Raising Arizona

Here is a great essay on why our Federal leadership really needs to be removed from office, and the sooner the better:

Arizona immigration

... watching events play out in and around the state of Arizona in the wake of the state's recent immigration law makes me more and more wary of blind allegiance to ideology and wary, too, of the emergence of a whole class of people who strike me as being immune to logic, reason, analogy and thoughtful debate, trapped in a Never Never Land in which conclusions are reached and then held on to, just because.


Come to think of it, I object to the Arizona law as well, I’ve decided, but only because it doesn’t go far enough. And maybe the action of the Arizona legislature will be a kind of Waterloo for millions of Americans who will say, “enough.”

Enough to a kind of blind, faith-based allegiance to leaders and ideologies, enough to the suspension of the common sense and quiet wisdom of the American people. Enough pussy-footing around and catering to those who glory in their perceived victimization.

Obama and Holder can waste time and our tax bux suing Arizona against all common sense, yet their so-called 'civil rights division' of the Department of Justice can white-wash (pun, if that's what it is, intended) black racism and hate directed at white voters.

It's a form of racial payback.

Meanwhile, a multitude of states are preparing their own illegal immigration enforcement statutes, despite Obama, Holder, Napolitano, the city council of Los Angeles, and major league baseball. That's because a majority of Americans believe in the Arizona statute. That's because we believe Arizona is doing the right thing, because Barack H. Obama isn't.

The result:

Democrats expecting a mid-term meltdown

Every morning brings more self-destructive behavior on the part of Obama and his accomplices. They just don't get it.

What can they possibly pull out of their rectums next? It certainly isn't going to be their heads.