The NAACP is blaming FoxNews for the Sherrod Fiasco.

Yet it was NAACP who had the entire video, not just the edited clip put up by Breitbart.com. The video was made for them. They contracted for it. Right?

So why did the NAACP initially vilify Sherrod?

NAACP CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous originally released a statement calling Sherrod's comments "shameful" and saying the group was "appalled by her actions." But the NAACP later said Tuesday it would conduct an "investigation" and review the full tape, which was shot for the NAACP by media company DCTV.

What a bunch of clowns. (Update 07.22.2010: It turns out Benjamin Jealous was actually at Sherrod's presentation, so unless he was sleeping soundly, he heard the whole thing. He knew the context. So why the rush by the NAACP to condemn Sherrod?)

Then ...

The White House added to the flames:

The Obama administration is standing by its quick decision to oust a black Agriculture Department employee over racially tinged remarks at an NAACP banquet in Georgia, despite evidence that her remarks were misconstrued and growing calls for USDA to reconsider.

Now look. If the Obamanians can issue a statement like that, and the NAACP, is it not reasonable to presume that the video clip was valid?

I mean, like, wow. Certainly the White House would have the facts, right? Certainly the White House wouldn't be ... 'rushing to judgment' ... nor would the NAACP. Right?

Well ...

There's that business of The One's rush to judgment of the Cambridge cops, that led to The Beer Summit.

There's that business of getting arrested on an ice cream outing, down in Arizona, clear evidence that when Obama spoke, he was brain-dead.

We could find more.

So ... yeah ... the last source to trust on this kind of thing is ... The White House. Not Fox News, in spite of Glenn Beck and Megyn Kelly. Not Breitbart. Nope.

The last source to trust is the White House.

We all should have known better.