More 'racists' and the Tea Party

Here's a good essay on the NAACP's sleazy motives behind its disdain and hatred for the Tea Party movement:

Why the NAACP hates the Tea Party

An excerpt:

The NAACP resolution goes on to state -- without evidence to back up its baseless claims -- that in March of this year at a Tea Party Rally in Washington, D.C. members of the Congressional Black Caucus were "accosted" by Tea Party demonstrators and were subjected to "racial epithets."

The fact is that no one was ever charged or convicted for an assault on a member of Congress or for any violation of their civil rights.

In fact, it appeared to me that some members of the Congressional Black Caucus were looking for an incident to occur that day. They purposefully appeared in the crowd and defiantly walked through the demonstration hoping for the incidents, which I believe they later manufactured.

With all of the personal camera phones and the sheer number of members of the press that swarmed that event not one person appeared to with evidence to corroborate the charges of what they say occurred.

Neither the NAACP nor those allegedly attacked were able to identify or name the "perpetrators" of the acts they allege.

In fact, the demonstration site that day was teaming with Capitol Police and other law enforcement officials who accompanied these Congressmen as they made their way through the crowd.

Surely they would have taken action had they witnessed the actions that were alleged or were made aware of these incidents at the time they allegedly occurred.

For decades people have let scoundrels like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright, etc etc etc ad nauseam get away with their own racist rhetoric, because if anyone dared challenge them, those anyones would be branded as 'racist' themselves.

Today, if you express dissatisfaction with Obama's policies and behaviors, you must be a 'racist'. It couldn't simply be good old fashioned American politics and democracy at work.

It seems those times of cowering under the table, afraid to speak out against black or Hispanic or other forms of racism, have passed - nobody really cares if they are branded 'racist' by the NAACP, or the Democrats, not after this nonsense - and it is time to recognize that the NAACP and the Democratic Party harbor their own racist elements.