Obama's Death Panels

Remember when healthcare rationing came up during what passed for 'debate' over ObamaCare?

Remember when those 'death panels' came up?

Remember when Obama so arrogantly passed all that off as nothing more than lunatic ravings?

Guess what.

They're back.

Obama is going to ram his Medicare/Medicaid director down our throats, bypassing senatorial review and approval.

Donald Berwick is a great supporter of rationing health care. He is an admirer of the British health care system.

In Britain, they cannot afford to spend more than $22,000 on a patient with 6 months or less to live.

So who is going to decide who has six months to live? Are they going to rely on a statistical chart? The opinions of government-appointed doctors sitting on a political board? Bean-counters in the Congressional Budget Office?

Guess what. If you go by that, they would have pulled the plug on Sue's and Gordon's treatments right at the start, because neither of them would pass the ObamaCare Criteria. That's Sue Steeves and Gordon Gossman, both of whom died after long fights with cancer. The operative word there is 'long'. A lot longer than six months. And they did pretty good during that time, too.

What does Donald Berwick think about wasting all that money and those medical resources on people in long term care? Boy howdy, but ObamaCare under this character will sure clean out Nursing East and Nursing West, won't it?

So now, the fate of people like Sue Steeves and Gordon Gossman, perhaps members of your family, perhaps you yourself, is going to be in the hands of a political appointee, put in place after bypassing the United States Senate, by an arrogant empty suit who got where he is, in the Orchid Office, by gripping and grinning his way up the Chicago political machine, a man full of empty promises, slick rhetoric, and political spinmeistering. A cheap union hack with the mentality of a Chicago ward boss.

It boils down to rationed health care and death panels, no matter how you lubricate it before you shove it up America's backside. Call it what you will: a panel of political appointees will decide who gets medical care, and when they get it, and who doesn't. That's a 'death panel'.

And does anyone out there really not think that Barack H. Obama and his family, or Donald Berwick's family, or the families of any of our CongressClowns are going to exempt themselves from that?

They already have.

Does anyone think that Michael Bennet and Mark Udall won't brainlessly go along with this? They don't have the balls or the moral substance or the common sense to think for themselves or act in the best interests of We the People. All they know how to do is kowtow to The Obamessiah and go along with his incompetence. One thing you can bet on: you won't see the Obamas, or the Bennets, or the Udalls standing around waiting for their medical requirements to be approved by a board of political hacks with MD's after their names.

That's reserved for you and yours.