Tea Party Whackjobs

The Tea Party ... whatever that is ... raised the roof with its loud denials of racism after the NAACP took its shot at the movement, declaring them to at least possess some racist elements.

"No! No!" shouted hundreds, if not thousands, of Tea Partiers.

Of course, anyone who has been around even a couple of TP rallies understands that at least some TP'ers possess racist proclivities. In our little small towns, where everyone knows everyone else, it's pretty hard to hide it. Even if they remain in the closet, we all know who has the racist viewpoints, expressed in the little Breakfast Clubs at McDonald's or the Copper Kitchen or The Railyard or even in the Sunday School classes of our local churches.


So the denials really don't wash very well.

I agree with the NAACP that there are racists in the Tea Party. I also think that some of the nation's most rabid racists can be found within the NAACP.

Naturally, both outfits vehemently deny this while pointing fingers at each other.

OTOH, when you have the likes of Mark Williams ranting immediately following the accusations by NAACP, it's rather hard to deny it.

Tea Party Tension Flares

Of course, the Tea Party Express isn't the 'real' Tea Party, or so they say, since it was founded by PACifists through GOP'ers:

But while the internal dispute served as fodder for Tea Party foes, the split might not have been a tough call for the federation and its affiliates. Tea Party Express, which organizes semi-regular cross-country bus tours of conservative activists and endorses conservative candidates, is shunned by certain sectors of the Tea Party movement in the first place. Funded by a PAC started by GOP consultants, the Tea Party Express is seen by some in the movement as too closely tied to the party and not authentic.

In any case, the Tea Party - whatever that is - has given Williams the jackboot up the backside. One wonders if they would have done that lacking the NAACP denouncement of the Tea Party ... I rather doubt it. Why would they have?

Now, when is the NAACP going to give the axe to its own racists? When are they going to condemn the New Black Panthers for the racist thugs that they are? How many more times are they going to have Louis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright address their meetings?