I was taking a trip down memory lane this morning, and came across this little jewel:

"Big Bossman"

Here's a photo from that site. The image is by Jim Buckel and is one of several really good ones there:

The Tigercat was a slick piece of work:

The opinion of Captain Fred M. Trapnell, one of the Navy's premier test pilots, was that the "It's the best damn fighter I've ever flown."

but it was just in the wrong place at the wrong time:

The Grumman F7F Tigercat was the first twin-engined fighter aircraft design to enter service with the United States Navy. Designed for the new Midway class aircraft carriers, the aircraft were too large to operate from earlier decks. Although delivered to United States Marine Corps combat units before the end of World War II, the Tigercat did not see combat service in that war. Most F7Fs ended up in land-based service, as attack aircraft or night fighters; only the later F7F-4N was certified for carrier service. They saw service in the Korean war and were withdrawn from service in 1954.

I vaguely remember seeing a few of these at Cherry Point - maybe up at Lakehurst but that was mostly helicopters and blimps way back then, or so I recall, also vaguely - I was a squeaker at the time and it's all in the dim recesses of history.

They were quite the ripsnorters.