What don't Obama and Salazar understand about "No"?

They're still at it.

They're still trying for that offshore drilling moratorium. You know, the one where the courts have twice told Obama and his accomplices to 'go fish' (if they can find a place that isn't drenched in oil).

They've tried at least three times now.

If they keep at it, eventually they'll figure out a way around it.

I'm so glad to see our Federal government spending our tax dollars so wisely.

Brother Ken must not have a whole lot in his in basket.

What's he doing to make sure his outfit actually inspects for safety compliance? The government has stuck its nose into the oil business, so now the government has a responsibility to make sure the drilling operations are safe. They haven't demonstrated they are not, BP's incompetence and indifference notwithstanding. After all, if Ken's inspectors had been on the stick rather than taking kickbacks and watching porn, BP is not likely to have gotten away with it.