The mosque at Ground Zero

There is a Great Controversy in New York City. A fundamentalist Islamic group plans to build a mosque two blocks from Ground Zero.

Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf is the leader of the group. Rauf has stated regarding 9/11: “... United States’ policies were an accessory to the crime that happened...”, and “... in the most direct sense, Osama bin Laden is made in the USA.” Rauf is a supporter of the attempts to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza, and when challenged on Aaron Klein's radio show, he refused to recognize that Hamas is a terrorist organization. Rauf is also a major donor to the Free Gaza movement, which is pro-Hamas.

Survivors of 9/11 and relatives of victims of 9/11, and just regular people in general, are severely chastising the New York City government. They do not want a mosque built anywhere near Ground Zero. They are incensed by the Obama administration's refusal to recognize Islamic fundamentalism for what it is: a savage, intolerant medieval religious zealotry that thrives on murder and mayhem.

But with all that, there are some Inconvenient Truths to consider.

The area in which Rauf wants to build his mosque is zoned to allow religious institutions. The government cannot ban a Christian church, or a synagogue, and so it cannot ban a mosque. While the anger of the 9/11 survivors and relatives of victims is perfectly understandable, the government cannot ban a mosque simply because it is not the right kind of church. The government could not ban a new church building for Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptists, of www.godhatesfags.com fame, nor could the government ban a church planned by Jeremiah Wright, he of those racist, hate-filled sermons, nor could it ban a place of worship funded by the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, they who promise the "... bringing of a message of hope and deliverance to white Christian America!"

All religions, and even the lack of religion, are protected by the First Amendment. The government of New York City cannot deny Rauf the permitting to construct the mosque, simply because Rauf is an Islamic fundamentalist and says things many of us don't like. Rauf could be prosecuted as a criminal if he committed criminal acts, but he has not. He is an adherent of an Islamic sect that we don't like.

This is a point often missed by our red-blooded all-American super patriots. Isn't it amazing that those who fall into paroxysms of fury over the idea of taking God off our nickels or over the fact that some people really don't care for their children being forced to recite a loyalty oath authored by a Baptist preacher who was defrocked for his views on 'social justice' and which was later modified to fit Joe McCarthy's views on "true Americanism"miss this point so badly? That those who wrap themselves in the flag and wave the Constitution as though it were handed to them personally by the Framers as God presented the tablets to Moses ... isn't it amazing that they totally fail to understand those American values at their most fundamental level?

We the People have shed too much blood, paid too great a price, to allow the government to deny Rauf his mosque simply because we do not like his hateful religious sect. Do we really think our national cemeteries are full of people who died for this nation so we could pick and choose whom or what the Constitution protects, based on our own transient prejudices, perceptions, likes and dislikes? How insulting to their service and sacrifice that is!

The bottom line is this: the construction of the mosque cannot be denied through government action simply because it's a mosque. Our American values simply will not allow it.

Now then, if you'll excuse me ... I'm going to go watch Glenn Beck's latest rant on why we should require loyalty oaths of our school children, and then listen to Barack H. Obama patronize us with one of his ‘teachable moments’, as though We the People are a crowd of simpletons.

I don't know who are the biggest domestic enemies of the Constitution - our right-wing red-blooded all-American Christian super patriots ... or the left-wing socialist American apologists currently running the country into the ground. God save us and the Republic from them all.