Another 'fair and balanced' from Faux News

I used to enjoy watching FoxNews. I still do, though it's very apparent they are neither 'fair' nor 'balanced', no more than is MSNBC or CNN or any of the so-called 'Mainstream Media'.

We saw the latest example of this today:

"Federal court says it's OK to lie about military service."

The 9th Circuit said no such thing, but that line sure does appeal to the right wing's emotional vomitorium, doesn't it?

The 9th ruled that it is unconstitutional to arrest someone for lying about military service or military awards and decorations one has allegedly received. That is hardly the same thing as saying it's OK to lie about such things.

The right-wingers are going nuts, of course. Like the mosque thing, it's all emotional. Like the pledge of allegiance thing, it's all emotional. Like the God on our nickels thing, it's all emotional. Like the 'this is a Christian nation' thing, it's all emotional.

The courts are not supposed to rule based on emotion. Can you imagine what this country would be like if they did?

Here's the thing. Dirtbags have falsely claimed service and awards for bravery, and the right-wingers, all dewy-eyed over the very thought, have been sucked in. I remember one such character who used to work at the PD. This guy claimed to have jumped into Kuwait the night Desert Storm started; he claimed to have been involved with all kinds of SEAL-type operations; he claimed to have been good buds with some 4-star who ran all of these super-patriot missions. He presented a DD214 with 'reason for discharge' blacked out. It was one of those 'if I tell you, I'll have to kill you' bits of nonsense.

Whatever the reason, he lied. He spent less than two years in the military, and was out before Desert Storm even started. That was clear from the DD214, had anyone bothered to really look at it. How long does it take to become special ops qualified? SEAL trained? This 'hero' wasn't in long enough for any of that, even assuming he was selected while in basic training.

But it sure did appeal to the twits who hired him. Yep. He was hired. War hero, doncher know.

The laws against lying about military service are bandaids for the people who are too dumb to run background checks. Those are the ones who should be punished, for terminal stupidity.

We don't need laws for this. There are already remedies for fraud. For simply lying about this, we do not need laws. What we rely on for this is old cultural remedies. Shunning. Ostracizing. Closing out from the community.

But no ... let's rely on emotion to drive how the courts are supposed to react. That's a great way to run a country.