he should have written a coherent and reasonable response to that newspaper.

That's the way free speech is supposed to work. In fairness to Kroger, I have noted in our own local newspaper that many businesses react the same way to commentaries with which they disagree. Rather than form and present a reasoned response, they fly off the handle and pull advertising or try to get the author fired. The really pathetic aspect of this is that these same business owners will get all teary-eyed over patriotic parades and wave the flag with the best. How American you all are!

Corporate Kroger apparently does not understand this either. Perhaps your executives are not old enough to have had a decent civics class during their schooling. Or perhaps, like US Attorney General Eric Holder, you are simply afraid of Muslims and would rather kowtow to them.

I don't know what it is or why it is. But the fact of the matter is, I will not support a corporation that responds to a free expression of speech by banning said speech. Therefore, I will not shop in any Kroger-owned business establishment until Kroger changes this policy and gets a grip on reality, and I will encourage my friends to boycott Kroger and Kroger affiliates as well. That includes all the stores shown here:

Kroger affiliates

I can always shop Safeway or Walmart rather than King Soopers. I realize this seems to contradict my previous statements about 'reasoned disagreement', but you don't seem to understand that very well. But I'll bet you do understand the 'ca-ching' of cash registers - or the lack thereof.

Have a great all-American Fourth of July! You do know about the Fourth of July, right?